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  1. Wheel bearings issues tend to be one of them, rather than both or all of them at the same time. Going round a corner, the bearing that makes a drone, is the one on the outside of the bend as the weight leans on it. Mick
  2. My point is, that if the aircon doesn't work properly, or a previous owner didn't use it, the CAR will be smelly from the damp and condensation generally. Aircon desiccates the interior and providing it's used every single time the car is used, everything will be dry .............. and not smell like a wet dog. Mick.
  3. I suggest your aircon isn't working properly. Good thing about aircon, is that you can have any temp you want, but the air is "conditioned" and is clean and dehumidified and all smells are removed. Mick.
  4. It works! Just been out and flipped the latch. Needed a flat screwdriver as my fingernails couldn't do it. Off and on easily. Thanks muchly, Mick.
  5. Thanks! I knew I was missing something! (brain cells?) I even went to go and get my stronger reading glasses to look, but I was looking underneath, and not looking for a latch on the top. Gonna have a look later, but the job is done now anyway ....... albeit with difficulties. 🙂 Best wishes, Mick.
  6. Noticed the other day that the front wiper wasn't wiping properly, so whist giving the car a wash, I inspected the rubber. Sure enough a small portion was split. I happen to have some new blade rubbers and by offering it up, I saw it was a tad too long, so all it would need would to trim it off. Then I hit snags. How do you get the blade holder off? How do you get the whole wiper assembly off? There didn't seem to me to be any way of doing it. I struggled to take the old rubber and the stainless strips out, and struggled even more to get the new rubber with the strips back in. I had to lean over the bonnet to do it. Managed it ok in the end, but the rubber is a cheapie off eBay and no doubt not correct and probably noisy etc. The car is due a service and MOT soon, so I'm going to ask them to check it out and if required, fit a genuine Toyota one. The problem still remains. How do you remove the wiper arm? Mick.
  7. Tried it. Sat in the car in P whilst Mrs Mick F was in a shop in town and I sat there with the system running and switched on the screen to see the power flow. Nothing showing either green or yellow as we had a fairly full battery. I was in P with the handbrake on. Weather nice and the internal temp set to 19degC. Engine not running. I moved the lever to N and nothing changed, so I turned the temp up to 30degC and nothing happened. I moved the lever to P and the engine started immediately to provide the heater for the 30degC, and the power flow was green to the battery. Moved it back to N, and the engine stopped and the power flow stopped too. Then I moved it back to P and it was as before when I was in P, so moved it back the N and everything stopped again. Still set at 30degC. Therefore, it proved to me, that in N, nothing charges and the heater is off and the engine isn't kicked into life .............. I suppose climate control is off too ............. and eventually the batteries will be depleted. Mick.
  8. We live on a hill. If we only use P and no handbrake, it's a devil of a job to pull the lever out of P to move off. When it does shift, it shifts with a loud clunk. Can't be doing any good. We always us the handbrake and P when the car is parked or stopped for a while. Also, we always use the handbrake waiting at junctions and traffic lights so we don't dazzle the vehicle behind. I wish everyone did that! Mick.
  9. As far as I know, in Neutral, nothing happens. We'll be out this afternoon in the car, and I will check on the screen to see if there's a power flow. Somehow I doubt there is. As for switching on or off YOU MUST ALWAYS BE IN PARK. Mick.
  10. Did the drive there and back yesterday. 63.2mpg overall home-to-home. At Helston, I checked the "half-way" figure ant it was 65.4mpg. Dunno why there's a difference because I was driving gently both ways at 62mph on the A30 in cruise control. It could be something to do with the hill profiles. Same subject ........ we used to have a Renault Clio 1.6 16v and that (if driven gently) could get 50mpg on the motorways. We went up the A30/M5/M6 to Lancashire on and off over quite some years, and always managed 50mpg on the way north, but rarely above 45mpg on the way back .......... despite my best efforts. I put it down to hill profiles, especially on the A30 from Exeter west as that was when the consumption suffered. Mick.
  11. I've stopped even bothering to look at our MPG figures, or even looking at the Energy screen on the display. Pointless IMHO. From what I remember, we were getting mid 50mpg. We live in a VERY hilly area and rarely - if ever - go on a motorway and only sometimes on a dual carriageway. Consequently, our car does hard work up and down and round the bends - constantly accelerating and braking. It may be that next week I'll be driving down to Helston and back. Total mileage maybe 140+ miles and by far the majority of the drive will be on the A30 dual carriageway. As this subject has raised its head again, I'll reset the trip meters and report back. Mick.
  12. Utterly agree. Put the registration number into this, and see the history of the car with respect to MOT and repairs. See what it turns up. https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history Mick.
  13. Just looking at the receipt for filling up with petrol at Tesco pay at pump yesterday. I put my card in, tapped in my PIN, and filled with unleaded, then drove home. I never looked at the price specifically but printed the receipt, put it in my wallet and drove away. We always reconcile and keep records of bank accounts on a spread sheet on the computer, so I fished out the receipt and looked .................................... £96.00 ................. not only that, it was for 86.57L of diesel. Seems I have someone else's receipt because (1) you can't put a diesel nozzle into a Yaris Hybrid, and (2) you can't put 86litres of ANYTHING into the tank! Mick.
  14. Yes, glad you got it fixed. I've been following this thread over all four pages. Nice to see a conclusion. However, as a legal rule, diesel nozzles are too wide to put in a modern petrol filler hole. They are designed like that. This begs the question, how did you do it? Or ......... how was it done? Could it be that the fuel station had diesel in the petrol? This has happened in the past up and down the country and people have gone to court over this. Mick.