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  1. I guess that nobody really can have a sure answer but I wonder why Toyota did not used led lights inside the interior/cabin of the car? We could have a really brighter cabin in the night hours. Instead of this, they insist using rather the classic light under the front mirror.
  2. Am I the only one, that finds less attracting to the eyes, the newer aygos, that seemed to have the led strip down the face mask removed? Mine with the led strips, I think it is more practical and more beautiful.
  3. Hi Agent Orange, I can properly order from ebay uk, I have done it lots of times. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. I live in Greece. I just want something smaller.
  5. Is there any small external radio antenna for aygo? I search on ebay, but I can't locate something.
  6. Today I had the unfortunate experience of the exhausted battery. Just 3 years after the purchase of the car! A possible fault of mine, if this is crucial of course, it is that the previous months I used the car everyday, but only for a few kilometers, and about ten minuted a day. This is what I needed it, but I did not ever thought that this could possible do any harm to aygo's battery... At the repair center I visited, besides the above explanation, also told me that batteries on the new cars, possible are older that the date of purchase of the car. Of course they are not plagued on
  7. How many years the initial battery of the aygo approximately lasts?
  8. Why the plastics of Aygo, had to be so 'soft' and easy to be scratched? No matter how much I do care of avoiding scratches, even the slightest accidental -a little bit harder- touch, can leave a permanent impact on the interior plastics. 😞
  9. Did anyone ever experienced any shortage of refrigerant liquid of the air condition on his aygo, and consequently a rather insufficient function of a/c? I have been generally told, that in most circumstances the refrigerant liquid is not a consumable thing. But from my other previous experiences, I had such minor problems with other cars in the past.
  10. 2 happy years of owning my lovely Aygo! And everything is fine! 🙂
  11. The Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) of Aygo, is the well known ESP ? If yes, they should not change these names, it is so confusing without a reason...
  12. No, I have not. Does it work for such situations? I am quite disappointed by 'magical' products that in the end do nothing. In the past I tried to reverse the blur of the front lights of an older car of mine with such products, with no success. I just thrown my money. So, does it work? Or, is the use of the official varnish a good idea?
  13. It seems that during my efforts for a better cleaning for local stains, I made something like an unresponsive scratch in my plastic bumbers. Actually it does not seem like a scratch on the color, but rather like the outdoor varnish has gone. What do you believe? I have bought a small set of color/varnish for my aygo. Should I try to locally put some varnish in this place?
  14. The meters/multi-information display, seems to collect/attract dust all the time. No matter how often I wipe it, no matter how careful I am in keeping the car's interior clean, this place always seem to be dusty. I did not had such experience with other cars, and this is why I can tell the difference. Anyone else observed this dust?
  15. Believe it or not, I check the money I pay and not the lt! Last times I usually paid about 10-12 euros, with fuel price about 1,6 euros/per liter. So it is rather expected this strange behavior in trip computer?
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