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  1. The Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) of Aygo, is the well known ESP ? If yes, they should not change these names, it is so confusing without a reason...
  2. No, I have not. Does it work for such situations? I am quite disappointed by 'magical' products that in the end do nothing. In the past I tried to reverse the blur of the front lights of an older car of mine with such products, with no success. I just thrown my money. So, does it work? Or, is the use of the official varnish a good idea?
  3. It seems that during my efforts for a better cleaning for local stains, I made something like an unresponsive scratch in my plastic bumbers. Actually it does not seem like a scratch on the color, but rather like the outdoor varnish has gone. What do you believe? I have bought a small set of color/varnish for my aygo. Should I try to locally put some varnish in this place?
  4. The meters/multi-information display, seems to collect/attract dust all the time. No matter how often I wipe it, no matter how careful I am in keeping the car's interior clean, this place always seem to be dusty. I did not had such experience with other cars, and this is why I can tell the difference. Anyone else observed this dust?
  5. Believe it or not, I check the money I pay and not the lt! Last times I usually paid about 10-12 euros, with fuel price about 1,6 euros/per liter. So it is rather expected this strange behavior in trip computer?
  6. Sometimes, I use to refuel incrementally(but always full refueling), even I have fully fueled the car recently, and I have made a use about 80-100km route. I have observed, that the trip computer, does not calculate well the 'range' of kms, in such cases. It seems to be almost stuck/not updated. After doing this twice, the total range did not changed at all, and it just continued to drop down. I guess that if I keep doing it, there will be one day, that I will have a full tank, but the range that trip computer will show me, will be something like 0 kms! Am I the only one that I experience this?
  7. A friend told me his thought, that the fact that aygo is identical with citroen c1 and peugeot 107, means that our car can have rather cheap official spare parts. Economies of scale, mass production, etc. What do you think?
  8. Don't you find a lot of scratches on the sides of front seats, due to limited space between seat belts and the seats?
  9. Giving the fact that there is no official support for roof bars, I wonder if these solutions can harm the rubber parts and the waterproofness of the car. It is nice to have even third party solutions, but we should be aware of possible faults. What do you think?
  10. It was just a rotation. Should I press this reset TPMS button myself, when a rotation or replacement take place? Strange enough that aygo was going for days after tyres rotation, and suddenly it decided to light the indication lamp, which was also like a false alarm. I am not sure about the relation with the tyres change, but I don't have any explanation for the incident. I think this topic deserves some discussion.
  11. I had a rather bad experience recently. Lets take this history from the start. It is almost a year with my new aygo, and I have run about 10.000 km. So, as we are always advised in all cars, I have gone to a tire repair center to change the (new) tires back and forth. The professional did it. After this change, I have used the car for several days, without any problems. But one day, I saw the tires warning indication lamp to be turned on, in orange color. I was away from an official toyota service, so I call them to give me some guidance. They told me that possibly a tire has lose air pressure, so I should go to a fuel station or other service and check/complete it. And so I did. But the tires were having the pressure they always had: 33 psi. All of them. But the lamp was always there, lighted on. So I took the decision and made a lot of kilometers and I have gone to the official toyota center, to solve the problem, that I could not estimate how serious it was. I told them that I checked the air pressure, everything was ok, I did not made anything wrong, and still the lamp indicated a problem. Then the toyota technician, just opened the box in the co-driver position, and pressed the 'Tire pressure warning reset switch', and the problem was fixed! Such a trouble, for nothing? Questions: - is this TPWS system faulty and inaccurate? - why such an indication, when everything was ok with pressures? - is there any relation with the change of tires back and forth? - why they did not told me to press this button when I called them? - can I just check the pressure of the tires and press this button if a similar problem appear in the future? - what should I avoid in order to avoid such a situation again? what was wrong?
  12. Today the thermometer seems to be stuck. What it shows has no relation with the actual temperature. I can't believe there is a problem, in a brand new car! I had once such a problem with my old vectra, but it after some days it came back to a proper function. But what happened to my aygo? Anyone else with similar experience?
  13. I am not sure if it is just accidental incidents or a fact. But I believe that the plastic parts in doors and the interior of the car, are rather soft and easy to be scatched. I am so careful with my car, but I can see small/soft scratches in several points, like the position of the seat belt, or under the door cases-possibly by my shoes etc. Anyone else with similar observation?
  14. How 'sensitive' under the sun, would you characterize the aygo? My house has a parking with shade so most of the day the car is protected from sun, but taking my car for going to work each day, I am counting about 4-5 hours per day of direct sun exposure, with good weather conditions. I wonder if this will harm aygo over time.
  15. Has anyone ever observed any decrease in aygo's performance, due to air condition operation?