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  1. 20221206_094824.mp4 20221206_094824.mp4 Two days later and the sound has definitely improved - you will need headphones to hear properly Very clear sound, more than good bass for my liking. I am very happy with the result and will definitely do the rears sooner than later
  2. Finally managed to do the front doors. Got couple of pictures below Pretty easy DIY, considering I've never done this before. Took me around 3 hours for both doors. The door cards came out quite easily- luckily no clips got broken. Covered approx 70% of the doors(outer panel) with sound deadening material - Noico 80mil. Not a major change in terms of noise reduction, but definitely little improvement - more noise coming from the back of the car now (it's a TS) Better sound quality too - not a great deal though. It seems I don't have to turn the volume too high. The JBL's got good bass too - should get better once they settle down All parts fit perfectly well, only the speaker adapters didn't have holes for the harness, but drilled one easily Overall I am happy with the result and will be doing the rear doors too
  3. Oh, I've missed to add why I call them all Britzka( Brichka ) Where I come from we call Brichka any old, rattling, broken(but still moving) car😀
  4. I've been calling all my cars Britzka The Corolla is by far the best Britzka😀I've had
  5. I took one of the front door pannels down to see what harness connectors, and speaker adapters would I need Also did some research, watched few videos in YouTube and think I am ready for a little DIY speaker change I have ordered the following 6.5 inch JBL stage 3 627 speakers - £60 from Amazon Noico 10sq feet sound deadening £26.99 Amazon Harness connectors £8.99 from Ebay 6.5 inch foldable silicone speaker baffles + backing foam £19.99 Ebay Door speaker adapters £26.99 from Dynamic sounds UK It seems pretty easy DIY once I have everything. Not expecting huge improvement, but will be happy with little soundproofing and a bit better sound quality.
  6. I've tried this already, but love listening to radio such as LBC where people only talk - no music at all, and I have to set the volume to 40+ to be able to hear something, yet the sound is very poor - especially if the the people talking on the radio have low voice. In this case the tweeters won't catch the voice very clear and the other speakers aren't strong enough. Not sure if this makes sense Was wondering if I change the door speakers would there be any improvement, or do I need to think of an amp too (not that I have a budget for an amp)
  7. Sorry if this has been spoken already Anyone here upgraded the speakers of a Corolla hybrid? What speakers would you recommend Would a change of the speakers do a significant difference, or should I not bother at all, unless I consider an amp too? Not happy with the stock sound- it's ....very unbalanced. The tweeters are very strong and clear, but the other speakers are very weak. Those on the rear doors are super quiet - almost silent Any opinions and ideas will be much appreciated
  8. No you can not reverse the update, it will just restart the infotainment system, which helps with entering an address manually. Not all the time though I have asked the dealer about the issue and they didn't know what to do, asked to wait for another update. Voice commands work pretty well for me
  9. The voice search must be working really well, considering my Eastern English accent. Almost everytime it does exactly what I tell it to do😂😂😂
  10. I don't mind them electric cars, just not interested yet. The technology isn't good enough to meet my needs, price £££ doesn't meet my budget too Very happy with the Corolla. Even looked at the new one, but won't be sustainable for the budget - I am(happily) married and have a kid if you know what I mean 😂😂😂😂. Being super happy to be able to get a new car - my first brand new one ever
  11. The same day I posted the link from BBC I coincidentally decided to watch some of the old series(season 1) from Grand Tour - Clarkson, May and Hammond Very funny as they talk about electric cras back in 2016 - Clarkson hates them at a time😀. It has been not so long ago (2016 first season), and the public charges have been free, many if not most of them didn't work most of the time 😀, and the government has been giving a £5k ground towards buying a new electric car. How fast everything is changing and how fast do we forget
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-63029226 Just red this article- link attached It doesn't make sense to buy an electric car anymore. It doesn't seem sustainable, what do you think Toyota's sales might get crazy and waiting list go beyond current 6 to 9 months
  13. Corolla Update MY23 Bulletin (2).pdf
  14. Hope this helps Corolla Update MY23 Bulletin.pdf
  15. I believe both will last pretty much the same milage Both should be quieter compared to the Continentals CC2s are a bit more expensive vs the Efficient Grip Performance, but won't stop me going to work if another "Beast from wherever..." bring heavy snow I've driven the old EGPs before and they didn't last well at all. They also had very soft sidewalls and felt a bit dangerous driving fast - especially in Germany. Somehow the car couldn't settle over speed of 150km per hour with them. Hope the 2nd generation is much better
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