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  1. I've been doing a lot of night motorway driving in past month and on quiet, dark sections I've noticed the lights dim slightly for a brief second every now and then. It looks as if a load is coming on the battery and wonder if it could be something like the cooling fan cutting in that's causing it. Wonder if anyone else has noticed this, the car is starting and driving perfectly so hopefully nothing to worry about. Car is a 65 reg 2.0 diesel
  2. Online calculator reckons less only 1mph difference at 60mph so doesn't look like it would be an issue. Actually looked up the full owners manual on the Toyota site this evening and 225 60 18 is an actual tyre size listed for the Rav so might we worth a try
  3. My Icon is due a change of front tyres and wondering if anyone has gone for a slightly higher profile to help with ride quality. I was thinking of putting on 225 60 18's instead of the original 235 55 18's. Going by online height calculators it will change by less than 12mm and speedo should actually read a little lower and more accurately (currently +6% if measured against sat nav). 18" wheels look great but on poorly surfaced Irish roads a little more cushioning would be great. Don't want to upset the handling though so if anyone has tried this, their opinions would be very much appreciated.
  4. Definitely try a few new batteries. Not sure what Toyota GB are like on warranty but our local Irish dealer is very accommodating. Father's Urban Cruiser developed a serious problem with diesel leaking into the engine oil. Level started rising on the dipstick !!!! Even though the car was out of warranty they still honored the claim and carried out major modifications to the engine free gratis. Regrading batteries, saw a few comments on the web about pound shop ones not being up to the job but I guess what can you expect for a pound :-)
  5. Hi Paul, yes got it sorted. I called a friend of a friend who works in a Toyota Dealership service department and he said in almost all cases it's the batteries in the fob that need replacing. I was a little dubious as the car was less than 2 years old and both fobs were acting the same way but tried it anyway. Bought a card of 10 Duracell CR2032 on ebay for £8, stuck one in each fob and no more starting problems. You may have a point about the clutch switch though and I find that you really do have to press the clutch all the way to the floor. Must have a look some day and see if the switch can be adjusted so as to avoid having to mash the pedal into the carpet every time I want to start.
  6. Just bought a 2015 Rav4 icon and have an annoying problem with the push start. When I get into the car I sometimes have to wait a minute or more before the car recognises the key. The keyless entry works fine and I can unlock the car from 50 yards away or more so I don't think its a fob battery problem. I've also tried the second fob and same story with it. Sometimes it works fine but its driving me crazy for the past few days. I'm going to replace the batteries in both fobs tomorrow but I don't believe that it will solve the issue. One thing that did happen recently was the interior lights were left on and ran down the actual car battery. It was started with a power pack and charged up quickly but wonder if this could have caused it. Any advice appreciated