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  1. Just realised the previous comment refers to a D4D diesel avensis, as mine is a petrol 2.0L VVTi CDX..and I don’t think petrol cars use this type of regulator....thanks for your input.
  2. Interesting comment, as i’m Not sure which ‘valve’ they are changing, but i will be asking on Monday when i take the car in. Also, was it necessary to change the O2 Sensor if the fault was still there??...or indeed, it could be 2 different faults giving the same VSC warning light!!! Food for thought!
  3. I spoke to the Spanish Toyota garage here in Velez Malaga this morning about this. There’s a young English mechanic working there (speaks good spanish too) who told me they have made investigations around the Toyota network and believe this valve change may cure the problem (had similar symptoms on several other cars of my type/vintage). I explained about disconnecting the battery and all, but he said the fault will return if not fixed (and it did). Incidentaly, when the VSC light is on, the automatic transmission gearbox won’t select overdrive. For some reason this VSC fault interacts with the EMU/gearbox selection. I know, because when i cleared the fault and took it for a drive, all worked fine for about 15mins, but as soon as the light came on, (and slowing down to under 20km/hr) and then re-accelerating up to 80km/hr, the revs were at 3000rpm (and should be 2000). All this info i passed on to the Toyota mechanics. So, will wait with baited breath on Monday morning to see if the ‘Sun’ comes out at Toyota........(watch this space!!)
  4. The VSC and VSC lights are the only lights on, no engine management light is on. Interestingly, i needed to clean the battery area which involved disconnecting the battery and removing it. When complete, i reconnected and started the car and the VSC/VSC OFF lights had extinguished. I started the car and all lights were out so took it for a drive and all was well until the car dropped into overdrive and the VSC light illuminated (travelling straight and level). I got home and disconnected and reconnected the battery again, started the car, and all lights were out...ummmm i thought.... but still none the wiser. (Car is 2001 2.OL VVTi Avensis CDX petrol) Still waiting for the garage to contact me.
  5. Thank you for your reply. I’ve not had a full explanation from the garage but i’ll Speak more next week. The O2 Sensor is the Llambada type which they said cleared the fault but this is a new one. What valve it is...i know not. They’ve ordered it up and i suppose i’ll Have to wait ans see!!!
  6. I’ve been resting with the above problem for some time. Before the light came on the car was fine and serviced regularly. I’ve taken the car to Toyota Spain and they said it was an O2 Sensor that needed changing (not sure which one, as i believe there are 4). Picked the. Car up and drove out for a few KM, and the light illuminated again. Took the car straight back and after a further hour, they were none the wiser. What they did say was that it might be a faulty ‘valve’, which they were going to order up and change as required. The car drives ok without any problems and the garage assured me that driving it with the VSC light on was ok. I await to take the car back next week when the part arrives. Not feeling very ‘warm and fuzzy’ about their ‘fix’ solution, as it’s already cost me 350 euros for a new O2 Sensor including nearly 100 euros of ‘diagnostic’ fees. If anyone has experienced anything similar or can offer any ‘light’ on the subject, i’d Like to hear from you. I’ve had the car for 15 years and it’s been a good car (now 142,000 miles covered) Many Thanks Martin
  7. Hello All....just signed up to forum as interested in sorting out some issues with car, especially ongoing problem with VSC / VSC OFF light.