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  1. Thank you guys for your input here. I found it very useful. I decided to attack the rear fog light lamp that haven´t been working since I got my Rav4.2. Guys mentioned the connectors sitting behind the right tail light. I discovered my car had a orginal Toyota towbar loom installed that had been cut when the towbar was unmounted by the previous owner. I followed up on the wiring for the tail lamp, in the door and all the way to the loom behind the right tail light. (red with gray dots and white with black line "earth") I then found the tail light lamp had a either blue or gray wire wired to the power socket and one going back to the fog lamp. I bought a orginal Toyota towbar recently which is why I have a picture of the wiring to the power socket. I cleaned it out later. On the 1 picture you can see the blue and the gray are connected. Perhaps this is to move the fog light from the car to the back of the trailer. Who knows. Any how, I put the blue and the gray together just to test, guess what rear fog light came back. Hope this helps... bit tricky...:-)