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  1. Very good news Problem sorted out, the service sid some mistake when they changed the fluid, they did not explain what. Know it is working perfectly. Thanks for the advises 👍
  2. I brought it there in the morning and they returned it in the early afternoon. Maybe this is what happened. At this moment it is in the garage, so they are going to fix it, I hope. Thanks for the advises.
  3. No, I actually haven't. But the noise appeared almost right after the transmission fluid change. But I'll check to be on the safe side.
  4. Hi all I have a strange sound coming from the front -don't know from where exactly- when decelerating/braking quicker or descending from a hill and braking. Mechanic did my CVT oil drain and fill with the filter change, after this it started to have the noise. Anyone had similar? Please check the last 2 seconds of the video to hear the noise 20201016_234144.mp4
  5. Codes came back and I took it to Toyota dealership...they told me CVT is over and it needs to be replaced for 6900 EUR...they advised that maybe a transmission oil change will clear the solenoid from dirt... They cleared the codes and since then the codes didn't came back. What next?
  6. As soon as -it is back again I will definitely take it to a repairer
  7. Hi all ( 2009 2.0 CVT, 3ZR-FAE) I got the following codes yesterday during my short ride P2757 and P0741. I wasn't feeling anything in performance or any noise etc. I have cleared the codes and since than no fault. What can be the issue?
  8. It seems that when braking it doesn't give enough vacuum, means that brake needs to be "pumped" to have full braking power, is this the issue with mine?
  9. On megazip, I have found different parts, I mean different part numbers for the same item. That's the reason I have asked maybe someone has experience in dismantling the pump. Does anybody know how to identify one or the other?
  10. Dear All, I am looking forward to hear whether any of you disassembled a brake vacuum pump. I am just curious to know if I purchase the inner parts from www.megazip.net/parts and change the ones inside the pump will decrease or even clear away the tapping sound. Thanks for any suggestions, advices in advance!
  11. Two new videos of the tapping, which I think it's strange tapping. One from the engine compartment the other from inside. Hope you can it as well. 20200719_184127.mp4 20200719_184230.mp4
  12. You are standing in front of the car and the nose seems to come from behind the engine, kind of under the windshield area
  13. Hi all My T27 is kind of traipsing on highway speed. The steering wheel is like very easy to handle at high speeds, it feels very soft. Does the T27 have like other cars do have that the steering becomes harder on higher speeds? Do you think that I should change something, like steering rods or anything similar wich affects steering and can become loose after years? Thanks
  14. I know...please don't blame me. After the video I realized...I saw on a toyota forum...I will never ever do this again! I will make a video with the cover off and I post another one. You maybe will hear as well what I think is abnormal tapping coming from the back of the engine.
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