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  1. I've had a engine overhaul job which cost me over two grand and a half. I was royally screwed over by wessex motors. I had major problems finding parts for my old carburettor as parts have worn out the Toyota corolla carburettor from ebay did not agree with my engine. luckily after a long dead end of frustration someone managed to take parts of new carburettor to replace bits on the old carburettor. I had retuning done a fair few times but my car seems to guzzle like a houbik. I usually get five hundred to six hundred miles on a full tank but now I can only get two hundred and fifty miles on a full tank which sucks and seems very expensive to me. I had this problem ever since wessex motors have been playing with my engine in pieces - water in gearbox, put in water in radiator, did not put valves back in properly. I had to pay a further eight hundred and fifty pounds to put valves and a new gasket on the carburettor cause they didn't even bother to seal the carburettor back on the engine properly and then manage to have the old carburettor put back on but and supposedly tuned and running economically but still guzzles like a horse. under three hundred miles courtesy of wessex motors really stressed out about it and stuck at another dead end. tried almost everything
  2. Nice engine bay loving it the exhausts my mum had sorted at that time were fabricated made to go in for the Toyota besides the bodge up job on not putting a sealant ring in one side of the exhaust and half bolted on cross threaded I hope all goes to plan for you 2sav I'm getting my back windscreen wiper motor installed and hopefully my sunroof motor sorted the week after at a Toyota garage I'm quite excited about it more ticks off the box for me on what's needed to be sorted and a very big thank you to you also for making it possible well pleased about it :p
  3. Here is the engine bay new exhaust pipes have been fitted in before I had them but unfortunately the mechanic has not properly fitted them in resulting to a blow out which I had sorted out plus the thread in the manifold has been done in by cross threading the bolt which results in where the thread will have to be restudded for at least 200 pounds for repairs when new exhausts are needed it's hard to find an enthusiastic mechanic these days that don't take short cuts on the job I'm hoping to degrease and make the engine bay look much cleaner and nicer when I get the time
  4. A word of caution to car owners hit and run scrape and scarper bad drivers are on the rise supermarkets car parks are the worse perpetrators I've had this part of the car scraped and dented by an orange car in a sainsburys car park in the area where there's no cctv coverage it happened a couple months ago it doesn't look as bad cause I have waxed and tried to make the best of the damage I must admit I went nuts round the sainsburys car park making a scene for myself I reckon that the best to have your car covered is to be around where your covered by cctv surveillance when parking in supermarket car parks lidls is also another place where know to have body works scraped by other bad inconsiderate drivers
  5. Here shows the front of my Toyota don't know if you can see shine on the paint work it was in a matt colour I spent 150 pounds for a mop over Job to get the shine back the problem is there can be no more cut backs on the paint work other wise the primer would show up which has to waxed to keep shiny and protected over what's left of the paint on the body work I have now done 6 coatings of wax in total so far for protection the problem is if I want to have it all resprayed and the rust sorted out the cost would have been one thousand and five hundred pounds not including vat some major saving I need to do so hence forth wax on wax off to preserve what's left of the body work and save hard I guess
  6. Nice I don't know if a Toyota corolla would be the ideal motor for my sunroof would it replace well? The live feed has been checked and no power from the lead itself really could do with a car electrician would've been handy about
  7. What a beautiful car I know I would give it a good home if I hadn't I already got a white one but wouldn't mind adding it to my collection it certainly is another vehicle worth restoring
  8. Cheers my sunroof just half opened by itself for no reason and stopped on its own accord I have checked and the sunroof does open and closed okay but after that has happened not even the light is working anymore I had someone checked it with a multimeter and apparently there's no power going there to the motor or the light checked all the fuses and their fine but I have no power so don't know what's happen there
  9. You wouldn't know where I can get a electric sunroof motor by any chance would you I got no power going to it but might need a working motor for the sunroof would be a great help
  10. Yes!!! Savvy you are a legend expensive but worth it looks like the right part you are the main man awesome she is near completed
  11. Cheers will try Google again but sure won't get any joy I am hoping that the motor has seized and will attempt to try and strip and repair electric motor when I have the time I'm hoping it will work :p
  12. Tried ebay no joy car euro parts no joy car Auto spares no joy and I had the last shock absorbers for the front and back cost me over 482 quid and if you meant the mileage well she's done over 205k on the meter saved it from my mum which was going to be scrapped rust issues cost me over a grand to sort out on two mot's trying to restore but not doing well on Parts which is very frustrating scrap yards forget it I tried the biggest one in Dorset and no joy I guess my last chance is for fabrication
  13. Does anyone got a electric back windscreen wiper motor for sale could do with replacement as mine seems to be dead not working