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  1. Just popped out and took some pics of the underside of mine (2009 TR). It is a 1.33 so the exhaust may or may not look different from yours. Not sure if the spring you're talking about is shown here but I've always thought mine was pretty normal though. If it's the one I think you mean, there's one on the drivers side too, it's just hidden behind the exhaust, maybe it's easier to see with the 1.33 exhaust. Hope this helps, Mick
  2. I've got an 09 reg 1.33 owned from new (40k+ miles) and I've been really happy with it. You'll need to work out whether an 09 reg is the same model as the 2010 you're looking at, it may not be. In answer to your questions... "Gear issues, selecting 1st/2nd in the cold" Yes, sometimes it can seem a bit hard getting it into first sometimes at low speeds but not so it's a major problem, just I think I'm needing to push a bit too hard. All other gear changes are really smooth. In the 4 years I've had it I haven't worked out the pattern for when it'll be a problem because it's so infrequent, maybe changing down from 2nd to 1st, but I don't think it's temperature related. "Water Pump leaking" No, I've not experienced that. "Grabbing brakes, or noisy brakes" No, I've not experienced that. "Jerky Acceleration, maybe due to fly by wire electronic accelerator pedal" No, not at all. ... The only issues I've had are.... In the fist 6 months there was a couple of times (maybe 4) where it wouldn't turn over in the morning. Obviously for a new car this'd disconcert you a bit / lot. 4 years on and this is a thing of the past now, it just doesn't happen, I know if I went out now it'd start fine, I have complete confidence in it. Maybe this was specific to my car. ...and... the windscreen washer jets seem like a weak design. When all's well they spread a good mist of water over the windscreen but in cold weather they seem prone to clogging up earlier than I'd expect. This can be avoided by using a heavier-duty solution but they definitely seem less effective in the cold than other cars I need to drive. It'd be interesting to see if other 2006/11 owners have the same issue. Hope that helps a bit and If you've any questions let me know. Take it easy, Mick
  3. Nice! :-) I had a Yaris Verso parked outside us last week. It never ceases to amaze me how much headroom those bad-boys have! Take it easy, Mick
  4. As Bemused2 / Mr Wilson says above, the Stop/Start is capabale of kicking in with the air con on (although I wouldn't expect it to last for huge amounts of time). Mine's been mine's been stopping nicely over the last week & I've had the aircon on a lot after getting it regassed (it's super-frosty and good as new again). Take it easy, Mick
  5. I'd be intersted in hearing how you get on with the air conditioning Ian. I've got the same 09 model (now out of warranty) and the air con con in mine sounds similar to you've described (tepid would describe mine). If I think a re-gas will sort it I'll get it done, if it's something more complex/expensive I'll live without it (there's not too many scorchers these days in South Yorkshire either). Take it easy, Mick
  6. Hey Adam, I just want to stress that this bit is only half of what's needed. You'll need to buy the other part designed for your phone. They're about £20 from Amazon. If you're still wanting it drop me a personal message with your address and I'll chuck it in the post. Take it easy, Mick
  7. Hello all. I've got a spare Brodit ProClip 653742 to fit a 06 to 11 Yaris. http://www.brodit.co....html?id=653742 It's a two part system so you get this bit to fit the car then you buy another bit to fit your mobile and screw them together to get a perfect fit. The problem for me is my partner's handbags have got really long straps and they're always getting caught on the holder. This is because it sits relatively low on the passenger side (see the photos on the brodit site). If your partner uses shorter strapped handbags (or you do) this might be fine for you. I've replaced this one with their model that clips higher up on the air vents, so this is just sitting around doing nothing and it's a good system so it's a shame to just bin it. Anyway, if you've got an 06-11 Yaris and like the Brodit system then this can be yours for nowt. It's got the four screw holes in it from where my mobile adapter was but this is where you'd screw in your adapter and other than that it's as good new. Let me know if you can give it a good home. Later, Mick.
  8. Double Damn!! I thought it was 3 years or 30,000 miles. I've now been putting off getting the 30,000 miles service until it's a bit closer to the MOT being due. I'm off on a trip and by the time I get back and a chance to get it serviced it'll be well over 31,000. I presume that will fall out of any leeway they give you on the warranty only being valid if you get it serviced evry 10,000 miles. I've been working on the assumption that as soon as I hit 30K the warranty had gone. I'll maybe need to give Paul's test a go when the ice clears up. Thanks a lot, Mick.
