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  1. Steve Whits

    56 plate auris how much is it worth

    You could always advertise it on Pistonheads
  2. Steve Whits

    56 plate auris how much is it worth

    Autotrader has a valuation tool (p/ex or private) as a starting point. Then have a look on Autotrader at similar cars and mileage which should give you some idea. Parkers guide as well.
  3. Steve Whits

    Yaris Hybrid owners, what MPG are you achieving?

    My Yaris MPG is pretty rubbish really. The best I've had is 60mpg and worst on my last fill up 42mpg. I basically use it for an 8 mile each way commute in Sheffield which is quite hilly. Recent cold weather hasn't helped though.
  4. Steve Whits


    Contacted the dealer and they confirmed it's for the airbag. As it's in for service in 2 weeks they're going to do it at service.
  5. Steve Whits

    Space saver spare tyre or tyre repair kit?

    That's exactly what I did when i got the Auris. If you get a hole in the side wall the inflation kit is useless. (Oh and the tyre needs replacing after you use the gunk anyway as they can't be repaired)
  6. Steve Whits


    Just checked GOV.UK and it's showing a recall for my Yaris "There's an outstanding manufacturer's safety recall onTOYOTA YARIS *****. The vehicle has been recalled since at least 25 January 2019" Anyone know what it's for. Forgot to ring the dealer today although the cars in for service next month.
  7. Steve Whits

    2010 Auris brake parts

    You could always try some penetrating oil first. It can work wonders.
  8. Steve Whits

    2010 Auris brake parts

    If the bleed nipples are seized I would say they were seized when you bought it. As it's an "approved" used car I'd be going back to the dealer and complaining and also have a look at Sales of Goods act. You may get some more info here although some people can be a bit harsh :)
  9. Steve Whits

    wheel pulls right, wheel not centered

    Wheel alignment isn't checked on service. If you have an alignment problem then an indicator would be that your tyres may show signs of uneven wear either on the outer or inner edges. Have you hit a pothole or kerb recently? That would be a reason for it pulling and if it's only just started you wouldn't see any tyre wear initially. Take it to a decent garage to get the alignment checked. Anyone with a Hunter system would be my personal choice.
  10. Steve Whits

    Toyota's extened warranty.

    I would print that out and store it with the V5 :)
  11. Steve Whits

    Flashing Key Symbol Switching OFF Car

    I've tried this on my Yaris and it still switches everything off. I still have to press the start button to switch the radio back on.
  12. Steve Whits

    Help rear pads which type

    Have a look at Euro Car Parts website, pop your reg number in and it'll bring up the correct ones
  13. Steve Whits

    Alloy wheel...

    Breakers yards, ebay, gumtree? Is there room for a full size alloy in the wheel well?
  14. Steve Whits

    Front Mud Flaps screws don’t go completely tight

    This happens on both mine and my wifes cars if they're left for any length of time. They're not seized on they're just sticky. If they were seized they wouldn't release (I know I can be pedantic :))