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  1. Both the Auris and the Yaris are the worst cars I've had for condensation either when they're parked up or in damp cold weather conditions when driving. I now carry paper toweling in both vehicles to wipe the screens when necessary. No water leaks at all and I can't explain it.
  2. Did you test drive it before you bought it?
  3. I’ve just changed mine on the Auris. I got a dashboard warning but not sure if this is just relevant for the Hybrid or not.
  4. Ha ha I’ve been pressing the wrong button all my life!
  5. Brilliant thanks I'm still struggling (The guy on the video makes it look so easy :)) I could be a bit controversial and say its going in and out but not doing what it should !
  6. Fallen at the first hurdle 😂 struggling to get the airbag cover off. I’ve taken the cover off which should have revealed a torx screw but as you can see it doesn’t. I’ve also inserted an Allen key in the 3 holes but there’s nothing there at all and the Allen key just goes all the way in. Any suggestions?
  7. According to Thatcham the new Corolla security is rated poor being susceptible to relay theft. The car industry says cars are more secure than ever yet thefts of modern vehicles is on the rise. Back to the discklock then!
  8. Just enquired with the dealer and the cable is £8 + vat and the switch £97 + vat ............... speechless 😶
  9. As this isn’t a genuine Toyota part I’m a bit reluctant to chance it.
  10. Just found this so will give it a go despite what dealership says. Any recommendations where to order the parts from or should they be available through the dealership?
  11. Ha Dealer says it can't be done. I'll have a better look and see what's there.
  12. I have a 2015 Auris Hybrid tourer and am interested in fitting this but can't see the cruise control indicator in the instrument cluster. Has anyone fitted this to the Auris Hybrid in the UK? I'll ring the dealer tomorrow😉
  13. We swapped a 1.0 Fiesta Ecoboost last year due to the engine problems associated with them. My wife loved the Fiesta but we couldn't run the risk of the engine failing. We bought a Yaris Excel which is a very nice car but the driving experience is nothing like the Fiesta and neither is the interior trim but we have good reliable car with a long warranty. It does return better fuel consumption than the Fiesta (around 50mpg compared with 35 to 40 for the Fiesta)