  9. Damn! Mine is exactly one month newer than yours so probably the same batch. Unfortunately a few weeks ago I passed the 30,000 mark so it'll be out of warranty now. Thanks for the heads-up though Paul, Mick
  10. I don't see any harm in mentioning it to the dealer Jetset. I drive the same journey a couple of times a week. It's about 5 miles city then 40 miles dual carriageway the 5 miles city again, then back again the next day, then the car will have been unused for a few days before the next trip. I can pretty much predict that it'll not stop/start for the first mile or two then it'll mostly do it from then on. If you're on trips of less than a few miles then maybe it's not getting a chance to heat up or charge up or whatever it does... Or maybe they can do a healthcheck on the battery. It's rare to get a chance to test how long it'll stop for except in a real jam situation but I'm sure on the motorway I've had it for upwards of 5 mins. I think I'd be surprised if mine managed 10 mins. One thing I've noticed with mine is if you're creeping forward, say at a roundabout, and you haven't fully lifted off the clutch and driven a few metres off the clutch while creeping forward it'll not stop regardless of whether it's capable of doing so or not. I know there's lots of conditions involved in the computer working out whether it's going to stop or not and I don't know what they all are so I just put my trust in mine and it seems to work. I wouldn't lose too much sleep if mine stopped stopping, what really scares me is if it stops starting! I've also seen mine stop/start with the ouside temp guage reading -1. I'm presuming if there is a condition about minimum temprature then it's using a different thermometer to the one supplying the dashboard. Mine's coming up to 3 years old now and I keep meaning to check the "total time time switched off" reading. Last time I did that though, when it a few months old, I zeroed it by accident and I was gutted, so I tend not to mess any more. Must check. Hope this helps, Mick
  11. Yes, that sounds about right. My 2009 TR is about the same. I guess it's time to get you down to Poundland for some cosy booties ;-) Take it easy, wrap up, and stay toastie, Mick
  12. ...or get a Toyota DAB unit fitted for not a huge amount more than that. It includes an internal aerial making the external one defunct and comes with plenty of DAB goodness ... (presuming you don't live too far out in the sticks and the external bit isn't leaking or anything). ..otherwise, yes that does sound a bit steep. Take it easy, Mick
  13. No worries, hope it was of some use. One of the first things I did when I got my 04 Yaris was stick an extra head unit in it. Mine came just with a cassette player so count yourself lucky :) ..oh yeah, and no steering wheel controls. Of course when they say 2004 onwards Kenwood are probably just covering themselves. A major-ish change happened in March 2003. A 2003 onwards Yaris covers 2 models, pre and post facelift. But if they say 2004 onwards they know they're only talking about post facelift ones. Your 53 plate could have in theory been made and bought and registered in early 2004, and even if it wasn't it was definitely registered after the facelift Yaris was released so is likely to be the new model (teardop headlights, aerial on the back rather than the front etc). Might be worth finding a Kenwood stockist (their website says there's a few in the Midlands) and giving them a ring. Just a thought, Mick
  14. Sorry, I forgot to say, if you ask in the Audio/Video/Electronics forum, make sure you mention your car's reg year, model, current stereo setup etc as that may make a big difference to what can be done or what is needed. Later, Mick
  15. Dude, I've spent way too much time looking into this. I probably did less research when I got mine :) But as noone else is piping up... That looks like a good unit, seems to do everything. First up, the link you posted states "DAB aerial included" so that's a good start. A bit of a google brings up the instruction manual for that model at: http://images.kenwood.eu/files/prod/2067/5/Instruction_Manual.pdf Page 34/35 shows the aerial fitting instructions and it all looks pretty similar to how mine is installed. One weird thing is that I can't find any reference to this model on kenwood's UK site ( http://www.kenwood-electronics.co.uk/products/car/cd_receivers/cd/ ) (closest sounding is the KDC-BT41U but that's got Bluetooth and no DAB) ... but it can be found on the Dutch site ( http://www.kenwood.nl/products/car/receivers/cd/KDC-DAB41U/ ). Now, if you paid attention in your Dutch lessons at school (or can guess a bit, comparing the UK and Dutch sites) ("Steering Wheel Interface" seems to be "Radiobediening via stuurwiel") it seems to suggest that the steering controls for a KDC-DAB41U in a 2004-onwards Yaris you'd need their adaptor/interface "CAW-COMUN1" and their cable/lead "CAW-CCOMTO1". These seem to be the exact same parts that the UK site say the KDC-BT41U needs... http://www.kenwood.nl/support/swrc/toyota/ http://www.kenwood-electronics.co.uk/tech/swa/toyota/ If your Yaris is older than 2004 maybe all bets are off. There may be 3rd-party non-kenwood parts that'll do the same thing for less money (do Connects2 do this sort of thing?). As they say on their site it might be worth double-checking this info by "consulting an authorised Kenwood dealer prior to ordering" or get all the info together and have a word with your pro. On the toyotaownersclub site there's a seperate forum called "Audio/Video/Electronics", it's probably worth running your question by them as they may have a way of doing it cheaper/easier and will definitely know more than me. Bear in mind that all of the info above may be complete bobbins. I'm no expert, just trying to help. Don't spend any money without double-checking anything. Take it easy and good luck, Mick