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  1. Ff I have a late 2014 Yaris Hybrid which had filament bulbs and I have replaced them with LED ones which as you are aware a lot brighter. I got them off ebay rather than paying dealer prices! Dave
  2. Thanks very much Frostyballs, thats what I saw, but could not find it. Regards Dave
  3. My Yaris Hybrid is 5yrs old in October and was wondering if other members have taken out another warranty, I remember seeing something that Toyota do for 5yr old cars, but cannot find anything about it now? Dave
  4. I have maxed out once late last year while descending a very long steep hil on the Yorkshire Moors. I have never noticed this since and never before, but hasen to add I do not keep the battery stae sceen on. Dave
  5. I am getting 61.3mpg using my car for a 44mile round trip daily, I work out my MPG by using fill ups rather than on board computers, Air con use is minimal and I am happy with this light footted driving style. Dave
  6. Hi Dee, I have an iphone 7 and incoming calls show my callers details if they are save in my phones contacts using bluetooth, I have not uploaded my contacts to my car which is 09/14 Yaris Hybrid I hasen to add. Dave
  7. I had to adjust my screenwasher as it was spraying the pavement, I used the shaft of a drill twist bit as a needle is not thick enough and it now hits the centre of the screen, thus no dry wipes from the wiper. Regards Dave
  8. " Car has been serviced as pr. Toyota's recommendations, however, we couldn't find the service manual, so the seller agreed to print copies of each service (the car was serviced by them from when it was new). " No sure if this is available in DK but the My Toyota app/website allows you to see your vehicle service details, I know this as our car had no service book and was told when I picked it up that everything is shown on this website.
  9. I have 64 reg Yaris Hybrid and have not seen any signed of corrosion in the reversing camera area, the only thing I was concerned with was scores on the rear discs, which I got checked at the local stealer and they put it on the brake test and it came back OK. Other than that my wife and I love the car. In fact it had 23338 miles when we got it in Aug 2017 and at now has 41k on the odometer. Other than usual service and MOT and replace rear discs and pads, no problems.
  10. If you Google "headlight cleaner" you will also see toothpaste works as well! Dave
  11. davekench


    Yes thats all I did, make sure you have the original beside to make sure you trim correctly. If you have the original beside the replacement one you will see the difference.
  12. Mike, I have checked underneath and there is nothing wrapped round the exhaust, must admit its not very often it happens just annoying, thanks for the advice. Dave
  13. 10 months on and the smell is still there on really steep hills, also I checked and there is no chain for the drive Anthony, its from what I can see from the diagrams a belt! So I will mention it at the next service.
  14. Mark, I came from a Nissan Note to my Yaris, its a hybrid but I love the solid build and relability of Toyota, being as they are throwing in 2 free services that 20,000 or two yrs whichever come first thats a saving, plus there is 5yrs warranty. The other day I took 5 larger adults in the car usually its only my wife and I and was suprised how well it preformed.
  15. I have a late 2014 Yaris Hybris and the only light icon is when you have sidelights on and when main beam is used, nothing for headlights.