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  1. My boot is still dry after my fix about 9 months ago. Didn't replace the boot seal, I just removed it and turned it 180degrees before refitting. No sealant was used - I guess the seal must have deformed (not visible though) and was letting water in (in my case at the top next to the hinge where it got under the headlining and ran along to the rear quarterlight area and into the void between the inner and outer wings). Good luck. Having replaced the tailgate bump stop, it now looks as though water is getting in through the rubber seal that runs along the roof from the rear to the front. Trouble is, I can't work out how to remove it so that I can determine exactly where the problem is. Does anyone know how to remove this seal? thanks
  2. WARNING!! Always disconnect the battery if you're going anywhere near the airbag. It's an explosive device and you need to take care if you expose it!
  3. Hi After pulling off some of the trim, I think I have determined that water is coming in between the inner and outer wing which really only leaves the rubber bump-stop which is screwed to the bodywork next to to the boot seal. If I dry out the cavity in between the inner and outer wing with a towel and them poor water down the channel next to the boot seal, I can feel the inner surface becoming wet just below the bump stop. Having taken it off, the rubber appears to have perished slightly where it mates with the car body surface. Although there does not seem to be a big enough gap for water penetrate, I tink this must be it. Will order a spare and fit and let you know if it works! Dam annoying though ain't it? NB Use some lock-tight or similar on the threads of the screws if you replace yours. cheers Dave
  4. hi there. there is a issue with water getting in to the boot of avensis. not through the vent or the boot seal. if you remove both rear lights you will see a hole in the body work at the base of each lamp about 6mm in diameter seal hole with dum dum putty and your problem will be resolved.( I have forgot how much i have repaired in the past year or so) I have just bought a 2000 1.8 VVTI hatchback (no sunroof) and have also found a flooded boot. Drained it and removed most of the lining then sat in the boot with an assistant hosing various parts of the outside. Water was dripping in from between the inner and outer offside rear wings - right from the back top point of the wing, but only when the hose was aimed at the roof. Removed rear lights and resealed with silicon (no sign of hole mentioned above), also applied silicon to all hinges etc around the boot opening. Still leaking Thinking of removing the roof seal next, even though it looks OK. Cant work out how the water gets to the very back corner, above the light (no signs of any pinholes). Spent hours on it so far - can't let a lousy water leak beat me without a fight though :ffs: Any ideas worth further pursuit??? I have exactly the same problem on by 2002 1.8 VVTi with water appearing to be entering in the very back corner above the light and I cannot see where water could be getting in. Did you manage to resolve it on yours. If so, I would be really grateful to hear about your solution. Likewise, if annyone else has resolved this problem, I would really like to hear from you!
  5. I tow with a 52 plate 1.8vvti and it's fine, but am thinking of buying a larger caravan which will mean I'll need a heavier car and more power etc. I have looked at the new Avensis D4D but notice that there is a very low nose weight limit of 52kg which you may find limiting. For this reason, I am thinking of getting a Skoda Octavia Estate 2.0 TDi which is looking like a much better proposition. cheers Dave
  6. I am thinking of trading in my 52 plate 1.8vvti, before is starts using oil, for a new D4D Estate, but have seen comments that the noseweight for towing is only 55kg. Is this the case as I cannot find any information on the Toyota website? My current car has a noseweight limit of 75kg which is fine, but 55kg is too low and will force me to look elsewhere - Nissan Primera possibly, but engine not so good. thanks Dave
  7. The facelifted Avensis (mkII?) sold in 2002 does not require headlamp deflectors, as when on dipped, the lights do not dip to the left, they only dip downwards. This means that you will not be blinding oncoming traffic. You will have noticed that there are no markings on the headlamp glass; this is because it doesn't need any! If you're heavlily loaded in the back, you might want to adjust the headlamp level downwards using the control to the right of the steering wheel. Dave
  8. Since the Haynes manual for the mk1 Avensis is out this summer, I was going to start servicing my 52 plate myself, and an EODB scanner would be useful. Any ideas on where the best place to buy might be?
  9. Hi, I haven't got a D4D, but I tow quite happily with a '52 plate 1.8 vvti. My van must be in the order of 1100Kg, so just inside the 85% rule for the car's kerbweight. It has an Alko AKS2004 stabiliser fitted and I have never had any stability problems. Being front wheel drive, traction can be a problem in the wet pulling away on an incline, and I expect muddy fields might be a problem, but wet grass has not presented any issues. I expect the D4D will give better performance when hill-climbing and the extra weight should make it even more stable and improve traction over the 1.8 vvti. I tried to find a D4D secondhand when I bought my Avensis, but found that decent examples with reasonable mileage is like looking for the proverbial rocking horse do-do! Buy new or pre-registered if you can afford it and save all the bother! good luck! Dave
  10. 2002 Avensis 1.8 vvti 20k miles. Zero oil consumption using Chevron 0/40 fully synthetic. Fingers and everything else well and truly crossed!
  11. My 52 plate Avensis 1.8 vvti has developed steering wheel shake under braking :( . This is the only condition under which it happens. Before I approach the dealer for an investigation and repair under warranty, is there anything I can check myself? TIA Dave
  12. My 2002 Avensis 1.8 vvti got through nearly 2 litres in just under 3000 miles! :o
  13. A note of caution. The owner's manual states that 5W-30 is recommended as 10W-40 may give difficult starting in cold conditions. Not using the recommended oil may give Toyota an excuse not to resolve any problems, after all if you get a Toyota dealer to service it, then it's down to them isn't it? Having said that, is there any benefit or disadvantage in using something like Mobil 1 0W-40? Covers all the bases doesn't it? Dave
  14. I qeuried Haynes who replied: "Thank you for your enquiry. We are not sure of the coverage on this one yet as research will not start until December. I have checked with our technical department and they could not give a precise date but said it will be the end of next year. Sorry we could not be of further assistance in this instance." But it looks like there may be some light at the end of the tunnel for next year! Perhaps it's worth the whole Avensis community having a go! Try sending a mail to mailto:manualenquiry@haynes.co.uk?subject=Please detail make, model, year, engine, fuel or check out the website at www.haynes.co.uk
  15. Fitted most of it at the weekend apart from the bit where the instructions say "in the engine bay, find a signal controlled by the ignition and connect to the purple wire" Anyone got any ideas where the best place is to pick up a switched signal under the bonnet? The loom that goes into the relay box looks a good bet but I haven't tried to upwrap it yet. TIA Dave
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