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  1. Apologies for late reply don’t come on here often. These are the original mirrors once deassembled u peel back a third of the heat sticker on the reverse and secure and the heat feature remains like normal.
  2. Hello, i know this post is a bit old but any idea where you purchased the module from? I have purchased two but don’t seem to fit. thanks
  3. Hello, For sale are two (left and right) LED FOG lights for Toyota iQ these fit just like the stock ones and are a much better improvement than the factory fitted ones giving a cleaner white light. I can’t find E mark on them not sure if they ar or not but these were in the car and have passed last 3 MOT’s with them in but use at your own risk. I originally paid £45 for them and would take £20 inc delivery.
  4. emzzy

    DRL Fog lights

    I purchased these DRL Fog lights off of fleebay even though they are for the Aygo I took a gamble and they needed some modification and a few cable ties to secure into place. I originally replaced the stock fog lamps for LED ones but came across the DRL version. With a lot of help from Tarquin I managed to get them setup. These are road legal and E marked and look pretty decent 😎 Will be selling my old LED fog lamps which are much better with a cleaner white light than stock, will put them up in for sale section.
  5. emzzy


    Hello CJ welcome! I haven’t lowered mine so unfortunately cannot help you on this but I think one of the first mods to do is the dome light mod by the wonderful Tarquin for a small fee of course, in addition to this he fitted two rear lights which makes a world of difference. https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/169380-upgraded-upgraded-interior-lights-by-tarquin/ I don’t have any photos of of the lights but more info on this thread.
  6. Cheers David , appreciate all the help managed to get there in the end!!
  7. Just a nice mod Craig, and I don't find them distracting while in use. Amran.
  8. Hello folks! I've been reading the forum for a while now and this is my first post, I have a Purple iQ2 1.0L manual and love it!!! So far i have had the Awesome David (tarquin) install the Dome upgade as well as the additional two lights in the rear installed and its such a great upgrade, Not sure if this mod has been posted on here if it has then apologies, added Sequential LED indicating arrows to my iQ side mirrors, and I Love them! After coming across several youtube videos on mods i came across these sequential indicating arrows that fit behind the side mirrors.Purchased for $16 dollars roughly under £20 including delivery from USA, really do recommend this mod. *Big thanks to David (Tarquin) for his assistance during install as I had to bother him on the phone. IMG_8828-1.mp4 IMG_8835.TRIM-1.mp4