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  1. Hi guys I have an automatic 1992 2.4l Hilux Surf that I'm getting back on the road after years of sitting dormant. The only remaining item to sort out is the 4wd system. Basically whenever I click on the button on the gear stick and shift into 4WD there's a clicking sound from behind the radio/ dash and 4WD does not engage. I'm trying this on a gravel road and only the front wheels turn. I've also checked the two fuses under the steering wheel which some say could be related to this issue but both look fine The 4WD light does not appear on the dash as it used to. I did undo one of the connectors to the transfer case actuator and when trying to engage 4wd there was no sound from the system trying to engage (as you'd expect). Once the connector was plugged back in I could feel with my hand some movement in the transfer case whenever we attempted to engage 4WD but still no lights on the dash. I'm thinking the 4WD button is working OK as there is a signal being sent to the transfer case when trying to engage all wheels. If the button itself or a relay was broken then I wouldn't expect to feel the transfer case trying to engage. My next steps are to take apart the transfer case and check for water / clean accordingly. Has anyone else had this sort of problem and cured it simply by taking the transfer case apart and cleaning inside? Thanks Mike