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  1. Dear all Did any of you installed Osram LEDriving FOG PL 103? If yes how and where should I connect the wires, there is an instruction manual attached but I have difficulties to connect the wires 🙂 Regards and thanks
  2. Dear All I put some silicone spray on the rubbers around the door and it stopped making any sound, isn't it funny?
  3. I will try swapping them Thank you, regards
  4. It was pulling to the right before alignment, after alignment it is less pulling. Same direction Haven't changed tyres Thank you, regards
  5. Hi, it's me again (2009 T27 Petrol 2.0) I've been to wheel alignment because the car pulled to the right (the steering wheel also steered to the right), but when I set off or slowly going or braking, the steering wheel still turns right. What could be the reason? Regards
  6. Hi Hinges are fine, no cracks. What other should I check? Thanks
  7. Dear All My driver door (front left) moves like up and down on bigger bumps. It is very confusing and annoying. Did you experienced such thing? Regards
  8. Dear Konrad I am so happy that I have joined this group. Thank you very much for your kind technical assistance! Highly appreciate it! Regards
  9. Thank you for the tip Anyone else experienced such thing? I'll make a video tomorrow Thanks
  10. It disappears, and it is not getting louder. Thanks
  11. Hi! 2009 T27 2.0 Petrol CVT A strange question: I hear a fine knocking / clicking sound from the engine idling. The knocking sound is like coming from one of the right-hand sparks when I face the car. Can you say something? Is there anyone experienced the same noise/sound? What should I expect? Ps: when I sit inside I hear the sound from the centre console Thanks 😉
  12. Hi everybody! Thank in advance for any assistance you may give. I am from Hungary and here I can not get too much help :( I just bought an Auris HSD 2011 and sometimes the suspension when going down to the parking lot creaks on the right hand side. One the other hand the suspension is very stiff, I can feel all the bumps on the road, is it normal? regards, Lorant