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  1. I don't know what the differences are, but if you change the headlight units from the originals, you have to be very careful regarding the law and your insurance as well. What is the difference? Our Yaris Hybrid has very poor headlights. Dipped is ok, but as there's only one bulb, they use a reflector unit that re-aims from dipped to main beam. The main beam doesn't have much range and has a poor spread. Very difficult on dark country lanes. There's threads on here about the issue. Mick.
  2. You cannot fit a tow bar as the car isn't homologated to tow. just because you won't be towing, it doesn't mean that future owners will want to tow. Have a read at this thread. Mick.
  3. I was thinking hard about my Minis of the years. First one I bought was a 1968 one. Looking at Wiki to see some photos of them. Zero external mirrors. Mick.
  4. Reading that PDF, it says that cars first used before 1978 have to have an external mirror. I'm sure that some of my cars early had no external mirrors. Can't prove it though. Mick.
  5. People say that leaving petrol in a lawnmower or a chainsaw for months, it goes stale. Not in my experience it doesn't. Unleaded or 2Stroke, all works well after months sitting in the machines in the shed, and I have had many many over the years ........ and still have. Mick.
  6. Mick F

    What colour?

    Thanks. Sort of makes sense. Another little nugget, was that the nameplate (as part of the moulding and not a sticker) on the inside said Toyota Slovakia. Mick.
  7. It all depends on your definition of "Wing" though they are usually referred to s Door Mirrors, but personally, I don't like that. Side Mirrors would be better. There are four wings on a car and you could say that the Side Mirror was looking past the rear wing. Mick.
  8. Happened to me only yesterday, but mine was self-inflicted. I'd caught the LH mirror on a hedge when reversing. No damage, but the indicator unit and the mirror back had come off. The indicator unit was dangling on its wire. All went back easily without issue. I was surprised how easily they come off and go back on. Mick.
  9. Mick F

    What colour?

    According to the documentation, our Yaris is Pure/Chamonix White. Yesterday, whilst reversing, the LH door mirror cover came off as I went too near a hedge. No damage, so I just clicked it back on. However, on the inside of the cover, was a sticker that said Superwhite 2. Is Pure/Chamonix White the same colour as Superwhite 2 but by another name? If so, why two different names? Mick.
  10. Just another little fact about my experimentation. The power meter - Charge/Eco/Power meter - doesn't show anything in reverse. The needle sits in the middle as if switched off. Mick.
  11. Yes, thinking of little old me! 😀
  12. Experiment complete. Came home, all eight bars green, and came up the drive in reverse. By the time I was at the top, only six bars green. Neutral and coasted back to the gate. Neutral doesn't charge the battery, so at the gate, I selected reverse again and drove hard back up. Four bars green, and then repeated, then two bars green. Next time up, the engine revved high and at the top, I still had two bars green. Repeated another four times, and each time the engine revved and it stayed at two bars green. After the next one, I was a bit bored so didn't do any more, but it seems that two bars green was the minimum. The car wasn't as eager on the latter runs than on the first few, but it still did well. There you have it. Probably no limit to how far you can reverse. Mick.
  13. Yes, you're correct of course, but I'm not sure about three people pushing a Yaris up a 25% hill! 🤣 I had a small experiment earlier today. We have a steep drive, easily 25% maybe 30% and it's just under 100yds long gate to house. Because of the shape of the drive as it enters the lane, it's necessary to reverse up if you come from one way, and forwards if you come from the other way ........... if you see what I mean. Anyway, I reversed up and came up as fast as I could. Just as I selected reverse, the reversing camera came on of course, but I switched the screen over to to show the battery state etc. before setting off up. It was full to start, as it often is as we come home due to living in a long steep valley, but after thrashing the car in reverse up the steep drive, I ended up with only six bars showing. The engine didn't start up as I reversed. This means, that within 100yds in reverse up a steep hill driving quickly, it consumes two bars of the battery. Taking this argument to extreme, 200yds it would be down to half battery, and 400yds it would be empty. What I could do, is to repeat the test one after the other, but select neutral and coast back down before reversing hard back up again. Would that be a valid experiment? Can the engine replenish the battery enough to carry on ad infinitum? Mick.
  14. Got a reply, and they've agreed. Mick.
  15. That's another issue. What equivalent gearing does a hybrid use? There's so much torque with an electric motor, the "bottom" gear doesn't have to be that low. No doubt reverse is the same as forward. Mick.