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  1. Look at your post, you are worried about your car and the laws that you have to follow. And you are making fun of the third world countries who don't give a damn about pollution. Look how serious you are with your environment and pollution by thinking about you and your car, amazing. Try Take a look here Try thinking about the pollution besides the law.
  2. Good afford to defend Criticization. Let me add something. I like four wheel drive and the way I see it, we shouldn't dislike it so much. Still it's a four wheel drive and I love it.
  3. Damn, look at these figure at the "income derived" money by those cameras. I wish I were a camera only if the government pays me just 10 percent of it.
  4. I wasn't expecting a giant flying fighter behind a bird in this ToyotaOwnersclub forum. But I certainly enjoyed the roar. Where everybody love the roar of an engine of a car and hate it when it comes to plane,, I love them both. All kinds of plane, Aeroplane, Fighter plan, Jet plane (but not Helicopters ;) )
  5. Did you or anybody else connected any device with your car's bluetooth? If so, then you need to disconnect that. if not, then try a different device to connect with your car's bluetooth and see if the problem is with your iPhone or your car. Good luck.
  6. I don't think it's a major problem it would be very hard to solve. I think if you can just disassemble the gear box and reassemble it, then your problem would be solved.
  7. The body kit is a great match for your car. You've got the astonishing look with it. Take good care of it.
  8. I think grey leather would not look good with Hypersonic Red. You better get black leather. And I think Hypersonic red would look great on your car.
  9. While I was reading your post, I didn't saw any point of buying a car, specially this one we are talking about here. But when I saw you are getting it for €2,000 only, now I think it's a very good deal you got there. Congratulations on your first Toyota journey. And welcome to the forum.
  10. You smashed those tires, I noticed it. Just messing with you . You are an excellent driver, and your rally car is a beauty.
  11. Fordulike is right. Season has changed, it is the cause. Lots of school was on vacation during the summer. So, there's a change in traffic as well. It's all good. Don't hustle yourself.