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  1. Correct. The only rear foglight is on the driver's side (off side). Mick.
  2. Off topic really, but what are the improvements? I have a list of nine issues with ours. The first eight are rather annoying, and never had those issues with any car we've ever owned. The ninth one just seems like a software design mistake. Toyota Yaris Hybrid Excel 2014 Headlights inadequate on full beam Poor internal storage TPS switch almost inaccessible Time of Day only in 12h format - no AM or PM indication Speedometer reads 10% high whilst odometer is spot on Turning circle way too wide Poor visibility for parking manoeuvres Cann
  3. Mick F


    With ours, when it's very cold outside, the TPMS warning comes up even before moving, so it must be inside each wheel and not ABS. This gets me onto the issue of measuring the tyre pressures as the handbook says to measure the pressure when the tyres are cold ........... but HOW cold? It alters the pressure dependent on temperature. Pressures are lower when cold and higher when less cold. Mick.
  4. Excellent! 😀 I was considering using a cushion in ours but it wouldn't be that comfortable perhaps. Considering ours is an Excel - top of the range - I would have thought that the at least the driver's seat would raise, but it doesn't, sadly. Glad yours does. At least Toyota have thought about it. Mick.
  5. Couple of questions and a couple of points. Are the headlights any better than the crap HIR2's? Is the driver's seat height adjustable? That heads up display is obtrusive and detracts from the forward visibility. We're not all tall people, and our Yaris is terrible for seeing out of the windows when parking or manoeuvring. Height adjustable driver's seat would be a boon due to that, but it's yet another device for the driver to use taking his/her mind and eyes off the road. I see they still haven't made more storage internally. For instance, the glove box it pitiful on
  6. https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/hir2-philips-whitevision-ultra-12v-55w-halogen-bulb.html Not cheap though, at £60 a pair. Hope they're worth it. The Toyota Optiwhites I bought in Nov 2017 cost me £48.77 ............... probably £50odd now? They only lasted 16,000miles with the vast majority of those miles in broad daylight. Not worth the money at all, no matter how good they were. I refitted the originals, and found they were as terrible as I remembered, so went on eBay and bought a pair of even better ones than the Optiwhite for £20odd for the pair. I'm so pleased with th
  7. No, nothing at all, though ours is quite heavy being MDF .................. without measuring, I think it's about half-inch thick. Mick.
  8. As far as I'm aware, all the Yaris Hybrids have the same HIR2 single filament bulbs. I'm willing to be proved wrong though. The only way to be sure, is to take one out and look at it. My HIR2 bulbs come out ok, but the plug attachments have a strong clip. I used a small screwdriver to un-latch it. The bulb then rotates to remove. If they are HIR2, the best thing is to get a pair from eBay. They are less than half the price of the Toyota upgrades. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ELTA-HIR2-9012-PX22D-VISIONPRO-150-UPGRADE-CAR-HEADLIGHT-BULBS-3700K-12V-55W/184104731099?ssPageNa
  9. There's even a bar code if you'd like! 😀 Mick.
  10. As I said, I had the MDF kicking about. The whole job cost me nothing other than time. I even had the alu angle in the shed. If I'd wanted to spend dosh, I'd have used decent plywood. As it is, the floor is rarely used, so a cheap job does it fine for us. Mick.
  11. Just taken three for you. One with the MDF floor lowered, one with it in the raised position, and one from the underside. (The L is for left as when the pieces were made separately, I had to make sure I assembled it correctly.) I made it from three pieces of old MDF I had kicking about. Joined the three together with pieces of wood glued and screwed together, and a length of angle aluminium to strengthen the front. The rear has a central support, but the front doesn't, so I figured it would be better to be stronger. Hole in it, so I can get a finger in to lift and lower it.
  12. I made my own from MDF. Cut out two cardboard formers for the left and right, and then some more cardboard for the curved rear and accurately measured the straight distance at the front. Marked it all off onto the MDF, and cut it out. Couple of hours work. Mick.
  13. Like I was saying above. No need to even think about scrapping them in this country. You can put what you want into a 40ft container and ship it anywhere in the world. Bury your stolen cats in with other stuff and ship it out. Mick.
  14. Mick F

    Oil Question

    Said it a few times on this forum. Only opened the bonnet on ours for ONLY two reasons over the few years we've owned it. Finding out how to open and close it, and to change the headlight bulbs. That's all. Mick
  15. Superjohn, Bring your Yaris Hybrid down to Devon and Cornwall ............. after the lock-down, that is! ................. and check your MPG after you've had a drive here. We live in a valley and our house is at 200ft elevation. Go west out of the valley and we climb to 1,000ft in a couple of miles. Go east, and we climb to 500ft in a couple of miles. Even after climbing out of the valley, the ups and downs of the hills are relentless. Mick.
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