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  1. Mick F

    Green Key Symbol

    Does it stay on when driving?
  2. Mick F

    Green Key Symbol

    I have the key, I sit down in the driving set and drop the key into the central pocket. I press the footbrake and the green key symbol lights up on the dash. I press the Start button, and all the lights on the dash come on as normal, then go out except for the handbrake and the seatbelt light (coz I haven't fastened it yet) and then the Ready light comes on. I fasten my seatbelt (light goes off), select Drive, drop the handbrake ( light goes off), release the footbrake and off I go. Why does the green key symbol light go out ......................... when I could have sworn that it used to remain on whilst driving? Mick.
  3. Mick F

    Fuel Gauge

    For a long time, on a previous car, the fuel gauge was constantly on empty. That car, the range function on the dash was actually very good, so we just used that. With our Yaris, the range readout is at a fixed fuel economy. No matter how hard or gentle you drive, it still follows the same economy algorithm. The previous car could show a range of (say) 200miles, but that could have been influenced by some hard driving the previous day. Next time in, you could drive gently and efficiently and get back home with more range than you started with. It was a live figure whereas the Yaris is a dead one. Mick.
  4. Mick F

    Broken Plastic Trim

    I've glued the broken bit back on. All you can see now is a crack. That'll do, no doubt it'll get caught again yet, or even the other side. Too vulnerable on rural roads. Mick
  5. Mick F

    Air-con efficiency

    No issues at all with our Yaris Hybrid. In fact, very pleased with the aircon. Before the Yaris, we had a 2011 Fiat500 and a 2001 Clio we'd had since brand new. The 500 aircon wasn't much to write home about, but the Clio's was wonderful and after 17years of ownership, it was still working brilliantly with zero maintenance. The Yaris Hybrid is as good as the Clio, but there is one important difference. The Clio would turn off the aircon if you went to recirc, but the Yaris is designed to work in recirc as well as outside air. Either way, the Yaris Hybrid's aircon is very good indeed. Mick.
  6. Mick F

    Automatic Air Conditioning

    Mystery solved. I knew someone would come up with the correct info. Thank you, it makes complete sense now! I wonder why that info isn't described in the handbook? Mick.
  7. Mick F

    Automatic Air Conditioning

    Hopefully, someone can solve this little mystery. Button 14 on the attached picture. I understand fully what it's for. Personally, I like it switched off to allow fresh air in rather than on recirculation, though I can see that it's useful on smelly roads. On Startup .................. maybe 50% of the time, the button is OFF, and the other 50% of the time it's ON ........ so I switch it off. Once or twice, when it's OFF, it comes back ON again some time later, but once ON, it doesn't ever go OFF during the whole journey unless I switch it off myself. What's going on? Mick.
  8. Mick F

    Yaris Hybrid EV button

    Well, I experimented again on Tuesday afternoon, and found I could get up to nearly 40mph in EV Mode. There seems to be rhyme or reason for the way the car behaves in this regard. Sometimes it works brilliantly, sometimes works ok, and sometimes not at all. Agree with Anthony .......................... it's a lottery. Mick.
  9. Mick F

    Broken Plastic Trim

    Anyone replaced this before? Does the grille have to come off? I may just glue the broken bit in place, and worry about it some other time maybe when it comes off again. Does the grille have to come off? Found this, but it's broken in the same place as mine! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-YARIS-2014-2017-FACELIFT-GENUINE-FRONT-BUMPER-GRILLE-53102-0D040/332631308259?epid=25018489947&hash=item4d725ef7e3:g:tssAAOSwoT1a37U2 Mick.
  10. Mick F

    Broken Plastic Trim

    Just had a look. The problem is our driveway. I reverse in sometimes and the slope is a bit sudden on the right, and as I'm a dab hand at reversing, the front valance bottomed out and caught it. There's a scratch on the underside. Reminder to self - - I must slow down! The trim seems to be screwed on with self tappers from the inside, or at least the bottom of it is. The bottom six inches has come off and the bottom of it is screwed on plus clips. The screw head isn't get-at-able easily. Looks to me that whole front bit has to come off. Mick.
  11. Mick F

    Broken Plastic Trim

    Thanks. Will do. M.
  12. Mick F

    Broken Plastic Trim

    I've had a bit of an incident and broken the silver plastic trim RH side front next to the front black grille. No other damage as far as I can see. Photo of it before the incident to show the part involved. No doubt I can get one from our local friendly Toyota dealer, but what's the cost of them? Is there another source? Also, how would I fit the new one, or should I just leave it to our friendly Toyota dealer? Mick.
  13. Mick F

    Yaris Hybrid EV button

    I experimented yesterday, and found that even with a warm car and a full-ish battery, I couldn't get above 20mph without the EV Mode double-beeping at me and turning itself off. On the other hand, after the double-beep, I can get up to 40mph still in EV drive. I don't understand why EV Mode is disabled when EV will keep going. Mick.
  14. Mick F

    Yaris Hybrid EV button

    Thanks! Excellent bit of info! Mick.
  15. Mick F

    Axle Weights Yaris Hybrid

    Thanks. That makes some sense. It was an idle thought the other day, that they don't tell you the axle weights. I suppose the only way to tell positively, is to take the car to a weigh bridge. Mick.