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  1. So, with no replies, it's either easier than I thought, or nobody knows.
  2. Hi all, 2016 Aygo. I need to remove the rear wiper motor plastic cover to gain access to the rear window heater wires as the top half are not working. So the question is, how do you remove this plastic cover without damaging anything? I've searched the web for a workshop manual to find out but to no avail. Thanks.
  3. I like 2nd and 3rd, as it will accelerate in these gears. 4th for over 30mph plus and 5th for over 60mph.
  4. Use better petrol and turn the air con off.
  5. Thanks for the feedback Dark Matter, and keep us informed of anything else they come back with, not that it will get fixed, but it might for the models that come later.
  6. My solution is if I'm leaving the car anywhere where the sun might shine in through the windscreen, I chuck a bit of white towel over the head unit, and this keeps the heat off it. The other day I was down at Brands Hatch and forgot to put the towel over it, but I also left my phone in the phone rest above the head unit, I went back for my phone a couple of hours later and I had an over temp warning on the screen of my iphone 7+, never seen that before. It was that hot I could only just hold the Phone, thanks fully it still works.
  7. I tried switching the phone on and off but it was having none of it, then after ten minutes with the air con on and while at a set of lights, I switched the car off and on, it connected straight away. Now I know about it's not really a problem unless someone rings in then I can't answer it. Just thought I'd mention it for other people who may have an odd connection problem occasionally.
  8. When the sun has been shining in through the windscreen and the x touch head unit has gotten hot, it won't connect to my iPhone, but after 10 minutes with the air con blowing over it, I can switch the car off and on again, and it connects straight away. Just wondering if anyone else has this small problem or even noticed this?
  9. X touch display showed 4 miles left, averaging 45.5 miles per gallon, no blocks showing on the gauge. I then fully filled it, and could only get 32.5 litres in. So could of gone a 15 miles more, but you end up mile watching rather than just driving. But it was good to know what you can let it go down to.