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  1. Hi i have had mine off to replace lights with leds all you need to do is remove the bolts and just pull the light it is on a catch which is tight but just needs a good pull and then access can be gained as said above.
  2. Try tyre shopper online they are really good on price and normally have a good selection of tyres, you buy online and get them fitted at national tyres cheaper than going straight to national tyres.
  3. I will have a look through the settings. Thanks for the help
  4. I have put the old aerial back on and taken the other one back as it didn’t solve it and got a refund. Going Toyota on Monday
  5. The preset stations that I have stored are all crackerly that’s why I changed the aerial as I thought it may be that. Thats why I search manually but it won’t lock on so I will see what Toyota say. Thanks for the advice 😀
  6. It’s when you search manually it just won’t lock onto any station when on the move. It just keeps going round in a loop through the frequencies but dosnt pick anything up. I am going to take it to the dealer and see what they have to say, I put a new aerial on but that hasn’t worked.
  7. Yes that’s what I’m going to do just woundered if it was common or not before I take it to my dealer
  8. Fm and dab touchscreen playing up
  9. Annekas1991

    Aygo Radio

    Hi All i have a 2017 aygo and the radio dosent want to lock on to any channel when on the move. It’s fine when you are stationary but when moving it won’t lock onto any station not even radio 1 which you can get everywhere. Just wondered if it was a common fault with the aygo, I have replaced the aerial but that hasn’t work just wondered if it was common before I take it too the dealer. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes from my local dealer it includes space saver spare wheel, jack box, wheel brace, jack assembly and carrier. I think I will go for that. Less hassle than finding all individual bits. Thanks for the advise
  11. I think I will have go for that then. I have got a wheel rim already for full size tyre but Toyota told me a full size wheel won't fit in the well of the boot as I was going to make my own kit up.
  12. I have been looking at getting a space saver spare wheel kit for my 2017 aygo and from my local Toyota dealer it will cost £145, does anyone know if I can get the kit cheaper elsewhere or if that is a good price?
  13. I had the same problem on my 2014 aygo I had to have some sensors changed at Toyota and that solved it.