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  1. Yes mine is a 2015 model and showing a recall as from today so Toyota will be getting round to it at some point. From Toyota website We have identified that your Toyota is subject to a voluntary customer service campaign or outstanding safety recall.
  2. MPG depends on your driving habits. It will always be less in winter. My wife uses ours now for her dog walking business and gets anything down to 40mpg. Best I've had was a holiday to Scotland when I averaged a smidge under 70mpg. I don't use the car computer and have a spreadsheet going back years with mpg of all my cars due to my wifes business and always fill to the brim so I know the figures are accurate. You will also get less mpg if you live in a hilly area as I do and better if you live somewhere like Norfolk where it's flat. Oh and then there's you're own driving style as well. So loads of variables but suffice to say it's the most economical car I've ever owned.
  3. I'd personally want a service history and at the very least the annual Toyota hybrid check for the battery.
  4. No extended warranty. I can’t see any negative in choosing the essentials servicing unless anyone else can 😀
  5. Just in the process of sorting out a new service plan and I've been offered an essential plan by a local dealership which is substantially cheaper than the Toyota plan. It doesn't include pollen filter (I'm not bothered about that) or spark plugs which they have quoted as an extra £80 at it's 6 year service. The car has only just passed 30,000 and I'm quite capable of changing them myself (Eorocarparts are about £48). Are they really necessary at 6 years with that mileage or is it ok to leave them until 60,000? Everything else with the plan is the same including fluids.
  6. My car is just coming up to it's 5th service for which I had a service plan for 3 years at 21-20 per month. I thought there was a cheaper service care plan after the 5th birthday but they've just sent me a quote: Service Price * £635.60 Service Discount -£106.00 Total Discount @ 16.68 % Plan Price £529.60 *inc. Management Fee of 23 x £1.20 Payment Schedule First Payment Date 01/07/2020 Last Payment Date 01/05/2022 No. Payments 23 11 x £29.20 11 x £17.37 Is this the same as anyone else that's done this after 5 years?
  7. Sorted 🙂
  8. They appear to be smashing drivers windows and removing steering wheels. The why would be demand for BMW airbags in the 2nd hand market or abroad. From my local FB page Our steering wheel was taken on Saturday night Hide or report this our steering wheel was also taken on Saturday night. The window was smashed!
  9. There seems to be an outbreak of BMW airbag thefts as well which are easier to steal than Cats. 3 BMW's local to me were targeted in one night. The big issue is there's been no better time to be a thief! Theft from vehicles is not even being investigated, it's just being recorded.
  10. Well I'll certainly be taking my badges off this weekend now. Might be a bit simplistic but if it makes it harder to spot it can only help.
  12. Steve Whits


    I have an Icon exactly the same colour that I've had for coming up to 2 years now and has been faultless. It's a very relaxing drive fuel consumption varies massively depending on usage. I've been up to Scotland from Sheffield and averaged just under 70mpg in the summer but my wife now uses it for her dog walking business and in hilly Sheffield in winter she's getting around 40mpg. The figures are accurate as I have kept a spreadsheet of mileage and fuel usage for years as she has her own business. (Better than my SLK which returns 22mpg!!!) There isn't a great deal I don't like about the car to be fair although the Icon is a bit basic but it was a good deal. Mileage on mine is 28,500 oh and Mr T's customer service is second to none if you have it serviced there. I'd make sure you get one with full service history or failing that at least the hybrid battery checks.
  13. I was fortunate enough to get mine off Ebay seller local to me for £35. The only thing it didn't have was the mould carrier. Just popped an old towel under it and not had a problem. Definitely check ebay, gumtree and local scrapyards first before resorting to Mr T
  14. The best I've had out of mine is 70mpg (brim to brim) on a long journey to Scotland. I live in Sheffield and my wife uses the Auris for short runs and she's currently getting 39mpg😢 Lots of steep hills and short journeys
  15. Depends where you live. I live in Sheffield, loads of hills and steep streets whereas if I lived in the flatlands of East Anglia I would expect my brakes to last longer. Also depends on driving style as well so too many variables.