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  1. Mick F

    Wind Noise

    What was wrong with the original one? Why replace it? Which ones make the noise? Our's is fine, and it is the original one from brand new. Mick.
  2. Mick F

    Wind Noise

    No answer? Our aerial is exactly like YarisHybrid2016's one in his photograph above. Mick
  3. Mick F

    Replacement Smart Key Fob

    The key fob includes a "real" key too. If you only have one fob, you need both the electronic package unit and the mechanical key as a combined unit. Mick.
  4. Eco de-sensitises the accelerator pedal and cuts back on the heater ventilation. It also makes the steering lighter I think. Great for in towns, but no point out in the country especially with steep hills like we have round here. Round here, our battery frequently has all eight bars green. We don't need any more regeneration. Mick.
  5. Hardly ever use Eco Mode. Tried it, but no point in it where we live. Normal 2014 (64 plate) 35,000miles Yaris Hybrid. Ours is an Excel model if that makes any difference, but I doubt it. Mick.
  6. I agree with everything you have said, except for the quote above. Our Yaris Hybrid does not feel a little sluggish in the slightest. The engine kicks in when it is needed and it often does. Ours is very very very quick off the line, and overtaking is easy and confident. Our Hybrid is one of the easiest overtakers we've ever owned. Not sluggish in the slightest. Mick.
  7. Mick F

    Wind Noise

    We don't have noise in our 2014 Yaris. DAB radio. Which years does this happen on? Mick.
  8. Mick F

    Yaris Hybrid owners, what MPG are you achieving?

    PS: Main issue, it the pitifully small petrol tank. We had a 1.6 16v Clio up until a couple of years ago, and that could have gone both ways on a full tank, whereas the Yaris had to fill up before the return journey as it took more than half a tank to get there. Mick.
  9. Mick F

    Yaris Hybrid owners, what MPG are you achieving?

    Drove up from Cornwall to Bedford on Friday, stayed overnight, and drove back Saturday (yesterday). Reset the MPG readout before leaving home. 290miles each way. A30/M5/M4/M25/M1 there and back. 60mph or so as indicated on the speedo (56mph or so on the TomTom) and returned 57.8mpg over the whole return journey. The most economical car I've ever owned ............... including a diesel. Mick.
  10. Mick F

    Fuel additive performance boost

    I understand that with diesels, but the OP is about a Yaris Hybrid. Mick.
  11. Mick F

    Fuel additive performance boost

    Up until a couple of years ago, we ran a Fiat 500 Twinair 85bhp. Absolutely super-dooper car and went like a pocket rocket, but the huge two doors were a pain in the wotsit and the boot space wasn't good. Sad to see it go, but it wasn't practical for us. However, I digress ........... sorry. I always fill up with supermarket fuel. Never ever an issue over all the cars and all the mileage. From first owning the 500TA, I monitored the fuel consumption from full tank to full tank so I knew the MPG we were getting etc. I tried Shell RON99 premium for a while and tried to detect an improvement. To be frank, there wasn't a ha'porth of difference. Best smoothest performance improvement we ever got was changing the spark plugs. Mick.
  12. Mick F

    Space saver spare tyre or tyre repair kit?

    What is the gunk actually for? It's a simple plug-in device that you use rather than jacking up the car and using a wheel-brace to change the wheel. Given the personal choice - that I now have because I've bought the space-saver and jack - I would jack up the car etc. If I was less able, I would be tempted to use the gunk and the connection devices, but the way I see it, you pays your money and you takes your chance. The space-saver is the best bet of both worlds. If you can't do it, you phone someone who can. Doing it that way, you can at least save the damaged tyre and get it repaired. Use the gunk instead perhaps, but there's a chance you'll still have to phone someone but I suspect they'd rather have changed the tyre in the first place. Mick.
  13. Mick F

    Yaris Hybrid owners, what MPG are you achieving?

    We're down to 48mpg now. Hills and cold weather are the enemies of fuel economy, closely followed by shorter journeys on rural roads. Mick.
  14. Mick F

    occasional beeping

    Question: Are these speed limit warnings set by GPS speed or speedo speed? I suspect GPS speed. Mick.
  15. Mick F

    Yaris EML

    Excellent suggestion, and it sort of rings true. I'll bet the old ECU is playing up and throwing its toys out of the pram. Mick.