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  1. Mick F

    Electric Windows

    Done it! 😀 Nothing to hear, very little to feel, but there is a faint "notch". Thanks muchly, Mick.
  2. Mick F

    Electric Windows

    Just tried this. Not driving today, so I had a test of the switch and felt it. There is a very gentle first click. Hardly noticeable but knowing that there should be one, I can feel it ok but it will take some practice to do it perhaps. Thinking about it, we had a Fiat500 with this "two-stage" button, but it was a definite audible click with that car. The Yaris is very feint in comparison and with no audible click. That's why I didn't notice anything. It'll be tomorrow maybe, before we will be driving, and I'll be giving it a good test. As an aside, we rarely open the windows, using the automatic climate control to provide ventilation instead. It's just that we have a new puppy (Border Collie) in the household and can't leave him unattended so take him in the car when we go shopping etc. One of us has to stay with him in the car of course when parked up, and now the weather is warmer, it's good to have the windows open a tad .................. hence my question. Mick.
  3. Mick F

    Electric Windows

    Tried that endlessly. If I flick it in the opposite direction, the window changes direction. This seems like it could be correct. I'll have a go next time I'm in the car. Thanks. I've tried that too, but it carries on all the way. I reckon that Jonmartin has the best bet. Thanks guys, Mick.
  4. We have a Yaris Hybrid 2014 Excel. All four windows are electrically driven and can be opened fully or partially if you release the switch thingy before they are fully open or closed ................. except the driver's window. It opens fully and closes fully but not partially. The switch thingy says "Auto" on it. Is there a way to open the driver's window partially? All the other cars we've owned with electric windows, the driver's window operates in the same way as all the other windows. Am I missing something here? Is there another way of operating the driver's window? Mick.
  5. Ours has no liner, and there are voids and the rain dirt etc collects all over it. Mainly the "ledge" at the forward ends. Bad design I reckon. Pity. Mick.
  6. Utterly agree. Mick.
  7. I wonder ........ just a guess ........ that due to the low numbers, they don't list the car in their lists, but the exhaust system is basically the same as on other models. What we need, is an expert to join this conversation, coz I'm just guessing. Mick.
  8. I can't help at all, and I do sympathise. Is there something special/different with a 2007 1.8SR exhaust system? Would an exhaust from a different spec actually fit? I'd be sorely tempted to do some research across the range. Could the front section not be removed and repaired properly? Mick.
  9. Mick F

    Radio code??

    We had a Fiat500 before this Yaris, and that had a separate radio. It had a code, but it was stored in the body ECU, so if you disconnected the battery, the code was still available for when you reconnected. The only time you needed to input a manual code, was if you fitted a new radio. Mick.
  10. Mick F

    Radio code??

    Does it have a "radio"? I'm unfamiliar with the 2007 Yaris. Our radio is part of the whole technology suite - Touch or whatever it's called. I would expect with ours, that the code is automatically part of the car's internal computer thingy. Mick.
  11. I understand all that of course. What I don't understand is why the VIN says one thing, but it's possible to register it as another thing. Seems to me that DVLA needs a kick up the bum. It's their fault, not the owner's fault. Mick
  12. Sorry, but I don't understand. The VIN decodes as a petrol car, not a diesel. Mick.
  13. https://en.vindecoder.pl/VNKKL12360A034040 Seems to work ok. Mick.
  14. Try these. I bought some of them for our last car. Excellent ............... and cheap too. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/28-Wiper-Blade-Refill-X3-Universal-Cut-To-Size-Replacement-Rubber/352384984249?hash=item520bc824b9:g:2OMAAOSwcZFbKm73 Mick.
  15. We'd love one, but the cost to buy is too expensive compared to a ICE car. Renault do a Zoe reasonably priced, but you have to rent the battery to buy one reasonably priced , but the minimum rental cost is more than the cost of petrol for a "normal" car let alone an economical one like our Yaris Hybrid. Unless the price of buying and running an EV comes right down, there's no incentive. Mick.