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  1. Update to this, and quite interesting methinks. Mrs Mick F in The Gambia doing voluntary work over the next three weeks. She's phoned me a couple of times via Messenger. It costs way too much to use the phone via the mobile system. Today, I was driving, and she phoned me on Messenger. Instead of her name coming up on the screen like it would do via normal mobile signal and my mobile's contacts list, the screen just said "Incoming Call". I pressed the button on the steering wheel and we had a quick chat! Very interesting - to me at least - that the car receives calls that are NOT on mobile signals. Mick.
  2. Thanks. Hence the EV light off but no pink power flow to the wheels. Still in EV though the engine is turning but not powering the car ................ sort of like in B mode? Mick.
  3. Optiwhites are the ones you want, from your local Toyota dealer. Tremendous improvement over the standard ones. Highly recommended. This is from another thread on the subject ................. The Optiwhite upgrade bulbs only became available around October/November last year (2017). Prior to the Optiwhites becoming available Osram bought out upgrade HIR2 bulbs earlier in 2017, which are around 20% brighter (as opposed to 60% for the Optiwhites) but at around £70 a pair (Optiwhites £48.77 a pair). Mick.
  4. Same thing with a couple of our past cars. Very unsatisfactory situations. Peugeot 205 diesel. We needed a Haynes for the car, and another one for the engine. The car one only did the petrol versions. Fiat 500 Twinair. Bought the Haynes for the car, but they didn't do one for the twin cylinder engine. The only one was for the four cylinder versions. No point at all of buying a Haynes for the hybrid. So very very different to the "normal" versions. Mick.
  5. I don't know the answer to that specifically, but I do know it could possibly be illegal. As the bare minimum, you should ask your insurance company if they would allow it. Mick.
  6. Just remembered about this. Coming down the long hill near here, the car does just over 50mph (indicated) with your foot completely off the throttle. From about 30mph at the top of the hill, it slowly increases speed. I had the screen on showing the engine/battery power flows and kept an eye on the EV light. Just over 40mph, the EV light went out, but the engine wasn't running. The power flow was green (charging) all the time and no pink showing at all. Seems strange that when you're in EV mode, the EV light isn't lit at much above 40mph. Why is it like that? Mick.
  7. I wouldn't worry in the slightest. We left a car under a canvass sheet for years. Charged the battery, and it ran no problem. I leave petrol in the lawnmower all winter and in the spring it starts within two or three pulls. Never had an issue and I've been using petrol lawnmowers for twenty odd years. Ditto the chainsaw, the hedgetrimmer and the leaf blower. Just been using the leaf blower for the first time since last autumn. Started second pull. I my opinion and experience, petrol doesn't "go off" at all. Mick.
  8. Say 20miles then? Not bad for a quid I suppose, but if a normal car can do 60mpg and petrol costs about £5.50 per gallon, it'll do 20miles in about £1.80 Mick.
  9. If you remained in EV mode, how far can you go for that £1? Mick.
  10. Many years ago, we had a paraffin heater designed to go under the engine sump to keep the block warm. Only any use in a garage of course. Worked very well. Attached is a similar one to ours. Mick.
  11. Hobby horse of mine. Sorry! To buy a Renault Zoe outright, you pay much more for the car and not get much of a warranty on the battery. Also, if the car is a battery rented vehicle, it's locked into battery rental for the rest of it's life. If you buy a secondhand Zoe that has its battery rented, you can't opt out of rental and buy outright. Mick.
  12. This, to me, is the quandary. If the plugin version battery makes the car more expensive, how many miles do you have to do to break even? I know the question is "How long is a piece of string?" but it is something to consider. Take for instance the Renault Zoe. Full electric vehicle, but they want a rental for the battery - minimum is about £50 a month. We don't even spend £50 a month on petrol! What extra cost on the forecourt is a plugin hybrid over a normal hybrid? Is it worth it? Mick.
  13. 6 and 7 ............... How do you insert the key when the door is closed? At no time in those instructions does it say you should actually be inside the car! 🤣 Mick.
  14. I was loaned a courtesy Yaris when our Yaris was in for a service etc. It was a late model and had satnav as well as speed limit sign recognition. The satnav sort of knew the speed limits but the camera system often missed them out. It was belt and braces, and neither of them were perfect ............... whereas I am perfect and I have eyes and a brain and I know what the speed limits are! 😀 Mick.
  15. My sad tales both include the washing machine! Had a Samsung Galaxy in my overalls pocket and put my overalls in the machine. When done, I hung them up in the kitchen above the cooking range to dry. Couple of hours later, I heard a quiet beep beep, and couldn't work out where the sound came from, so walked away. Ten minutes later, beep beep again. Then I realised what I'd done! Covers off, battery out, electronics out and left to dry. Two days later, I reassembled and powered it up. I called it from the land line and it rang, but couldn't answer or do anything because the screen was pure bright white. All was fine, but the screen had lost all its pixels down the drain. 🤣 I bought a secondhand iPhone 5c ................ and six months later, guess what? Yes, I washed it! This time, it was totally dead, so I bought another 5c ............... a year later and it's still not yet washed, but it NEVER goes in my overalls pocket! Mick.