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  1. Hi there! I have a T3 2004 with the car dropped 40mm with 16" TSport alloys. Tyres are 205 55 16 and no issues of rubbing and looks great!!
  2. What do people think of wind deflectors? YES/NO? Opinions would be grateful. If any of you have any pictures of yours on your Corolla I would love to have a look!
  3. That looks mint mate!! The front splitter changes the front end. Ive just got some T Sport alloys so will get some pictures up once ive cleaned her!!
  4. Before and after. Spoiler fitted and debadged.
  5. Anyone installed a single din unit? What fascia did you order? Any pics would be great of the whole unit installed. Thanks.
  6. Bought a T-Sport tailgate so that we could remove the spoiler and swap it over!! Tried removing the spoiler ourselves but struggled as it was not budging!! Took it to a bodyshop and after a painfull few days it came off!! The tailgate however had seen better days after all that and was scrapped! Oh well, only picked up the tailgate for £50 so cant really complain!
  7. Will be updating on a regular basis as mods are being done on my newly owned Corolla! Cant wait to begin!!
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