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  1. My 2007 but u want 2014/15 diesel, petrol only had one real problem, that was the starter motor 3 or 4 years ago right after I bought it and it cost less then £2000. Reconditioned starter just cost £60. Then there was a problem with the revs going up which was solved by cleaning a filter which has a complicated name. Also my 4 year old made some very large scratches on a back door, seriously large and deep scratches. That was a crazy touch up paint job. But looks OK now after using wet sanding followed by menzerna 400, this is the only recent problem I have had. But the main hint of this post is that you are less likely to have problems with an older petrol car.
  2. If you do buy a wheel bearing make sure it has the abs. I did buy a cheap one from ebay with no name for about £30, the Abs worked though but the next year got a mot warning about wheel bearing noise. So I got a more expensive wheel bearing with a name on it, blue print that I ordered from amazon. Now the car is quiet as a mouse. If this wheel bearing has already been changed, you may be able to get it out yourself. Also if you have a drum brake, you can service that. Simply spray it with a degreaser and pour got water over it. Then add grease, the wheel should spin twice. Or the drum brake may need adjustment... If you do not have drum brake ignore my last few sentences.
  3. OK I stick with the original pink formula. Many thanks for the replies.
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicAdvice/comments/4qoyb5/how_to_dispose_of_old_antifreeze/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
  5. Has anybody tried this coolant, I know it is good for aluminium which vvt engines use, and is neutral for plastics and rubbers. Though I did put pink coolant (hoat) in my avensis and yaris 3 years ago. I got 10 litres for £15 from ebay. Maybe I can use it is a base solution for a driveway cleaner cocktail. Which is fun to make. As Oat stands for organic acid technology. Thanks in advance.
  6. If he changed the clutch, he probably would have put in new clutch fluid, a garage might have put the old stuff back in. Now the next thing is a partial gear oil change, if you do a full oil check change keep the old oil. Then after that get denso iridium tt spark plugs, they are good for over 100 000 miles, read the reviews on amazon. Com, they make the car also more economic, especially with gas prices going up, and the new E10 being less efficient.
  7. I just used the front hub thing on the rear held it with one nut, hard to get 2 nuts on it and just hit it with a dead blow hammar. I also loosened the rear brake as it was a bit stiff, now the wheel turns 2 and a half times if you give it a push:
  8. You get free coffee, I had to replace an airbag. Then I got a letter for a new improved airbag, I did not bother with that. But for me it was an escuse to take a walk to a McDonald's store. Then expect a lot of junk mail about buying a new car, still getting them mm! Even had a phone call one or two years ago.
  9. Remember to keep the old gear box oil. As a plan B.
  10. m456an

    2ZR FE

    I think it was fixed, my avensis is 2007 no problem. Or my 2005 yaris, I dont even think the yaris even had that problem. Though I am getting a little lazy with oil changes, as I do low miles and cars are still quiet. Though have to empty my old oil container as still painting the garden shed with it.
  11. I did get Shell Helix HD8, for £29 from Amazon 5w30. Though it is not a recommended oil because it does not meet old standards but it meets the new standards which exceed the old standards and it is proper fully synthetic. Though price went up after I bought it to about £38. I have the pink coolant there is enough for 2 cars. What I hate is that it takes a while to go into the system maybe 2 weeks. I used the iridium tt for both of my cars though I bought it from green spark plugs, they are supposed to last over 100 000 miles.
  12. Even though I failed to take it off and took it to garage with the cheap no name bearing it was a success. Because I did service the drum brake, changed the rusted nail that holds the spring, also greased it. Cleaned the drum plate cover (these rust very easy even on Yaris with a few years) with a metal brush connected to a drill, then painted it. Though got a rear brake imbalance just passed a couple of months ago. But feeling more confident for 2 reasons, 1 it was changed a year ago and the garage did say that they struggled to take it off, 2 I used a dead blow hammar to hit the bearing from the back with a socket extension, now I have updated the hammar to a heavy lump hammar.
  13. Have you changed any of the rear wheel bearings? If yes, it could be the new wheel bearing. If no I would simply try to clean both rear connectors they come out with a small screwdriver. Spray them with contact spray, then put some dielectric grease on them.
  14. OK I get it I cannot use it on rear. But I should be able to put in on and hit it with a lump hammar. I also have a heat gun bought it to get the heating element out of a very old electric boiler, that was not a success. I can use that?
  15. My next door neighbour has a mk1 with an old registration plate. She does go a little far to a certain mot garage that always gives her a pass. Though mine was badly serviced, only had one stamp. The oil filter was a little loose and even rusted, the broken fog light was taped over. But I did the full service and bought it back to health, even did a partial gear oil change. Need to check the gear oil, once I get the rear bearing sorted, this is the problem you are most likely to have with mk1.
  16. Not sure about mk3 yaris, but for my Yaris and Avensis I used this tool Sealey AK6557 Spark Plug Socket for Thin Wall, 3/8" Square Drive, 16mm https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0016WLFGY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apan_glt_i_BR97GD7ASFQ3XKFEDQPE?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Your first link is a socket set. Your second link should work as it is 16 mm. The torque should be very low. Update it is not 16 mm but 15.87mm a little small which is for American cars.
  17. Long term car parking is expensive anyway probably cheaper to get a taxi there and back, also less hasstle. The taxi driver may also help taking out, and putting in luggage.
  18. I have seen some slide hammers on yt and they don't seem to work. So I wasted my money on this I have the French Yaris. I am sure I saw Scott Kilmer use one these tools on a 10 year old video on a rear wheel? Maybe just use a lump hammar I can just add an extension to one nut and hit from the back of the wheel.
  19. You can get used ones from ebay from £30. Just Google buy yaris cluster. Probably be some yt video on how to do it or just tell a local garage to install it, some order their own parts, and some will allow you to buy the part. So just ring a few garages within a 3 mile radius. Looks quite easy to do. Take it out and have a look, then make sure it is similar to the ebay one. You may need some trimming tool to take it out:
  20. I think it is better to get a wheel bearing with a name only £55 blue print from Amazon. I believe though it was not 1 day delivery, but I was tracking it from Germany to UK. Also the blue print oil filter is just over £5 from Amazon, and I got Shell hx8 oil 5 lt for £29 from Amazon but their price for that has gone up, this oil meets the new standards. Though have not changed the oil for a couple of years, will do so next year. I have one of these from Amazon FreeTec Front Hub Installer Puller Tool Universal FWD Tools Front Wheel Drive Cars. So can I use it to remove rear bearing? I know you turn the big nut, but do you hold the nut under with a spanner or just tighten it. I have read all the reviews from Amazon and the best tip I got was to grease the threads which I will do. Any advice will be welcomed.
  21. Not sure about it being uncomfortable that is the mk1, I will call it lively. But I am always the driver, but have had 2 people, 2 baby passengers, one person between the baby seats no problem. If you want comfort get the avensis. But I would get the more new mk2. As I had a failed rear wheel bearing as a more new car will have less chance of things breaking down.
  22. Update I gave the bearing to the garage, they had a very hard time removing the old bearing. But they did pass the car. One year later... More noise, so a few days ago I ordered a more expensive bearing £57 blue print from Amazon. So will try that when the weather gets a bit warmer. Have to watch a few yt videos to get my confidence!
  23. Could be some water has got through the trim. Firstly I would try contact fluid at the connection, have a look it may just need a solder.
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