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  1. Hi Venom_Z1, I've got the 1.3 and if I do all traffic runs and at the moment I start the car in the morning then go and have breakfast, giving it a chance to de-ice and warm up, I get at worst 39/gal. Normally I do 6 miles each way on the M3 going to work mixed in with town traffic and to be honest my foot is always flat on the floor and I average 43-48/gal. Why not fill the tank to the brim,reset the trip then run the tank down to say 1/4 then fill to the brim and calculate the mpg, it's probably better than 30 or should be. good luck with it. Chris PS have you got a Z1, I used to have a GPZ1100B1
  2. saab9002

    Flat tyre !

    Came out of work yesterday and found a rear tyre completely flat, took the wheel off to get an air line on it, wouldn't inflate, so in desperation I tried the mini compressor and bottle of "gunge", bearing in mind that the kit and the jack etc. hadn't been touched since new,2011, I didn't give it much hope. How wrong I was, it inflated the tyre within a couple of mins and i was back on the road in ten mins, what a result, until I found out how much a replacement bottle of "gunge" was from Toyota, £70. but found someone on ebay selling a new compressor and gunge for £34. Today I replaced both rear tyres with the "German" Bridgestones I had bought when on offer at £27 each, so I thought I better look for another pair, same supplier and guess what they're down to below £25 each including delivery. So if anyone wants a bargain for their IQ3 better get on ebay and grab some. regards Chris
  3. saab9002

    Egr Valve

    This has got to be a good enough reason to list on the forum all the possible independent Toyota garages, but I have to say I can't find one in the southampton postcode area. regards Chris
  4. Can't seem to find one in the Southampton/Winchester area 😞 regards Chris
  5. Exactly the same as my IQ3, but once the light starts flashing I reckon I've got 30 miles more, safely. regards Chris
  6. Not sure about the lowering aspect, but my IQ3 has 16" wheels as standard and you are limited to very few tyre choices, if I was going to change wheels I'd look at 17". regards Chris
  7. saab9002

    Air Horns?

    Well Craig, it took me about 30mins to get the bumper off, since it was first time I was a little nervous🤔about unclipping the bumper to the wings without damage but once one side was off I could see how it fitted together. I repaired the broken fog light bracket with gorilla glue and while it was going off made the wiring and fitted the new horns, you're not joking ,there is very little room for anything slightly bigger than the original. All done and tested. You forgot to mention how long to get the bumper back😉😁. Thanks again for all your help everyone. regards Chris
  8. saab9002

    Air Horns?

    Thank you Dave😀 regards Chris
  9. saab9002

    Air Horns?

    Hi Craig and Phil, I'm sure it's a stupid question but just bought the Fiamm AM80s, assuming there is only one wire and return going to the original horn, what would be the correct way to wire a pair, series or parallel? regards Chris
  10. Not over impressed with the Brembo set I had fitted last year, used Pagid on my Saab fitted approx 5yrs ago and am looking at replacing again, very reasonable for the price, have a look on eurocarparts voucher codes. regards Chris
  11. Thanks Heidfirst, for the heads up, Our local toyota dealer is Snows as well. regards Chris
  12. Could you give me any idea of cost for the upgrades please. regards Chris
  13. Hi Frostyballs, no definitely want brighter I thought the blue ones were supposed to be brighter but not bothered about colour, any advice greatly received. regards Chris
  14. Ordered a pair of Osram cool blue boost bulbs and the electrical connectors do not fit so they are going back, can anyone tell me with exact “codes what bulbs will fit and where from. I really don’t fancy going to the local Toyota dealership , the last time I went there to see if one of them could show me how to pair my phone, they tried but were basically use####, and I don’t think warrant my business I certainly wouldn’t trust them with a service. Sorry for the moan, just a bit peeeeed off. regards Chris