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  1. Hi Nick, sorry I couldn't say for sure if your EGR valve is different to mine. Matt
  2. Hi, I decided to bite the bullet and clean the EGR valve on my 2006 Avensis 2.2 D4D, it's been a long overdue job. I recorded what I did, hopefully it will someone else who, like me, hasn't tackled this before. Cheers Matt
  3. Hi all, i have never attempted to change the gearbox oil, is it difficult, does anyone have a picture or a diagram which nut to drain? cheers Matt
  4. Thanks JJ, I'm taking it to mr T for a regas, cost is £85 😬. However they confirmed they will be using the correct refridgerant, as mine is an old car.
  5. Thanks for all the replies guys.
  6. Hello, How often do you need your air con refridgerant refilled? My 2006 2.2 D4D was regassed in June 2018 ar Kwik Fit. The mechanic told me there were no leaks and they could regas it. It's worked fine all through winter, I switch the air con on every week for a few minutes to mix refridgerants up. However today I switch the air con on and it's well not as cold as I remember. Even after 15 minutes of driving it's not that cold. i have regassed it twice in 9 years. As my car gets older does It need regassing every year? Matt
  7. Hi Alan, I haven't sorted it out yet. It is consistently slow to start (5 turns of the starter motor + heater plug time of 3 seconds) but it always starts. So do you pop the bonnet and press the fuel priming button every time you start the car? Matt
  8. I'm not sure. I would imagine it was after market considering the low replacement price.
  9. I had to have this replaced on my 2006 Avensis a few months ago. Initially there was a noise every time I steered. Rang then AA and they showed me the pipe that needed replacing. It cost £140 from my local garage. Apparently the bend on the pipe points toward the road meaning any water dripping down the engine collects here and eventually rusts.
  10. Hi Alan, I have a similar problem with my 2006 2.2 150 non DPF avensis. I posted a video on my Youtube channel to show other owners. I tried pouring hot water over the SCV, unfortunately that didn't make any difference. My car always starts but even in summer I have to wait for the heater plugs to go out before trying to start. I intend to replace the heater plugs in the next few months as he car has 160,000 miles and the plugs have never been replaced. Matt
  11. Hi Tomasz, where did you buy your steering wheel? in your opinion is it best to buy a steering wheel with the cruise control assembly or can you make a hole in a normal steering wheel and poke the cruis control stalk through the hole? Matt
  12. Sounds like an intercooler issue, when the engine is cold air going into the engine is already cool, when the engine is warm the intercooler is not compensating for the warm engine compartment? You could try timing an in gear acceleration time, for example 30-60 in 3rd gear, when the engine is cold and when the engine is hot, to see how much different there is.
  13. Yes, mine is the T3-X. After buying it I couldn't understand why it did not have CC, at the time of manufacturing it was a very efficient engine, with its piezo injectors, and it was the first car I had owned with 6 gears, so why CC didn't come as standard is strange.
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