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  1. Hi guys I wondered if anyone could help me out with an issue I have with the old corolla. Basically it's making a light ticking noise under load. The noise is sometimes there on start up for about half a second but most apparent when just blipping the throttle. It's not that load but extremely annoying. It occurs pretty much every time you apply any load in gear or at idle. It's seems to be more noticeable since refitting the cat in the exhaust giving more back pressure. Kind of led me to believe I possibly have a slight blow around the exhaust manifold but I'm not sure tbh. If anyone could shed any light on it id be most appreciative. Cheers guys.
  2. Had absolutely no joy finding anything for this car!! Decided to make my own rear silencer out of an auris part in the end. Prices are ridiculous for exhaust bits, I could probably buy another whole car for a few hundred quid and have all the parts I could ever need. Il be looking at selling this car soon before it burns a hole in my pocket lol. Nice little motor though just a shame there not as popular as type r's for parts n stuff.
  3. Hi guys I'm Craig I'm new to the site, found lots of useful Info on here so thought I'd join. Recently obtained a t sport corolla which unfortunately needs lots of love due to the previous owners lack of care. Still a nice little car though, goes pretty well! Basically the previous keeper decided to modify the exhaust somewhat to try and improve it??? Now sounds awful to say the least lol. I'd ideally like to replace the whole lot with an original setup so I don't ***** off my neighbours. Not having much joy finding anything other than over priced performance jobbies from overseas. I believe klarius supply the exhaust but can't seem to get any prices. Also id be happy to purchase a good used system or rear box? If anyone could shed any light on this I would be most grateful. Thanks in advance.