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  1. Dó you know anything about nipparts brand? Discs and pads
  2. Thank you I am going to change the pads as I did on most of my cars before with no problem, if nothing happens or it is not improving than I take it to a garage. Hoping the very best result, fingers crossed. Ps: is it common to change discs as well when changing pads? My discs are in perfect condition.
  3. Another plus: when I start the car after a night parking in the garage, and I start rolling the car a metal on metal knock sounds. It is only once and it comes from the left wheel. Can this knocking be also related to my issue? Ps: in the back when I'm braking there is also a click coming from the left rear wheel.
  4. I have shot a video, this is the sound I should hear? 20200223_151424.mp4
  5. Hi I am going to change my front and rear pads very soon. I am going to purchase Brembo, it seems it has a very good price and quality combo. I am going to update my previous experiences after changing them
  6. Dear Konrad, Thank you for the listing, it is very correct. Sorry for being a little bit confusing, but service after service I was realizing things and differences. I am definitely going to change the pads and then we'll see if there is any improvement or not, hoping the best. Thanks again!
  7. So back again. Did bleeding with the vacuum thing again, not much happened... I have serviced my brakes, meaning that I have removed everything at the front brakes, cleaned, greased where it is needed, discontinuisity is gone! I think the pads were locked, not well sliding. I realized that I have to change the brake pads very soon and I also realized that I have two different brake pad brands on the left and right hand side... Which brand do you recommend for pads? I was thinking about Bosch.
  8. Dears, I did the vacuum bleeding, the brake became slightly better. The discontinuity is still on, but I can feel it less. Is somehow the CVT also affecting braking or not? Or my new brake pads are sh@#$t. Any further suggestions? Ps.: I have checked all the hoses, no leakage or trickle
  9. I bought a vacuum bleeder, so I will try my best. Will write my experiences. Thanks for everything!
  10. Actually I haven't had such an experience with mblockquotelockquote widget
  11. There is no leakage of oil, the level doesn't change in the canister.
  12. No pressure system used for bleeding. I have realized that when I am pushing twice the pedal I am having the "bite" effect. Btw discs and pads were cleaned by myself. I also had a guess that this may cause the issue. Does this give you some more clue?
  13. When I bought the car the discs and the pads have been changed. I only did the bleeding, when I have still felt braking is not like it was on my previous cars. Checked the sliders, put brake grease on it. The pedal needs a lot of force and a lot of travel. My main problem is that there is no "bite" effect 😔
  14. Hi all! (2009 T27 CVT 2.0) My brakes are behaving a bit strange. When braking I feel that I need to push the pedal almost to the bottom to have some brake power. So when I push the pedal it is not really having brake power on the top only starts braking lower. When slowing the car discontinuously slows down. There is no air or leakage in the system, I have checked so far. Brake pads and discs are new. I am clueless, any suggestions?
  15. Dear all Did any of you installed Osram LEDriving FOG PL 103? If yes how and where should I connect the wires, there is an instruction manual attached but I have difficulties to connect the wires 🙂 Regards and thanks