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  1. xzirri

    DAB radio

    TNS600 or 700 and TNS510 support an additional DAB module iirc but you might need to cut and splice some wires to connect these head units to the pre facelift mk2. I know some of the facelift mk2s here in Norway came with the TNS600 or 700 equipped though, so maybe the dealers have some connectors. However, the cheapest (and maybe even the best) option is to go with an aftermarket head unit.
  2. Anyone here who have any experience with carbon cleaning of intake valves and/or the entire inside of the engine? Having looked more into this matter I think it's related to the carbon buildup issues people have reported in New Zealand. One of the threads I stumbled over mentioned a noise sounding like paper touching the blades of a fan, which is a good description of the noise I'm hearing. See for yourself in the video earlier in this thread. I'll try talking to someone about doing an internal cleaning of the engine (apparently they run some water mixture of some sorts through the engine while it's running at 2000 rpm). Tbh I think it sounds rather scary, with the risk of hydro locking the engine, bent valves and so on. At the same time, if the procedure is completed without any issues I will end up with a cleaner engine. Even if this doesn't fix this particular issue I'll probably get better fuel economy and get rid of the idle dips (when warm the engine sometimes dips down to 650 ish rpm). Not sure what to do anymore at this point... Others who have had the issue I'm having have fixed it by cleaning the PCV valve but it didn't work for me. The fact that my PCV valve was completely clogged has me thinking that the reason it worked for the others is that they had less carbon buildup than me. If anyone who's slightly less mechanically impaired than me reads this, I would appreciate any comment on whether or not my theories are reasonably sane.
  3. Hey, no, I haven't bothered taking the car to diagnostics yet.
  4. Do you feel a lack of power together with that noise? See the video I posted in this thread: https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/184741-transmission-issues-when-cold/ And if you're still wondering, 1.8 has an electronic throttle, while the 2.0 petrol has a proper old school connection.
  5. xzirri


    To remove it, you need to disconnect the battery, all the cables going to your alternator, the auxiliary belt and the two bolts retaining the alternator. There may also be a screw for some sorts of cable management clip on the alternator as well. You may have to pry the alternator off the engine with a crowbar after you have removed all the bolts, as they can be stuck. One quite basic test is to measure the voltage at the battery with the engine off and then with the engine on. You can also measure the voltage between the alternator and the battery as well. If you search the forum I'm sure you will find some further answers to your questions.
  6. Do you have a picture of the wiring? As far as I know, you can adjust the mileage but it will show a symbol before the numbers because the mileage has been altered. That being said, I have no idea on how to change the mileage or how to make it read in KMs. It would probably have been easier to buy a non-UK spec cluster with approximately the same mileage as your car
  7. I've attached a picture from a 2009 Avensis for sale in Norway. Isn't that a sunglass compartment by the dome lights? Well, the speedo will fit. The real question is whether the contacts are the same (especially the computer contacts), and if not, if one could cut and solder on a contact that would work. I guess it depends on whether or not the computers work in the same way.
  8. Hi there mate! I'm interested in this as well. I would love to have the extra storage space from the facelift where my current computer is now so I have a place to put my sunglasses but I don't wanna lose the computer functionality. On a side note, both the mk1 and mk3 have sunglass storage space by the dome lights but the mk2 doesn't. Why they decided to drop this feature is not something I understand.
  9. The navi system is more complex than just the screen and the remote. AFAIK you need a disc reader of some sort for the map DVDs, and you also need the GPS antennas.
  10. Do you have any other mods on your car, or remapped the ECU to utilize the extra air flow? If not, I'm not sure you'd see any performance gain at all. Also, high air flow filters usually let more dirt fly past the filter and into the engine. If the filter is of the oily type, you might also end up with dirt on your MAF sensor. Just my .02 😜
  11. Removing the resonator is a popular mod among certain tuners, however, doing so may reduce your power and increase noise. The reason why this may reduce your power is, explained in a simple manner, that the air flow will collide with itself, reducing the ammount of air that goes in to the engine when the intake is open. With the resonator, the air that bounces off the closed intake will have a place to go. Idk if I explained it in a good way but if you want to dig deeper into the idea of resonators, I can provide you with an article or two.
  12. I'm glad you worked it out! Troubleshooting with no error codes can be a really tiresome process, especially when your window of troubleshooting is relatively small due to the engine reaching optimal temperature.
  13. Before you do something time consuming, have you tried disconnecting the battery?
  14. Check the brakes, as they tend to wear out quicker than many other cars. Do also check the maintenance record, look for rust underneath the car, check the suspension control arms. As it's a late 1ZZ it shouldn't have the oil consumption issue. Other than that, check the transmission oil dipstick (while the engine is running at operating temp, after cycling through the gears). Make sure the level is correct and that the fluid isn't burnt.
  15. Which engine? You can find diagrams at this site: http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2007/avensis#