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  1. xzirri

    Brake fail after replacing brake lines

    Seems like you still have air in the brake lines. Try this: Close the bleeder nipple, tell your friend to pump the pedal a few times and hold the pedal pressed down, open the bleeder nipple and close it again when there's no air coming out. Repeat this a few more times. Make sure the master cylinder reservoir doesn't go empty, as that would suck more air into the system.
  2. xzirri

    Brake fail after replacing brake lines

    If the pedal drops all the way to the floor then you most likely have air in the brake lines and need to bleed it again. If not then I'm out of suggestions, maybe someone else knows something more?
  3. xzirri

    Brake fail after replacing brake lines

    If you press the brake pedal with the engine running, does it travel all the way to the floor after a while? Also, did you close the bleed nipple while the brake pedal was depressed, or did your mate let go of the pedal too early?
  4. xzirri

    Brake fail after replacing brake lines

    How is the brake pedal position? Have you checked the brake fluid level? Does the pedal "harden" when you pump it while the engine is off, then depress when you start the engine? EDIT: Sounds like there might still be some air trapped in the brake system, how did you bleed it?
  5. xzirri

    Auto Transmission Fluid

    For this job you definitely want an original part. I've heard stories about people having issues from using "OEM quality" filters. Part number is 35330-12030. It might be a filter or a strainer. You also need the gasket for it, with part number 35339-12020.
  6. xzirri

    Transmission (?) issues when cold

    No black smoke, exhaust is normal. I guess I'll let the manifold stay on then 😜
  7. xzirri

    Transmission (?) issues when cold

    No, I haven't done anything major yet. Do you mean removing the intake manifold? Will I need new gaskets? I'll try messaging him. I'm also thinking about cleaning the PCV valve, as the last post in that thread mentioned that as a possible solution. Would MAF cleaner work for cleaning that valve, and possibly also the intake manifold? I bought a can but haven't had time to clean the MAF yet.
  8. xzirri

    Transmission (?) issues when cold

    You know what? I think I owe you an appology, because you might have been right about it being an issue with the engine and not the transmission. I stumbled upon this post: This is basically exactly the same issue as I'm facing. He even describes the weird sound I'm getting a few posts further down. It doesn't seem like they came to a solution in that thread, but at least I have a starting point now! If anyone knows anything about this particular issue I'd be happy for inputs!
  9. xzirri

    Replace Washer Jets

    Did some research, T27 nozzles are different from T25. However, I found a video of someone who had put Sienna nozzles on his T25. AFAIK, the HiLux nozzles are quite similar, yet easier to get here in Europe. I'll buy some at the dealer and report back on how it worked out.
  10. xzirri

    Transmission (?) issues when cold

    I haven't cleaned the MAF sensor yet, nor changed the spark plugs. However, all filters except the fuel filter (since it's inside the tank) have been changed, yet the problem persists. I'm skeptical to thinking it might be the spark plugs, as they either work or they don't. Even worn spark plugs don't hurt your performance more than maybe 1-3 % (as long as they don't misfire, which isn't the case here). I was planning on changing the spark plugs around next spring, as I've had a few expensive repairs done the last couple of months and I'm stretched thin at the moment. Also, wouldn't a dirty MAF sensor cause issues regardless of whether the car is cold or within operating temperatures? I also passed the MOT this week (after replacing a rear suspension arm) so there isn't any other issues with the car like increased emissions, which would be a typical issue with a dirty MAF sensor. I'm worried that I might have to replace the solenoid packs, or maybe the entire transmission, as issues that disappear when the car is warmed up might mean some of the seals may have hardened. Weird thing is that I have done 14k miles without the issue getting any worse, and 6k miles after an ATF and filter change. The fluid still looks new. I understand why you think it might be the engine and not the transmission, and I've been considering the same myself, but no mechanic has found any issue with my engine, apart from a water pump that I replaced about a year ago.
  11. xzirri

    Replace Washer Jets

    Just out of curiosity, would the jets from T27 fit on the T25 without any hassle? I've driven my ol' man's RAV4 with the fan spray type jets and IMO they work better.
  12. xzirri

    Replace Washer Jets

    Sounds to me like one of the nozzles are clogged. Have you tried poking a thin needle into the nozzle?
  13. xzirri

    Avensis sequential auto gearbox.

    It's a regular automatic transaxle with torque converter and planetary gears. The sequential function is a way to select the highest gear allowed, and the gearbox will do the gear shifts for you within that range.
  14. xzirri

    Transmission (?) issues when cold

    Car revs fine in neutral, no issues. Nothing wrong with the engine, as far as I can tell. I have to say that I haven't tested this out in reverse. Thanks for the tip, that would actually help me narrowing down which parts of the transmission it could or could not be (if it is the transmission, that is) Will have to test out these things tomorrow since the car isn't cold anymore as I have driven it today. Once again, thanks mate!
  15. xzirri

    Transmission (?) issues when cold

    Thanks for your reply! I would have though the exact same thing if I had a turbo, but it's the 2.0 petrol, which does not have a turbo. Today I also noticed that if I got up to 2.5k RPM on half throttle and then fully opened the throttle, the RPM would drop to below 2k with the lack of power and weird noise. I'm wondering if this could be either the pressure for the 1st and 2nd gear valves not being high enough for some reason, dropping it to 3rd gear, or that the torque converter clutch somehow engages when it isn't supposed to while cold... Any input would be appreciated!