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  1. Mick F

    rust near reversing camera

    Had ours serviced yesterday, and they asked me if I would like them to wash it. I said, "Yes please, and if they could clean the inside and put the vacuum cleaner it there too that it would be nice." They did ................ and the car was like a new pin when I picked it up. 🙂 Mick.
  2. Mick F

    £295 full service?

    All done. £330.00 for the full service plus the MOT .............. and they washed the car and internally valeted it as well. Nice! Some complaints ......... with a wry grin ............ The driver's seat had been moved and it took me ages to get the height and back-forth correct. The aircon and ventilation had been tinkered with, and the radio had been changed from Radio Four to some strange commercial station. 😂 Good job they didn't move the mirrors. Mick.
  3. Mick F

    £295 full service?

    Just a quick question regarding service interval philosophy. 10,000miles or a year depending which comes first. Taking the argument to extreme, what happens with the service interval if you do less than 100miles and the car just sits there for 12months unused? Why change oil and filters etc? I can understand that things would need checking of course. Mick.
  4. Mick F

    Lights on Yaris help

    Our September 64 plate 2014 Yaris Hybrid Excel has a light on the dash that glows green when you have lights on be they side lights or headlights. Another one goes blue when the full beam is on. The green lights-on warning light is called "tail light indicator" and shows when your lights are switched on.
  5. Mick F

    Lights on Yaris help

    I've been driving since 1971 and I've NEVER had a car without a tell-tale that the lights are on. Our Yaris is my nineteenth car, with the first being a 1968 Mk2 Minivan. Mick.
  6. Mick F

    £295 full service?

    Oh yes, I'm fully is agreement with all this. It's just that when we last had a new car, and also when we've owned pre-owned cars in warranty, it was a long time back and costs have gone up. The numbers are far higher than I'm used to, so I wanted to quantify it. Mick.
  7. Mick F

    £295 full service?

    It's an expensive do this, running a Toyota within warranty. £295 for the full service plus the MOT, and I've just renewed with Toyota Insurance. Not much change from £620 for that lot for a year's motoring. We've done 6,000miles since we bought her twelve months ago and have spent a similar amount on petrol, making a roundabout figure of 25p per mile - not counting tyres and brakes. Mick.
  8. Mick F

    2018 Yaris Hybrid Questions

    Carsington Water to Derby? 364.7 miles? Which route did you take? 😀 Mick.
  9. Mick F

    2018 Yaris Hybrid Questions

    That's about 72mpg in British units. Very impressive. Over what distance was that and at what average speed? Mick.
  10. Mick F

    Fuel flap refuses to click shut

    Last fuel fill-up was in May? You must have a very big fuel tank or not do many miles. Wish we'd not needed fuel since May. 😀 Mick.
  11. Mick F

    2018 Yaris Hybrid Questions

    I agree about B Mode. All it saves is your brakes but you use no petrol at all. Try riding a bike. It's hard work up a hill and easy freewheeling down, and you have lots of momentum to get up the next hill, but it doesn't last long I can assure you. Living down here and being a keen cyclist, I know. Imagine an equilateral triangle but with a long and winding base the same length as the sides. Your car has to go up the hill and then down the other side. Lots of power to go up, and a free ride down the other side. Lets say it's a mile up and a mile down. Two miles total. One mile is fuel-hungry, the other side is fuel-free. How about just going along the level base? I don't care how far it is within reason. Yes, your hybrid battery fills up coming down the hill, but that's not much use for the next hill, though it helps a bit. You don't get something for nothing. Try driving up the hill from here at circa 10mpg and come back down for free. It doesn't matter how long the hill is. Hills cost fuel, and lots of it despite having a full battery at the bottom. Mick.
  12. Mick F

    £295 full service?

    Depends on what you mean by "peanuts" of course. I would expect no-one would buy an eleven year old Yaris Hybrid out of battery warranty, but the petrol version would still be a viable proposition. I suppose the best option is to get a battery health check done for the life of the car ................. but if it fails, I suspect you'll be sitting in a write-off as the cost of a new battery would exceed the value of the car. Petrol version will carry on forever, or until the engine finally dies. Don't get me wrong here. Our Jennifer is a wonderful car, and the best car we've ever owned throughout nearly 50years of driving. I really believe that we'll be trading her in in five or six years time for another. First time in my driving life that I would ever have considered it ................ and that's saying something. Mick.
  13. Mick F

    2018 Yaris Hybrid Questions

    Hills kill any economy. Devon is as bad as Cornwall for this, and living in a steep-sided valley like we do, destroys and economical driving. Try keeping the power meter in the Eco section even at sub 40mph climbing the long hill into Devon on the A390. Can't be done. You never get back what you put in climbing a hill when descending the other side. Eco driving is all about finding flat roads. We can do mid 60s mpg on the M5 and the A30, but locally it's more like the mid 40s. Reset the trip info and go for a long 60mph drive up the M5, you'll see the economy in a better light. Mick.
  14. Mick F

    £295 full service?

    What happens then? Is eleven years the total absolute length of time there is any support? Do they then recommend a new battery as the only way forward (pardon the pun). If so, this would drop the resale value of a 10/11 year old hybrid to almost zero. No-one would want to buy it, and a car is only worth what someone will pay for it. No sale = scrap value. Mick.
  15. Mick F

    £295 full service?

    First registered 30th September 2014 Looking at My Toyota, she had a full service at 20,146miles in Sept 2016 at two years old. We bought her late August 2017 at 25,013miles but it had had a vehicle prep in the March previous .......... perhaps a sale that fell through? We don't know, and the dealer was a little cagey about it, or perhaps he didn't know either! The car was off the road from March until we bought her in August. Five months laid up, so that's why the service and MOT are skewed out to be a month early. Looking at the warranty booklet, she is covered for five years/100,000miles for the car and the hybrid system. If we get a battery health check, they warranty it for a further year and subsequently after that. They don't say what would happen if it fails any subsequent check after the initial five years. Mick.