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  1. Toyota Carina 1990 (H78 VNV) Grey/Green. Numbered 097 limited edition celebrating 25 years of Toyota in the United Kingdom 1965 – 1990. Mileage 111508. Was in perfect working condition until attempted theft at the end of 2016. Car has been in the family and used regularly for everyday travel since 2006, when it was bought by my mum following a recommendation from a mechanic friend. Driver’s side rear quarter glass window is missing and needs to be replaced, original seal is present. Steering column shaft has been distorted and not running true in holder. Will need to be repaired or replaced. Steering column cover has been left off by mechanic who assessed the car following the attempted theft. Battery also need to be replaced. Car hasn’t been used since November 2016 and has been parked outside. Now due to dead battery it won’t start so it will need to be towed away. Registered off the road (SORN) 1st January 2017. Last MOT expired July 2017.