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  1. ............ and can I mute the stupid seatbelt alarm on our 2014 Hybrid? Mick.
  2. 'twas ever thus on forums ........... or is it fora? I've been on a few over the years, and a long-time member of cycling uk forum. I was a member of it before the present incarnation of the forum, and the one before that and the one before that too. https://forum.cyclinguk.org Over 46,00 posts in the present forum from 2007, but I joined in 2004, so it could be 60,000 or more. Grief! It makes you think! 😮 Mick.
  3. No, it was a Chopper. 1971 Mk1. 😀 I rode it from John O'groats to Lands End in 2010. http://jogleonachopper.blogspot.com Mick.
  4. I was at a cashpoint ATM yesterday. Beep Beep Beep every single time I pressed a button. Supermarket checkouts beep. Card readers beep. My phone beeps. My computer beeps at times. The washing machine beeps. The microwave beeps. The landline phone beeps. My Garmin beeps. BEEP BEEP BEEP. Mick.
  5. PS: If you fancy a ride down the hill, check out my Youtube movie.
  6. ACC main difference for me, is that it keeps the set speed down hills! Coming down Gunnislake Hill A390 into the village yesterday on my bike, I was doing 42mph freewheeling. It's a 30mph limit for motor vehicles. 12% hill. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@50.5156805,-4.224098,3a,37.5y,71.69h,78.94t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sqX-CDlrXYMJGgIoHEXtaLA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 The car in front was going faster than me, and the cars generally do 40odd mph down the hill into the village. Going up, most do maybe 50mph. Yes, the police should do something, but unless there's an accident, nothing will happen. Sorry, I digress yet again ................. If I set CC on our Yaris Hybrid up where the 30mph limit starts, all is fine and dandy. Trouble is, when I hit the hill towards the village, the speed rapidly increases and CC becomes pointless. All it does is shut off the drive, and gravity takes over of course. Mick.
  7. I'm digressing onto my moans about cruise control. Is "adaptive cruise control" actually cruise control in the accepted sense? Time has moved on, and the old fashioned stuff has been superseded. I'm getting too old! 😀 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cruise_control Mick.
  8. This is a very different beast to bog standard CC. Excellent system though. 😀 Mick.
  9. Cruise control doesn't work when going downhill. It cuts out the drive down a hill, but gravity takes control and the speed increases. Try it down a long 10% hill for instance. Fine on a motorway or a major road, but in a 30mph limit with "contours", it's useless. Mick.
  10. The indicator beeps come from the same source as the seatbelt warning beeps. Remove your seatbelt, and the indicator beeps stop. Last car we had was a Fiat 500 and the seatbelt alarm was deafening. By connecting a computer to the OBD, you could disable the seatbelt alarm. Brilliant! I wish we could disable the stupid seatbelt alarm in our Yaris, but at least the noise isn't so loud and piercing compared to the horrible noise in a Fiat500. Why do we want to drive without the seatbelt? .......... I hear you all ask. Our drive is about 100yds long. Nothing posh, just a track. The lane on which we live is maybe 200yds long with zero traffic other than us. Why the heck should we fit the seatbelts to go along our drive to open the gate, then down the lane before even entering the public roads? Why the heck should we fit seatbelts in a carpark going from the recycling points to park up to go into the supermarket? Stop the stupid alarms!!!!!! Mick.
  11. Many years ago, we lived on the shores of Loch Lomond when I was working in the Clyde Submarine Base. 14miles each way commute, many of which was by bicycle. Winters were difficult. I drove the car! We had a Talbot Horizon back then, and coming north out of Helensburgh on my way home in the late afternoon snow, up Sinclair Street up over the Black Hill ....................... maybe some readers on here will know it 😀 ......................... the road was thick with snow and cars were struggling and sliding and having general difficulties and getting in the way. I carried on regardless. Cars sliding this way and that, and me in the Horizon were fine, and on our way home. Why? ................. Our Horizon was the basic model with narrow tyres. 155? The cars slipping and sliding had wider tyres. Our tyres cut through the snow into the tarmac beneath. Mick.
  12. Ok, I can see that as an option. To whom specifically do I send the query? I may also ask why you can't tow WITH a Toyota Hybrid. Mick.
  13. So ............. the question still remains. Why can't you tow a hybrid Toyota? The gearbox is lubricated ........... and the MGs won't overheat as no power is generated in N with the power off. The traction battery is out of circuit. I would like to read chapter and verse of technically why you can't tow one. I understand Toyota say you shouldn't, but they don't say why. Mick.
  14. Point of order here, and completely off topic! Alston, Cumbria shares the highest market town in England title with Buxton. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alston,_Cumbria Princetown up on Dartmoor is at 1,500ft and is a town, but not a market town. You could argue that it's not a town at all, as it doesn't have a mayor or a town council, but if you take the name "town" in Princetown, it's 50% higher elevation than Buxton or Alston. Mick.
  15. Yesterday, I kept an eye on the EV light as well as monitoring the diagram on the screen. Two long descents. One of 1.75miles and another or 2.6miles, the first I was coming down at speeds up to 60mph, and the second at the limit of 30mph. The first, the EV was out but the car was showing a green regen power-flow without the pink of the engine running at all. The second, the EV light was on all the way down. No pink and never used B mode. Therefore, for those descents, the gearbox wasn't being lubricated. How would the gearbox feel if I'd been descending from Drumochter Summit the 20miles down to Pitlochry on the A9 at easily 60mph? What about massively long descents in the Alps? Surely, Toyota have sorted this? Mick.