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  1. ICF

    Washer jet

    Try using side cutters to lever it out. Be careful not to cut the pin off by squeezing to hard.
  2. Do you need to remove the inside door panel to fit it?
  3. Yes sorry it's the left had side as per the picture. How easy is it to fit?
  4. Yes they do a good job of protecting the door as we found out that's why I need a replacement.☹️. I just thought they might come pre-sprayed like the wink mirror covers do.
  5. This is the part I'm enquiring about.
  6. Can the rear door external door moulding / fairing be bought pre-sprayed for Yaris Design 2017
  7. ICF

    Mirror Casing

    Just bought the coloured outer wing mirror casing for 1.5 Yaris design from Vantage Preston £35
  8. I have these fitted https://www.hids-direct.co.uk/mtec-w21-5w-580-super-white-xenon-effect-bulbs-twin-pack/
  9. If you don't have proof of what you ordered then you have a choice of go back to the garage and try and complain or just put it done to experience.
  10. Have you got proof of what you ordered?
  11. ICF

    engine fan

    Julie Driven to work today (10 miles) without radio on and can't say whether the fan came on or not.
  12. ICF


    How about these https://www.hids-direct.co.uk/mtec-9012-12v-55w-super-white-hid-class-upgrade-bulbs/
  13. ICF

    engine fan

    Travelled 10 miles today from work and had a look at fan to see if it was running and yes it was running but I could not tell until I lifted the bonnet.It then kicked into full speed and you would have been able to tell within the car.
  14. ICF

    engine fan

    Does the fan run on after the engine is turned off?
  15. ICF

    engine fan

    Hi Julie I have only had the car a matter of weeks but I have not noticed the fan coming on at all.
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