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  1. ........and still got the Roadster
  2. Les.... I'm sorry mate but I do not understand why you would expect any input from member who did not attend. If they were not part of the event why would they be part of this thread Sorry Steve I should read paragraph 3 more often. ;) I foolishly thought that if there was ANY reaction to what a Toyota Owners Club meet (Yes it was a Toc meet) can be like, there might be some enthusiasm from members wanting to partake in something similar and give encouragement to organisers of any future events but sadly this is not so.......as expected.
  3. Wow!....The input from club members who couldn't make this is really....................Unsurprising
  4. Sorry I missed this Scott Check out the "Blocked drains" in the "Hints and tips" section....It isn't your hood and just a simple fix. Welcome to the club by the way Les
  5. Setting off for the treasure hunt
  6. First of all a HUGE thanks goes to Michelle & Ian for hosting as well as helping to organise this years event held at their lovely home. An event which has to be the best so far and will take some beating. Their none stop hospitality, the availability of endless tea/coffee/pop etc, facilities that spoiled us rotten (the hot tub was my favourite....so was the swimming pool.....and the pool table......)! The food was ok.......................nah, it was bloody fantastic!!! We certainly appreciated the Saturday evening buffet prepared and superbly presented by Michelle & Ian (with all the fantastic assistants) Thanks must also go to both Toyota Owners Club and Roadster Owners Club for their support and contributions: the evening buffet, as well as the Treasure Hunt trophy - were greatly appreciated by us all. My personal thanks have to go to EVERYONE attending who came from far and near, the old familiar faces and the those who were new to club meets, you all made this weekend the success it has been, making the time and effort put in to organising the event very worthwhile indeed. To those that couldn't make it for various reasons, I hope you can attend any future meets that will be planned.... Now for a few pictures: All my other pictures are here CLICKY
  7. There's all you can drink for nothing at 1:00 on Friday.............when we throw you in the pool :D
  8. There's all you can drink for nothing at 1:00 on Friday.............when we throw you in the pool :D
  9. Aha!!! Got your money so I'm not telling you :P As it's a private house I'll send the address via a PM Phil ;)
  10. Give these a try CLICKY
  11. Scrappy would be the only other place but they usually know what new costs and price accordingly


    Anne's just got hers
  13. Your order is on Fizz and I'll put yours down on Friday Andy
  14. I stand corrected ;) Fronts.........Inboard at the bottom Rears...........outside at the bottom You would think the amount of times I have done mine I would know Thanks Pete ;)
  15. I got Greenstuff pads for mine and they come with a stick on shim but I would just put a smear of copper grease on them if you don't have any, they can't have been squealing before you removed them so they weren't that necessary ;)
  16. Hi and welcome to the club Wear indicators go to the outside Les
  17. That information and more HERE Lil' Red ;) Welcome to the club Les
  18. A sad response indeed :( if you look at the views to replies ratio on nearly every thread you will see that the interest just isn’t there or it would have showed in the answers received, even this thread with 320 views (at this moment) has only had 14 replies, from nine members with the majority of those the same old die-hards I remember.
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