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  1. Would just like to say was given a brand new aygo as a courtesy car and they have improved so much really nice to drive has now spoilt me when I got back into my one lol
  2. Hi Chloe mine now all done as well didn’t get a letter but my garage phoned me as they replaced my windows but apparently that was a temporary fix Which was a few months ago so went in again and now done under the recall if that makes sense lol had a brand new car for the day thou
  3. Hi I did the same but Toyota has at last put new windows in and I waited just under an hour for them to do it and they said I just have to wait for the recall to have it done properly which doesn’t make sense as I have new windows but I will just wait and see the next thing to bring up with them is the damage it did to my car ie sent and scratches but I might have to swallow that but we will wait and see
  4. Well at last my car is going to be looked at on Friday but only to check how MY glue and duck tape is sufficient in holding them in as apparently they still don’t have the parts at least it’s a start lol
  5. What a joke just got onto my local garage to find out what is happening about getting my windows replaced apparently they do not have the parts but if I book it in and pay they can do it lol
  6. Hi Did they contact you to bring it in or did you chase them again can’t believe they didn’t replace the other window as they have done one because of a safety issue surely the other is also a safety concern
  7. Yes I done the checker and my car was on it so I suppose I will just have to wait thanks for your help thou
  8. Also do we need to report it to the DVSA as how will they know how many of us this is happening to
  9. My five door is exactly the same problem one side completely came away the other side just partly like I said I have glued and gaffa taped in place looks lovely lol but surely this is not a one off as we all have the same dangerous problem and now they have to take it seriously because when this first happened to me Toyota were not interested in my complaint which could have resulted in a nasty accident as it frightened the life out of me when driving
  10. Let us know how you get on Thursday xx
  11. You are right Frostyballs to what you said as I have experienced it today lol
  12. Well Chloe I have gone from pillar to post and still no luck told by head office parts are in when I speak to dealership they said No and that head office does not know the full details as it’s a new recall and they will phone me when they are ready to book me in