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  1. My experience with the G4 display and polarised sunglasses not so happy with my G4 BusEd+. HUD becomes almost invisible, shadowy blotches on the touch screen and parts of the dash displays regardless of brightness. Happily, doesn't seem to affect the speedo which is odd. Same with the touchscreen & HUD on my previous G3. Effects roughly the same with prescription Zeiss polarised, standard RayBans and both high-quality Persol and cheapo off-brand overclips. As with all things polarised, depends on the angle of eye-to-source and the way the polarisation is angled in the glasses so YMMV, but my partner is 10" shorter than me, has the seat in a very different position so very different to the touchscreen angle, uses different brands to me and it was worse for her than it was for me. Angle less different on other displays so about the same for both of us; HUD definitely near-invisible even at max brightness for her too. I was irritated enough to invest in a pair of non-polarised prescription sunglasses specifically to keep in the car so I don't have to keep tilting my head the read the satnav or the HUD. I'm 64 and creak a bit, so it's definitely harder to get into and out of than the G3 (which is similar to the G2 in that respect) but, once in, very easy to find a comfortable position for all-day-at-the-wheel journeys. I've been in the back of a G4 taxi for a longish journey and at 5"10" didn't find it unpleasant at all, although definitely snugger than the G3. Storage space inside a drawback to begin with, but got used to it. That said, even if I'd known about the various issues mentioned here I'd still have bought the car to replace my G3 as (for me) they are comparatively minor compared with the overall experience of calm, quiet, flowing driving, low costs and lowish emissions.
  2. You may also benefit from having breakdown cover for things like punctures, which is when I've used it. Especially if you've just got an repair kit and not a spare.
  3. Had CrossClimates fitted to my Gen 4 (17" wheels) about 2 weeks ago and have now done a few hundred miles on them under conditions that are fairly typical for me: mixture of motorway and A-roads with a bit of suburban stop-start. Definitely quieter, even on the horrible concrete sections on the M25. The weather hasn't really been cold enough to feel much difference in grip, but they were fine in some heavy rain. I think the MPG has a taken a small hit, but probably not enough to worry about compared with the cost of a skid. I've increased the pressure a small amount over the recommended. When I lived in Scotland I ran full winter tyres on Subaru Legacies and Outbacks, and had a few winters down here in the South on the same setup so I'm keeping my expectations moderate. As the Prius is quite a bit lighter, though, I'm expecting it to be more tractable: Outbacks are quite hefty and physics is physics. The traction and stability control on the Gen 4 Prius is probably quite a bit more advanced than my last Outback too.
  4. Thanks: I bet it was bus lanes cameras that sent mine doolally. Ban was proposed, but never happened. Clear current guidance from Ask The Police (Police National Legal Database): Not sure what the status of mapping locations, as opposed to devices that actually detect radar, might be if a ban is ever enacted.
  5. More than just Gatso. It covers red light cameras as well. Not sure about box junction ones, though. There's a section of the Battersea Park Road where mine went absolutely ape**** with a combination of speed and signal cameras and bleeped multiple times for about 3 minutes in stop-start traffic.
  6. I think it might be the safety camera warning. Can be turned off. If you have the map showing, look for a slightly fuzzy camera-ish symbol in the bottom right corner, and there will also be symbols on the map itself. If you don't have the map showing, as far as I remember there's no warning message to tell you why it's beeping. PS Just spotted this thread in Priuschat:
  7. Thanks everyone. Sounds like just topping it up every week is the best bet. Help much appreciated.
  8. Should my Gen 4 BE+ have a dipstick to check the screenwash level? My Gen 3 did but this one doesn't. First time I've checked the level and puzzled. Filled it to the top to be on the safe side, but I'd like to be able to check it weekly as I get through quite a lot during the winter. If it should have I'll get one from the dealer when I take it in for the wiring recall later in the week. If not, how can you tell how full it is? I can't see the reservoir itself, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Any info welcome. Thanks. PS I did RTFM, but couldn't see anything other than info on where the filler is.
  9. Thanks everyone. I'm not going to take any risks with the TPMS for sure! Chris, thanks for the interesting suggestion; hadn't thought of that. Has there been an MPG penalty compared to the standard tyres if you run the CrossClimates all year?
  10. I have a current (2017) Toyota Prius with 17" alloy wheels and I'm planning to get a set of winter tyres to fit around November and keep on to March, then swap back again. Any recommendations or experience of brands/types? Should I budget for wheels as well as the tyres, or do people just swap the tyres over at the beginning and end of the season? Safety and convenience more important than cost. I'll have to pay to hotel the ones not in use in any case, as haven't got room to store them at home. Used my first Prius (Gen 3) through the last winter and during the Beast from the East I missed my last AWD Outback for the first and so far only time (it was a horribly expensive car to run, and drinking petrol and eating bits and pieces at a ferocious rate). So now I've got a lovely newish Gen 4 seems an obvious step. Any recommendations for a trusted tyre service that does this in Surrey or N Hants also very welcome. Thanks!
  11. Advertising is often driven by new competing products in the sector, so if the Ioniq or the Niro begin to get some traction in the UK market we may see more. That said, Toyota (like a lot of brands with high brand value) is not one of the highest global spenders anyway and is regularly outspent by Ford and GM. Indeed, the last figures I saw suggest that they spend much the same on Lexus as they do on the main Toyota brand. I have a vague feeling that late last year they changed agency for the whole of Europe as well and remember being surprised at how low the total account value was but can't remember exactly what it was. The one to compare it with would be VAG but no idea how much they spend. I get the impression it's a lot more, and these days they've got some brand value to make up...
  12. Thanks--I've fiddled around with the placing quite a bit but will keep trying. Even adjusted my seat to try to get a different eyeline. You're right; it does mean I don't need to flip the mirror so often, but anything further away then can be dazzling--the headlights on some high-performance cars are very powerful and on full beam from half a mile away can be pretty distracting. Only occasionally driven hire cars with auto-dim on the mirror and then not in the UK; that's useful info for the future--thanks. Having to do it manually doesn't seem like a huge effort!
  13. I have a different night driving issue: on my Gen 3, the spoiler seems to go slap-bang across the dipped headlights of anything behind me, leaving just a halo. This makes it hard to tell if there is anything there, especially if I've got the mirror on dip. Triple-checking the door mirrors before a lane change on the motorway is becoming second nature. Doesn't bother me too much as I've driven vans with only door mirrors for rear visibility and towed caravans, but it was a bit disconcerting at first. Prior to the Prius I had an Outback station wagon--great visibility, but ferociously thirsty.