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  1. A picture might help those with the knowledge
  2. the XT5 was a local car, phoned my local Toyota dealership and they had done all of the early years work, no info on the engine at all
  3. nothing wrong with the xt5 134 at all. The 150 allegedly returns about 10% more mpg. Test drove a xt5 yesterday, very nice. No record of an engine change/rebuild in it's history.
  4. Thank you, looks like none of the 150 pre facelift models did
  5. did it have a sun roof, the ones I can find don't have.
  6. Had quite a good day, viewed 4 4.3s and test drove a 4.3.1 & a 4.3.2, all honesty I prefered the pre facelifts with side steps and a bar, but enjoyed the face lift model for it's engine. Did a little research and found some of the pre facelift models 2009-2010 had the 150bhp lump, full leather, satnav and sunroof.........so now that's what I'm after. There's a few about but for some reason most are up t'north.......my quest continues.
  7. I know it's a little late, but there are 3 MK1 RAV4 Giant editions on Fleabay right now.....one has a LPG conversion. All 3 door and look pretty retro cool. In fact I want one as a play thing.
  8. so new question, with the auto box does using the flappy paddle as manual box improve economy? What is the difference in consumption between a manual box, fully auto and in paddle mode? Can a remap or chip really help with the economy or is it just hype? I average about 20k miles a year, not huge, but saving a few pennies each week mounts up over time. cheers.
  9. Almost considering an auto SR......fuel economy is a concern.
  10. AWD facelift with a manual box it is then. Thanks for taking the time to get back to me. The only time I see me using the 4wd will be dragging my caravan off a muddy camp site........Donnington park is usually a mare when we go bike racing. And on the off chance we have a decent winter like we had in 2010. I've never fancied an auto box, id end up hitting the stop peddle looking for the clutch. Not keen on not having a spare wheel either, but that's the thing these days. My look to fit a prefacelift rear door with a spare on it. Sure the updated d4d will be plenty, but if I desire extra torque a remap isn't bad I'm happy to forego satnav, factory fit can be expensive to update and are not always upto par. I can fit a new head unit with phone connectivity so I can use google/apple maps.....find GMaps better than my wife's all singing Garmin, especially foe live traffic. Plus I can upgrade to DAB+ and fit a rear view camera too (run a wire in as I'm installing the tow bar electrics). Post face lift AWD XT-R 150 with 70-100k on the clock are nicely within budget. I'll let you know how I get on
  11. Thanks for the sound advice guys. Decided to play it safe and up my budget and go for a facelifted (fuel saving over the years is a plus)mk3, 2010-11....more questions coming up. I understand some where only 2wd, what's the deal with that? Is the SR model only available with the auto box? I see that there are 2 diesel engine options, D4D and D-CAT, what's the difference and is either one better, do they have the same output in terms of power and is the torque curve the same. I'm wanting a high spec'd AWD diesel model, for my daily commute (60miles, rural roads, all year) and for towing a caravan. I read up on the reviews and things start to get muddled. Thanks.
  12. Been in touch with Toyota about 2 4.3. Local dealer helped with the info on 1 car as it is local, no record of any engine replacement in it's 127k mile history. The nation number had no record of the other ? You'd think that somewhere there would be a database of Toyota's that had the engine sorted. Oh well........keep looking I suppose.
  13. my I ask what you paid....I'm looking for a 4.3.
  14. Hi guys, Looking to buy a cheapish early Rav4 mk3. Found a XT5 2006 with d4d engine with over 120k on the clock. I've had a good look round it and physically looks really good. Slight oil leak around rocker cover. If I test drive it what should I check, look out or listen for? Also is there any way to check if the head gasket issue has been rectified? All so, what's it worth? cheers.
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