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  1. Sorry, This may be of interest to some in South Yorkshire Prius being the most targeted
  2. Have you got any photo's? And are you willing to post kits out with fitting instructions?
  3. From Catloc: “Catlocs for the Toyota Auris are available exclusively from Toyota dealerships.” Looks like Toyota have seen a marketing chance.
  4. I'd also try disabling the motion sensor before getting out (just above the rear view mirror) in case that's faulty (long shot but you never know).
  5. Yes I know thanks, I have my car serviced by Burrows but if I can save a few quid by fitting it myself I will do that
  6. Thanks, I've just emailed Catloc to see if they will provide me with the kit. The car is used for business and we can't afford for it to be off the road.
  7. Whereabouts in Yorkshire are you? I'm only interested because I live in Sheffield and trying to gauge how bad the problem is around here.
  8. I tried contacting my local Toyota garage to find out how many Cats they've replaced in the last 12 months but they wouldn't divulge anything other than a stock response and offering to fit a Catloc at £250. So I've just submitted a FOI request to my local Police force asking for details of Cat thefts in the last 12 months.
  9. I fitted cross climates to my previous car (Ford Focus) and they were brilliant in the snow (I live on the outskirts of Sheffield in the hills) and they got me out and about when most other cars (including 4 x 4's) were getting stuck. So when my Auris needed tyres I went with Cross Climates again. We didn't get snow last year so can't comment on how the Auris performs in snow being automatic but they are certainly quieter than the previous tyres they replaced (Not sure what make but they had been on since the car was new). Not sure if you have a Costco near you but they have £100 off 4 Michelins or £50 off 2 at the moment. I paid £231 for 4 tyres when I had them fitted last year
  10. That's not an option for me unfortunately as I have a dashcam permanently plugged in.
  11. I have an iphone 6s and can stream music from it via bluetooth without an issue (Spotify). Problem is if I connect the USB due to my phone being low on battery it then shows as an ipod but I can't play any music at all it's very frustrating.
  12. The T Spirits were heavily discounted in 2011 (we traded up from a TR). The Sat Nav was useless and was replaced by Toyota twice under warranty. The car was my wifes and she much preferred the TR but weren't available as they changed to the new shape that year.
  13. If you live near a Costco try them for the cross climates. I had a full set fitted last year for £240. I was only going to get 2 at the time but they were that cheap at the time I got them all done
  14. How do you find out which one has failed?
  15. It appears they have a lifespan of between 5 and 10 years depending on driving style. A lot of stop start driving wears the battery out quicker than driving at steady speed. It also appears they're in a molded housing so batteries aren't replaceable.