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  1. I dont suspect battery because of a few things: it was only third day once i got back from holidays when i noticed that car started doing this..so it was drove it 2-3 hours per day each day when i got back battery was changed 3-4 months ago radio, lights working when it happens in the first 5-10 seconds I can usually start it again easily (well might be because car is in a motion, and dont need battery to start?)
  2. It's gonna be a long one, so bare with me So few month ago, when i came back home from Christmas holidays (car wasn't driven for around 3 weeks) i noticed that my engine cuts off while i was driving. Usually I could just turn on the ignition key and start again with no problem. Once i happened when i stopped next to the lights and tried to start moving, I stalled, and then couldn't start car again for next 5 minutes (lights were on, no dim when i tried to start it, just making clicking noises when i tried to turn the key)...Left my car at toyota autoservice, explained everything i been seeing, they checked it/ test drove it and haven't found any problems with it...Was driving car with no problems for one month after.. Then i was gone for a few weeks and car was barely driven during this time (only short time during weekends). And now once i back i start noticing the same thing, that my engine cuts off while i driving. Happened few times today in 10minutes window, so paid more attention to what happening: this morning noticed that I need to press acceleration pedal more to drive from the start. Revs/s wasn't big enough with what I was used to, so needed to press gas pedal a bit more while driving, just before cut off, i can already notice that its loosing its power (no acceleration when want to drive faster, car a bit slowing down. then all lights in a panel (except front beam lights symbol) goes off, radio still playing though. Power steering still on, feels like engine is still on as well but when pressing acceleration pedal, no reaction at all..after 5-10s i can see engine light on a dashboard and then i loose power steering and etc...usually i can start car again once i turn on the ignition key.. on toyota auris dashboard i have this green arrow which tells me when i should shift gear (up or down)..and this morning before cut off i noticed that it was telling me that i should change gear to lower (even if revs/s was around 3000 and i was driving pretty comfortable) I will leave car in autoservice again asap, but knowing that they didn't find anything last time, i would like to get some more ideas from you guys. this time i feel i have more information, but would be useful to get some more maybe from you as well...somehow i feel it might be related with fuel pump, would that make any sense? thanks a lot for any of your answers, Appreciate
  3. It was a battery indeed. Started just fine with jump cables. Fitting new one tomorrow. Thanks for advices!
  4. @Bob110023 Not sure, got this car few years ago and I haven't changed it, so it's quite possible that battery might be ancient and needs to be changed...
  5. @furtula Trip home lasted around 30 mins, that's another reason why I doubt it might be battery. Will go back to the car in a few hours to check things
  6. @Gerg Indeed, clicking noises coming when i turn key to start position. Got some jumper cables to try as well. Will do this thing first, if no luck will check connections to starter motor, which i think will be difficult to access. thanks for suggestion!
  7. Petrol...sorry missed the most important part...
  8. Hi, As title suggests, my toyota auris 2008 Petrol sr not starting anymore. Were driving back home from work, stopped at the shop, turn off the engine, (all lights, everything turned off), spend maybe 5 minutes in the shop, came back, trying to turn on, all good lights in the panel goes on, nothing suspicious, turning key on, can hear click noise or rapid ticking noises but nothing else. Lights doesnt dim when trying to turn it on, so my guess batery might be alright (Not sure when the last time battery was changed tho, so not ruling this option out just yet)...Car staying overnight at the shop, just want some ideas what could i check once i back there tomorrow. don't have voltmeter to check the batery, could check fuses i guess? Really hoping it will magically start tomorrow, but knowing that it happened and dissapeared probably would take me straight to garage for checks.... thanks for any help!
  9. I usually top up when there is two or one bars left on odometer screen. ECU reset is definitely a good idea had this in my plans.
  10. Hmm yes make sense...That's my first car I bought and I guess I haven't paid too much attention that it was serviced a good few years ago, lesson learned. Hopefully that won't cause any expensive problems, doing Service + MOT this Saturday so hopefully that problem will go away after that..
  11. @FROSTYBALLS On a service book it says serviced 2015 which seems like a long time ago, but checking with miles it was less than 10000 miles ago (Serviced at 70k now it's at 78k) @furtula Yeah im doing quite a lot of short trips, my work is 4 miles away, so every morning driving 4 miles, then car sits for some time and going back same 4 miles...only on weekends driving longer distances. In car odometer it's shows as 32mpg average, still far from frostyballs calculated 19mpg. This Saturday doing my MOT with interim service, now kinda thinking doing full services instead?
  12. Hi, I bought Auris SR 1.6 petrol 2008 a good few months ago and noticed that I am paying a lot for fuel each week. Each week I drive around 70 miles and each week I fill my tank with about 16 l, which goes to around 19£ per week..Now i rarely stuck in traffics and usually driving in rural areas... I think that's quite a lot for this kind of car isn't? Need extra opinions if I should be more concerned about it or not. thanks!
  13. Thanks eygo for a reply! This adapter definitely worth getting then, I think i'll buy it in a next few days. Just update about situation with my car. So it happened again. It looks like my car stalled when idle (i know i know, should have noticed that in a first place...) but my cars engine running very quiet when in idle, and was quite in panic first time it happened. rmp looks ok when idle around 900 per minute. Right now driving with a/c off, to check if that will happen again, so far looks good. Will keep this thread updated if I find the problem, so that someone with the same problem would know what to expect/do.
  14. Hi guys, I am new to this forum as I just got my car few weeks ago. Anyways, today was driving with quite low fuel, filled it up, drove about 1 mile and while I was waiting in traffic jam malfunctioning indicator lamp lit up, few seconds later tried to move my car and I couldn't!! Didn't really check if engine turned itself off or not (as some guy from behind already honking) I turned car key off and back on, indicator light gone and could drive away as normal. Now I'm pretty new with a cars, but that didn't felt right and thinking what would be smart next step. Should I just ignore it for now and see if that will occur again or should I take actions immediately? Thanks for replies!