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  1. UPDATE Maybe it sounds strange, but I try to describe my new issue. When starting a ride (let's say after a night of parking in the garage) my brake feels when I am decelerating at low speed quite intermittent. It seems that there are pauses in braking. But after a big press on the pedal the brake becomes back alive meaning there is no more discontinuity in braking. Any advice or idea what can cause this?
  2. It wobbles, but just a little bit, which I think is normal. I will try with another arm, but any further suggestions are highly appreciated
  3. I use car wash. I have checked for play, but it doesn't seem to be any. Is there like a trick bending the arm or something else or just change the arm first...
  4. Does anyone have the same issue? After changing several wiper blades (Valeo, Bosch etc.) it makes stripes on the windshield in the area right in front of me...I tried to crook, bend the wiper arm, but nothing changed. It is right at the connection where the arm and the blade connects. Please see on the picture attached
  5. I don't have, garage doesn't have...shame
  6. Actually my garage guys took it to wheel alignement and they sent the docs and pictures to me. I will try to ask whether they have any further notes or docs. Do you happen to have one sample how it should look like?
  7. They did four-wheel alignement, but this is the only document they sent me picture. The proof: attached pictures
  8. This is the only dóc that I got. It is in Hungarian...hope it gives you some clue
  9. I have techstream with mini VCI but a few options were missing when I tried to use it, like ABS bleeding. I am going to check it today again under windows XP with a virtual machine, hope it will work properly. 20200608_210533.mp4
  10. Dear Konrad, I did the paperclip method and the display showed me [VSC] FF and most of the lights were blinking. I had it on for 2 minutes and than car off. Then started the engine, I think all was done. Unfortunately it didn't solve my issue with the car keeping to the right. I have attached a video where you can see that the car keeps to the right and I have to steer all the time to the left to have a straight driving. This is very annoying and I really never ever had such issues with other off topic cars of mine... Do you have any other thoughts? 20200608_205907.mp4
  11. Hi Everyone, it's me again...2009 T27 CVT 2.0 The steering after several wheel alignments and a final very perfect wheel alignment feels like having a "swimming on the road" effect. Meaning when the road is sloping a little to the right (most of the roads do) then the car starts to tend to the right when opposite it is doing opposite tending. If there is a flange groove on the road the steering wheel is wobbling in my hands. I have the correct manufacturer size wheels 215/55 R17. Did you had similar issues? Can I do something to fix it or it is like that and I have to live with? I hope not. Advises needed please. Ps. Sorry if you had already a topic about this...
  12. Hí all Did anyone suffered from having a "wavy" middle armrest? Did anyone solved it?
  13. Should I try inside the car or where the cable connects the gearbox?
  14. Hi, Did someone faced the same: Since I bought the car in November CVT gear shifter is difficult to switch from N to R or D or any gear. My previous off topic car had a softer gear switching feel. Is it common or is there any trick to make the movement a little bit softer? Like putting any grease or WD40 under the cover etc. These are just thoughts... Thank you
  15. Thank you Konrad My head unit is with multi disc unit. I have managed to transfer a few numbers via BT but it can only be done one by one... Pity shame for toyota...