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  1. The T Spirits were heavily discounted in 2011 (we traded up from a TR). The Sat Nav was useless and was replaced by Toyota twice under warranty. The car was my wifes and she much preferred the TR but weren't available as they changed to the new shape that year.
  2. If you live near a Costco try them for the cross climates. I had a full set fitted last year for £240. I was only going to get 2 at the time but they were that cheap at the time I got them all done
  3. How do you find out which one has failed?
  4. It appears they have a lifespan of between 5 and 10 years depending on driving style. A lot of stop start driving wears the battery out quicker than driving at steady speed. It also appears they're in a molded housing so batteries aren't replaceable.
  5. Can't really tell from the picture, aren't the batteries replaceable
  6. When the boots open it does show open on the dash
  7. Cheers I think the 30 seconds can be extended in setup having looked at the manual. I think someone had done this before but I disconnected the battery and probably reset it to 30 seconds
  8. Not noticed this before but if I unlock the car using the fob and then open the boot to put the dog in, if I take my time doing other things without closing the boot the doors lock and alarm sounds. Closing the boot also sets the alarm off.
  9. Both the Auris and the Yaris are the worst cars I've had for condensation either when they're parked up or in damp cold weather conditions when driving. I now carry paper toweling in both vehicles to wipe the screens when necessary. No water leaks at all and I can't explain it.
  10. Did you test drive it before you bought it?
  11. I’ve just changed mine on the Auris. I got a dashboard warning but not sure if this is just relevant for the Hybrid or not.
  12. Ha ha I’ve been pressing the wrong button all my life!
  13. Brilliant thanks I'm still struggling (The guy on the video makes it look so easy :)) I could be a bit controversial and say its going in and out but not doing what it should !
  14. Fallen at the first hurdle 😂 struggling to get the airbag cover off. I’ve taken the cover off which should have revealed a torx screw but as you can see it doesn’t. I’ve also inserted an Allen key in the 3 holes but there’s nothing there at all and the Allen key just goes all the way in. Any suggestions?