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  1. xzirri

    White transparent tank beneath air box

    Do you have any other mods on your car, or remapped the ECU to utilize the extra air flow? If not, I'm not sure you'd see any performance gain at all. Also, high air flow filters usually let more dirt fly past the filter and into the engine. If the filter is of the oily type, you might also end up with dirt on your MAF sensor. Just my .02 😜
  2. xzirri

    White transparent tank beneath air box

    Removing the resonator is a popular mod among certain tuners, however, doing so may reduce your power and increase noise. The reason why this may reduce your power is, explained in a simple manner, that the air flow will collide with itself, reducing the ammount of air that goes in to the engine when the intake is open. With the resonator, the air that bounces off the closed intake will have a place to go. Idk if I explained it in a good way but if you want to dig deeper into the idea of resonators, I can provide you with an article or two.
  3. xzirri

    Finally found injectors are causing my problems

    I'm glad you worked it out! Troubleshooting with no error codes can be a really tiresome process, especially when your window of troubleshooting is relatively small due to the engine reaching optimal temperature.
  4. xzirri

    Electric window problem

    Before you do something time consuming, have you tried disconnecting the battery?
  5. xzirri

    Avensis T25 1.8 Seq Auto Buying Advice Needed

    Check the brakes, as they tend to wear out quicker than many other cars. Do also check the maintenance record, look for rust underneath the car, check the suspension control arms. As it's a late 1ZZ it shouldn't have the oil consumption issue. Other than that, check the transmission oil dipstick (while the engine is running at operating temp, after cycling through the gears). Make sure the level is correct and that the fluid isn't burnt.
  6. xzirri

    Intercooler hose seals

    Which engine? You can find diagrams at this site: http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2007/avensis#
  7. xzirri

    tyre preference

    I'm not sure whether softer tyres will make that much of a difference. To be honest, I think rim size matters more. I'm running 18" summer tyres and 16" winter tyres. The 18" feel super harsh in comparison.
  8. xzirri

    Avensis 2 L Petrol Engine

    I take it you have the 1AZ-FSE (D-4 engine) and not the 1AZ-FE? AFAIK the Avensis is the only model in Europe to be offered with the 1AZ-FSE. I know the Avensis Verso and RAV4 also had this engine in some countries but I think that none of the European countries got them. I might be wrong though, as I haven't checked this thoroughly.
  9. xzirri

    Transmission (?) issues when cold

    Not yet, been swamped with work and I'm still waiting for my payday. I'll keep you posted
  10. xzirri

    Battery Replacement

    Have you tested the battery? I don't know what the lower CCA limit for your car is but I don't think you would notice a drop of 20. I don't think you should stray too far off, however. If you have the auto start/stop function, you should get a battery that is designed for this. I've personally only had good experiences with Toyota batteries but I put a Varta Silver battery in my old T22 back in 2012, which I moved over to my current T25. Seems quite solid, and I can run the stereo with the engine off for quite some time. At the end of the day, I guess it all depends on what you use your battery for. If you're just using your car in a normal way, I think any battery approximately matching the original specs would do. If you tax the battery a lot, an AGM battery might be worth the investment. Remember to buy the correct battery size (short code, I think it's called). <-- That's apparently just a Varta thing, look for the correct measurements.
  11. xzirri

    2005 Avensis Cruise control

    Hi there! Not sure whether or not you have the right one, kinda difficult to see. When you say that the stalk is working electronically, does it actually hold the speed? Anyways, you need to do some drilling into the metal and cut a hole for the stalk in the plastic. See the PDF in this post: I know it's in Spanish or something but there are some pictures in there. I guess you could do some Google translation if you need to. As for part number, AFAIK Toyota doesn't sell the stalk as a stand-alone part since it is "difficult" to install it. Tried to find a part number but I was only able to find a part number for the steering wheel assembly with the stalk.
  12. xzirri

    Musty Smell in cabin

    Could also be something unrelated to the car, like your shoes or something. Happened to me once. I had stepped in some cat !Removed! without realizing and didn't notice the smell anywhere else. Having an air duct by your feet in a small space like a cabin can surely make the stank noticeable. Are you able to locate the smell? Like, does it smell more from the vents, and does it smell more on the left or right side, or when it's hot air or cold air blowing? Could be some wet old leaves stuck in the vents somewhere.
  13. xzirri

    C1201 code p0400 code

    Glad you figured it out!
  14. xzirri

    Woke up to a dead battery

    Power banks do their job but you need to charge them once a month or so. I have one and it has saved me a few times.
  15. xzirri

    Woke up to a dead battery

    Don't forget to check the voltage of your spare battery every now and then to make sure it doesn't get discharged to a critical level. Good luck!