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  1. I thought they both fit, once you get the rear wiper nut off. I thought it was just the caps that are different.
  2. It is the same with new headphones, you have to run them in.
  3. I just used NBlue HD Plus on yaris 4 tyres and 2 front tyres on Avensis. These have many good reviews and are oem Kia. Tyres on the drive install them outside of the house and supposedly have a very expensive torque tool.
  4. Also worth cleaning earth points and alternator connections, with contact spray than just add dielectric grease and put it back in.
  5. When you clean the drum it is best to take out the hold on pin easier to get copper grease under the shoe and check if it is rusty, I decided to replace one of them will do the other rear drum next year. You can also paint the drum once the rust is off with a high temperature paint.
  6. It can happen to anybody as you expect the car servicing to decline before it is sold so you may dismiss the extra noise. Even if you had someone with you would still have to test drive it yourself, I was only allowed to drive my yaris round the block a couple of times then forced to quickly make a decision. I did buy the Avensis alone, but the Yaris I did not bring a car expert but a good negotiater who was able to lower the price. Ideally it would be better if you could take the car to a garage to have a look or force the seller to do a mot at a garage of your choosing before buying.
  7. I think Google maps works better in a vertical position. Also if a road is closed and you follow another road trying to get another route it takes you back to the closed road. Taking about Japanese GPS systems the Sony psp GPS add on was great, if they had that on the 2007<><>
  8. If the problem is revs going up and down I fixed this on my Avensis by cleaning the PCV valve. Though most would have returned the car, but it was a cheap fix. Dealers and garages do like to replace parts rather than clean things. If the MAF sensor has been replaced it can be assumed the throttle body has been checked and cleaned.
  9. You do not need new pistons, this will involve changing brake fluid. All you need is the brake shoes. Old hold on springs should come off and on quite easily though new springs may be more difficult. Also check for rust on hold on pin, but it should be fine as your car is not that old. Also try Amazon as you get reviews and oem numbers which can be cross referenced.
  10. I think it has been many many years since non detergent oil was used and even oil filters were not used. So that is why engines were flushed, but according to Scotty it can wreck the variable timing but this is not vvt, BMW so..... Though I could be wrong it may make the car run like a Ferrari.
  11. I would not bother with updates, but your version is more updated than mine which uses latitude and longitude. I never use but it is useful to have home set up for emergencies. The map images are so poor I would not bother.i prefer my Garmin nuvi which is also as old but clear maps though I find google maps awkward. I think the CD drive is under passengers seat for maps, though not sure.
  12. Maybe try different specs, that may not be recommend by Toyota?
  13. m456an

    Sad News.....

    Wish u well and all of your family, he will not be forgotten. His posts will keep helping others.
  14. I put a Japanese one on a French yaris, they are basically the same but have a different cap. Though choose a good make as mine was cheap and unbranded ....it is very noisy! But I put the front yaris wiper, the shorter one on avensis rear, no noise from carparts4less and better rear clearance.