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  1. update its now January 2019 and the battery light still remains on for a while and the car haven't failed me once what a fantastic little car I would recommend it to anyone .
  2. car still shows the red light on start up for a while nothing has changed it starts and drives fine so I will keep driving it and see how long it lasts like this and keep you updated if I have any problems that need sorting in the future
  3. not sure but it happens sometimes just after the car warms up then that's it until next time I start it from cold have you got the same car as me ?
  4. its a three cylinder so it doesn't idle very smoothly but around 800 I suppose and it also has a digital display so quite hard to tell .
  5. update went to the garage and had it all tested battery alternator no faults found he advised me just to drive it so I am going to see how it goes now as its the wives car and she don't take much notice of lights anyway so fingers crossed .
  6. going to book it in on Monday as I have to sort it in case it gets any worse thanks for your help have a good evening .
  7. thanks for the reply does that mean I will need a new alternator or is it repairable the belt feels pretty tight and I haven't heard any slipping after a few minutes it goes off and it drives great but I think the amount of time its on is getting longer so probably will stay on in the end and the cold weather is coming so I better get it sorted .
  8. hi there I have a 3 cylinder 1.0 yaris 2007 when I start it up the battery light stays on only for perhaps a mile down the road thought it might be the battery I went to the spares shop and they tested the battery and said it was unserviceable so I bought a new one but the problem is still there the car starts fine and you can use all the electrical equipment without it failing but park up for a couple of hours and when you start the light is on again I would say for a bit longer each time thanks mike
  9. hi I own a Toyota corolla verso T180 every morning when I start it up a get a puff of blue smoke then that's it no more just on the initial start up is this normal thanks mike