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  1. Well my 2015 Verso Trend 1.8 Auto is going and my new Seat Tarraco 4X4 is on its way, when my Verso was delivered I was so happy it looked and drove just as I hoped, lots of boot space, I personall liked the Touch 2 with Go and I only have one niggle about it which isn't bad for a car owner these days, apart from the shockingly poor hands free kit I have absolutely loved this car, looked and drove perfect, passed its MOT today only advised on break pads, also big thank you to this owners club who are very helpful Thank You
  2. 2022 is a few years off, they will probably change there minds a dozen times before it happens
  3. 1 good reason for Brexit, let Europe do this as long as the UK dont
  4. I have my verso set to auto lock and unlock, mines set to unlock when in park, it's not a cure buy it should help until fixed, I'd start by checking the appropriate fuses, is it possible your fob is faulty maybe get or try a second one
  5. Hi, I have had my car at 3 dealerships and the last one actually took the time to have a proper look, he said the noise it makes is sometimes loud and always when going into 2nd gear, he said he was waiting on equipment from toyota to diagnose it properly , now customer relations have emailed me saying it's the ABS actuator and that's that, there refusing to look into it further even though an other dealership said they believed it was the gearbox, has anyone experienced this snapping noise when pulling of in the verso Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, hopefully I can help and get some from from everyone here