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  1. I took delivery of a brand new 19 Plate Corrolla 2 weeks ago. It was supplied with no manuals (car, Sat Nav, Radio etc) and no Service History booklet. The dealer tells me they haven't been printed yet? Has anyone else encountered this?
  2. Thanks so much. You're right. Once "engine was running" I could get into the Vehicle Icon.
  3. Hi So, I want to be able to adjust some of the settings which are customisable. I have looked in the full manual and it tells me to go into my Nav>Settings>Vehicle. The only issue is "Vehicle" is greyed out and therefore I can't get into any of the sub-menus. Help pls Keith
  4. Thanks so much. I'll take a look at the full manual.
  5. Hi folks, Picked up my new hybrid CHR last week and not finding the manual to be great. I have 3 things I can't find: 1. Can "Hold on" be set as the default rather than having to always engage hold every time I start a new journey? 2. Can I increment the adaptive cruise control in 1 mph increments rather than just 5mph increments? 3. How can I pull up the volume control for the Nav (as opposed to media?) Thanks in advance Keith