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  1. Three years of maps via Toyota is pitiful. They should be ashamed of themselves. Their cars come with a five year warranty, so why shouldn't you get at least five years of maps? From what I've read regarding TomToms, they have updated their stuff now, and the older units won't update properly. The devices you buy now will be lifetime maps. Nothing is forever in the tech world of course. We run AppleMacs, and the big iMac we have won't run the latest softwares, and is now stuck in the past. Read this from TomTom. I'm sorely tempted to buy one as ours is five or six years old and was bought without the lifetime maps offer. https://promos.tomtom.com/en_gb/eol/replacement-offer/?voucher=REPLAPNOBSall1812#map-updates Mick.
  2. You can buy a stand alone TomTom with lifetime maps, and before we bought our Yaris Hybrid, we'd looked at a Honda Jazz. The salesman told us that they come with lifetime maps. Why don't Toyota cars come with lifetime maps? Seems daft to me that you pay tens of thousands of pounds for a car, and part of the tech goes out of date! Mick.
  3. Result! 😀 They phoned yesterday afternoon, and have refunded my account. Excellent! Mick.
  4. Car home, and all done. All seems fine. Car washed and cleaned internally too. I mentioned to Andy, the service reception chap, about the issue, and he agreed with me. He'll be talking to the warranty people, and they'll get back to me. Hopefully, they'll want my bank details for a BACS refund ................ maybe they have my card details on file from when I paid last, and do it that way. I'll give them until this time next week, and if I've heard nothing, I'll prod them into action. Mick.
  5. The car is now in for repair, and I'm home via their curtesy car - Yaris Hybrid. (Great!) Just thought of this ...................... I only complained about the aircon because it wasn't working. They charged me £69.95 to recharge it ................... but there was a leak there all along, and they are now repairing it under warranty. I reckon I've wasted £69.95, and I'll be mentioning this when I collect the car later this afternoon. Do I have a leg to stand on here? Will they reimburse me? Mick.
  6. Update: The airflow is definitely better. The outside temps have gone down to 18degC and lower, and now it's wet as well as cool. ACC set to warm, maybe 20degC, you can still feel the extra airflow. Mrs Mick F is happy, so that's always a good thing. Went to Snows Toyota Plympton this morning for the aircon checkup and leak test. They've found a leak (Brilliant!) between the condenser and something else - sorry, I can't remember what! The car is now booked back there for Thursday next week for the fix under warranty. Meanwhile, leak notwithstanding, the whole system is tons better than it was even when we bought the car @ 3yrs old, and no doubt working as it should. Mick.
  7. Hi again Mike. ex-Rental I'm sure you're correct. Bought new, you're correct too. Bought secondhand is the issue. How do you know that the previous owner didn't have one fitted? I very much doubt ours has one, but you can't guarantee it for every secondhand vehicle, ours included. You would never know unless you were told about it. Why worry? Dunno really, but although I would have no real objection to having one, I don't want one fitted against my knowledge - active or inactive. Mick.
  8. I agree, Mike. I was only saying such to friends over the last day or two brought about by this thread. I have no objection to this possible future, but if there's one in our car unbeknown to me, I want it removed. How does anyone know they have one? Mick.
  9. If you buy a secondhand car, how do you know that there ISN'T a black box in there? Bought ours at three years old. What colour are they, and how small are they? Where would one be be fitted in a Yaris? If we had one in ours, the first thing I would do is remove it and put it in the recycling skip. Mick.
  10. That would be my guess too. Also, it has to be fairly common for them to be removed, as cars are bought and sold by the thousand every week. There must be loads of them with black boxes that would be transferred from one car to another, or just plain removed and returned to whence they came. Mick.
  11. Where are these "free" charging points? They're not free if you have to drive miles to find one, but at least the petrol stations are nearby and plentiful. At this present moment in time, owning an EV is an expensive and inconvenient way of owning a car. Mick.
  12. Excellent. Thanks. Ok, lets take this to what I said earlier ......... I personally wouldn't do a wheel-change. Dirty hands, old and tired, and with a grumpy old man syndrome. Let alone Mrs Mick F unable to undo the wheel nuts or jack the car up ...... or any other car ....... up enough to do a wheel-change. We pay the AA .........and Toyota as well .......... to provide breakdown cover, so they can get their hands dirty in the pouring rain by the side of the road. That's what we pay them to do, so why do we need a spare wheel or a "puncture repair kit of dubious abilities" to do it, when the AA have a spare wheel to keep us going? Sod 'em. Let them do it. Mick.
  13. Mick F

    Rim Cleaning

    That's ok! 😀 The thread from the Fiat Forum is worth a read. The loo brush I bought from a pound shop snapped within a few weeks though! I thought about going back and buying two or three for "stock" as each one broke, but never got round to it. No longer have the 500 Twinair now. Sad really, coz it was terrific fun to drive even though it was a two cylinder engine, but it was turbo charged and went like a rocket and the engine sound was fantastic. Rather unpractical as a car though ........... only two doors and a tiny boot. We traded it in for the Yaris Hybrid. Good trade I reckon! Mick.
  14. Mick F

    Rim Cleaning

    Found it! https://www.autogeek.net/sonax-wheel-cleaner.html Bought from Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00100ED1Q/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This was my thread. https://www.fiatforum.com/500/428947-cleaning-multispoke-wheels.html Mick.
  15. Mick F

    Rim Cleaning

    eBay, I think. I used frequent the Fiat Forum - not been on it for a couple of years - and I had a thread on there about it. I could look at our eBay account past orders, and maybe check out the Fiat Forum. I'll get back to this later. Mick.