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  1. So, an update... Just called my local Toyota main dealer to enquire price of parts and asked about the oil. They said Toyota recommends ALL pre-2012 engines use 5W30 despite what it says in the manual... Ho hum...
  2. My local independent uses Comma and Mannol oils. He said he would use either of these: https://www.commaoil.com/passenger-vehicles/products/view/171 https://www.commaoil.com/passenger-vehicles/products/view/574 https://www.mannol.de/products/motor-oils-for-cars-and-transporters/synthetic-engine-oils/mannol-energy-5w-30 As I mentioned before, I was in the motorcycle trade but they don't use these A5/B5/C3 ratings, so I don't really understand them. My head hurts...!
  3. I have mentioned this to an independent dealer and they said 0W20 is too thin for older engines so 5W30 is better. I'm not sure he said this because I was female or that he genuinely thought he had a point. My car is a 2011 but has only done 55k. See photo of parts list on my service invoice. This was the main Toyota dealer in Canterbury but it was 18 months ago when the car had only done 44k! Weirdly though, looking back at my service history: 2017 full service the invoice says 5W30 2018 intermediate it says 5W30 2019 full service says 0W20 2020 intermediate says 5W30 Go figure...
  4. I apologise in advance as I know this question will have been asked before many times and I have found many answers but I would just like a definitive answer. I have a 1.0 IQ and at the last service (Toyota dealer) the invoice states they used Castrol Magnatec 5W30. I am currently strapped for cash so will be doing the oil and filter myself or getting my local independent to do it. Either way, I want to purchase the parts myself. The manual says the car should have 0W20 and API SL or SM with 5W30 being the alternative. Why, I wonder, did the dealer put 5W30 in? Probably down to cost I expect. The car has been fine since the last change so should I stick with the 5W30 or move to the 0W20? I do know there is a difference (motorcycle trade for 30+ years) but I would just like some real advice. Also, would you always go with the genuine filter or not? Any horror brands to avoid?? I would also love to get hold of a service manual but such a thing does not seem to exist? Any ideas please! Thank you in advance.
  5. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I was quoted £120 just to do the front pads! I was getting new tyres and thought while the wheels were off... that's more than main dealer prices!
  6. Hello all, I need to replace front and rear pads on my IQ after being quoted STUPID money to replace them. Considering the full set of pads only cost £60 I'd like to do them myself but can't find a manual. I've tried Toyota Tech but it's under subscription only. Can anybody advise whether I need any special tools for the pistons or if it's a relatively simple procedure. I'd like to do more maintenance myself but the lack of technical info makes it difficult 😔 Any advice much appreciated, thank you
  7. I've just had mine serviced at a Toyota garage and they used Castrol Magnatec Pro 05W30. This is a fully synthetic oil. Also to bear in mind is the spec, there should be a recommended API, usually something like SN or similar. Magnatec is API SN.
  8. Hello, A while ago I had my interior light upgraded to an LED by the wonderful Tarquin and it's been a revelation until now. I'm not totally au fait with electrics but I thought maybe a fuse had gone. On checking the manual it would appear the interior light fuse is shared with the audio system which works fine. So I guess not the fuse? Can it be the LED has blown (do they even blow?). I did have a problem with the light a few months ago after hoovering the car - I left the door open for too long with the light on and it turned itself off and refused to work for a couple of days. After a couple of days it was back to normal... The only possible related incident I can think of is that a couple of days ago the USB adapter socket plugged into the 12V socket died. I only realised when my sat nav and digital radio tuner died too. I have plugged in another socket which seems to be fine (so far). Maybe some kind soul can give me some pointers before I start pulling wires and things! Thank you x
  9. Thank you all for the helpful info, I shall do some investigating at the weekend if it isn't raining!
  10. Hello everybody and a happy new year. My IQ has the urban pack that includes rear parking sensors. Most of the time as soon as you select reverse they will 'flatline' or beep constantly and it's driving me mad I'm assuming it's maybe down to a faulty sensor or wiring but can anybody shed light on how to go about checking them? Is there a way to work out which sensorit may be or is it a case of replacing the lot? To be honest I don't really need them (famous last words...) so if working out the fault is a pain can maybe the beep be disabled? Thank you in advance for any suggestions
  11. How peculiar, just looks a little unfinished. I shall endeavour to find something to cover the shiny stud so it's not so obvious. Thank you!!
  12. Hello! I'm trying to identify a small piece of interior trim as it's missing from my car and although it's not vital, I can see it. It's in the passenger footwell just where your feet are. I only want the small piece that is missing but it doesn't appear to be available on it's own. I'm no stranger to an EPC as I'm in the motorcycle trade but this piece is proving elusive. I think I may have found it (link to web page) HERE Also, I'm sure there is a nut or something missing too as in the hole there's an exposed stud. Anybody have any ideas? Any help much appreciated, thank you.
  13. Another question (sorry) but hopefully I'll learn lots from my little car and one day be able to give advice back! OK, I know some of you will be rolling your eyes and wondering why I didn't just buy an IQ2 as I really fancy fog lights and folding mirrors but this car came along at the right time and at the right price so there we go Anyway, with regards to the folding mirrors on the IQ2, do the IQ1 mirrors have the gearing or am I looking at a pair of mirrors, control box and switch to fit them to my car? I've seem others add the control box to auto-fold the mirrors with locking and unlocking but I'm just after adding the option as standard on an IQ2. Is there a kit I can buy? Thanks in advance for any help
  14. I've a little problem with my IQ(1). The passenger door central locking doesn't work and I have to manually lock/unlock the door from inside the car. The car has had a repair to the passenger door so I know it has been off. The power window also did a weird thing in that it wouldn't auto-close but thanks to this forum I discovered it just needed a reset and works fine now. I'm wondering if whoever refitted the passenger door forgot to plug something in... could it be as simple as that or like the window, does it maybe need resetting to the fob (if that is even a thing) or could I be looking at something more costly like a motor? Is there any way to tell that doesn't involve taking it to a garage?? Thank you
  15. Alli8


    If it doesn't fit inside you could always fit a roof rack! Found this pic of a Scion with a rather large roof rack which made me smile
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