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  1. itd look nice having it fitted to the lower rear of the side skirts on both sides, but that would cost a few quid for 2 sets....
  2. I dont have an external witness but my mate was in the car with me when it happened. Im hoping the fact that he wasnt local and that he was reading directions whilst NOT indicating will put it in my favour. Im going to the roundabout on Thusday so that i can get pics of the scene so that it explains it even better. Id better not lose my n.c. otherwise the MR2 is definately not going to happen and I will be very ****** off! The last time I was close to getting an MR2 I had an accident!! I think the MR2 has cursed me!!! Maybe I just shouldnt bother....... hmmm..... maybe not! Daz
  3. HUMPH!!!! The worst thing happened to me last night, some prat in an escort drove into me on the roundabout!!! Thats put the stoppers on the new car now as I was going to change insurance companies but now I'll have to wait until my insurance is settled. One lucky thing is my clio was <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?>ed and was worth naff all, now they should hopefully write it off and give me some money! I had just got back into rochdale from watching united at old trafford, and this guy who was in the outside lane (where your then meant to turn off), decides that he'd rather keep going around the roundabout and drives into my side! Best thing was tho that he was reading directions or something off a piece of paper. The cheeky ******* then tried blaming me!!! *****! Anyway, all car plans are now on hold (which is pants!), but it will probably work out for the best as my insurance renewal is feb anyway so i should have 2 years no claims by then (touch wood) as the accident is 100% his fault. Does anyone know how long these claims take to be processed? Cheers, daz
  4. Hello all, Im looking for a MR2 UK n/a 1993+ model with low as possible milage and as much service history and bills as possible. Im based in Rochdale but will travel if the right car is available. If you have a car or know anyone selling then please email me directly on realitymetro@yahoo.co.uk with as much details and pics as possible. Im only looking for an excellent/mint version so if yours isnt then please do not contact me Many thanks and I hope someone out there can help, Daz
  5. ha ha ha.... im not waiting that long!! (im 23).... just wondering about bodykits and insurance. By the looks of thig sim gonna go with adrian flux for my insurance (£950), theyre quite good for bodykits and insurance arent they??
  6. well ive scrapped viewing the car tonight as ive had a very very very very long day at work and all i want is a beer and a bed! My next day off is thursday so I'll do my looking then (luckily the new autotrader comes out!). I will give the guy a bell wed evening to see if he still has the car. The problem ive got is that due to the hours I work its a real pain to actually view any cars at all! The money's still safely in the bank tho and my clio is still running (just) so im not in a stupid rush at the moment. fingers crossed tho that I find a decent one! Daz
  7. woooaaahhh... hmmmm.. think imports maybe missed then!! Just spoke to another guy about a nice looking car. Its 1994, UK Model, Full Leather, A BS, 17" Toora Alloys, Alarm/immob. All elec,J amex Lowered, cd/tape, TSH,Sports Steering . 84000 miles. £3494. Emailed the guy and its had 2 owners, the previous guy bought it from a dealership and it has full toyota history (belts changed etc). Does this price sound ok as i feel it does. I can only view the car tonight (at about 7pm) so it will be dark. I'll ask him to take me for a drive etc so what should I look for then? I think i'll get him to pul into a petrol station so i can view the car in the light. Daz
  8. jsut a little question.... seena n/a mr2 G-Ltd T-Bar non turbo (1992 - 80k miles). I emailed the guy about it and he said it was imported in 1999. What sort of difference will this make to the insurance? what sort of money should I be looking to pay for this year as well. Ive not been to view it yet (hopefully going up 2mora nite). The cars had 2 UK owners since 1999 and has a years MOT. help appreciated on this, Daz
  9. Just looked in my bank and there's a nice £5k deposit in my bank... yummy!!!! When im looking for the car what sort of milage should I be looking for. I try to buy as low as possible but Id like any recommendations from people if possible? At what milage does the cam belt need replacing? What sort of repairs should I look for on the history of the vehicle? Cant believe ive got the money.... kid in a candy shop!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
  10. just tried Egg, they wanted 1900 so its looking like Adrian Flux.
  11. mite try the 'add a parent' n see what happens.... anything to save pennies!!
  12. Just got my quote from Adrian Flux - £950 which im happy with.... maybe, just maybe I mite get me a new car????? Daz
  13. My current insurance said they wouldnt cover me but said they found someone who would.... for £2.5k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont think so!!!
  14. I sooooooooooo cant wait till I can start modding the MR2 (once Ive bought one!!!). Best thing is ive now got a really well paid job (compared to the last) and my wage gets alot higher each year so I can afford more stuff!!! Yey! Daz
  15. Just filled in the Adrian Flux insurance form so I'll hopefully get a quote tomorrow. I'll try all the named insurers and let you know. I wont be able to try until Thursday as thats my day off and I dont get home from work until 8.30pm earliest. I'll see if any of them are still quoting at that time monday evening but I presume most will be closed. On thursday i'll prob go through the yellow pages and car mags so i get to speak to alot of different companies. Fingers crossed! Daz
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