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  1. There is in my 2015 model but my neighbour has also bought a 2017 model that doesn't have it. Possibly contact Mr Toyota. The new Corolla does :)
  2. Yes the difference between the badges for the ones with sensors is that they are a totally smooth badge with no raised silver Toyota emblem. The rear badge has a lot more adhesive on than any of the others. You can use your thumb just to roll it and then tar remover and paint renovator followed by a wax. I've also kept the badges so that I can put them back on as and when I sell it
  3. Debadged mine over the weekend. Piece of cake apart from the boot emblem due to the amount of adhesive pad under it.
  4. It's not an issue that only affects Toyota. It's any vehicle at all but hybrids are the main target. Any hybrid is a worthy target in the eyes of the thieves. Try and make the car anonymous by removing the hybrid badges (not the front one on yours though). It sounds as if your dealers have gone out of their way to make sure you're well looked after - I can definitely say you wouldn't have had that service from Ford!
  5. I've taken the hybrid badges off mine today and have the bits coming for the Toyota front and back badges. When people talk about sensors behind the front badge, what sensors are there exactly. My model is a 2015 pre facelift icon so it doesn't have anything on it that seems to need a sensor unless they're there anyway. Just want to be absolutely certain before I remove it.
  6. I'd have put my wheel brace through his windscreen and side windows
  7. I asked about this at last service and the dealer said it never needs doing. I also have a Merc SLK 5 years old (I've had it 12 months) with 18,000 miles on the clock and it was in the service schedule. I can only say that it drives like a new car, the difference in the gear changes is massive so really it depends on so many variables (Mileage, service schedule, Manual, Auto, Hybrid, Type of gearbox etc etc) it's impossible to give an answer.
  8. Just as an aside the dealer said they now move all hybrids from the forecourt each evening after being informed of a dealership down south having had 15 cats taken in one night whilst on the forecourt.
  9. Had it fitted today. For some reason it took the tech guy 2 hours to fit it but they then knocked me £20 off for the inconvenience. I had to ask for the sticker 🙂 but not sure how the button works. Anyone fathomed how to disable it if needed?
  10. Steve Whits


    I used Costco a while ago and had Michelin Cross Climates fitted £200 for all 4. I live high up so they're good for me.
  11. Booked in in 2 weeks. £100 which is cheaper than the Catloc.
  12. Oh OK thats cheaper than the Catloc I'm taking it in for the recall tomorrow so I'll ask
  13. Was this done at the dealers. When I asked my dealer they said there wasn't one available.
  14. I wouldn't think so other than them sussing wear and tear doesn't match the mileage.
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