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  1. "flat cable designed for speaker cables" What a Great idea! Will remember that one Ben! I had fitted a 12v 'dimmable' lamp to the Dim interior standard light, and decided to take a feed off the circuit board for the A119 supply (fused of course!)....Just waiting for a grommet from Ebay to finish the job off.(the headlining is quite thick so I didn't have one that stayed in!) Also fitted extra power sockets after running a feed in from the battery (Thanks to Motomatt & Soeley! )...Quite pleased with the job as I can have an extra 4 USB sockets or a ciggy lighter supply and 2 extra USB's! I needed a (live) ciggy socket as I am playing about with a solar panel topper upper... (just waiting for some sunshine Ha Ha!
  2. Cheers Mark! I thought I could get away with (carefully) drilling thru the floor pan, but going thru the top of the tank would have been such a pain to put right! Ha Ha! That bracket stretched my head I can tell you!
  3. Your very welcome Matthew! I have a question, I need to bring a feed from the battery thru the firewall/bulkhead....can you suggest a point of entry that is easy to access from inside? I want to put a power socket on the dash some where...
  4. Hi Matthew and sorry for late reply (Notifications prob) The most difficult was finding a way to secure this lot to the floor as I did not want to risk going thru the tank by drilling holes for Rivnuts... So I came up with the idea of bolting the safe to a strap which goes under the seat rails (Very F Fiddly!) But measured up for the strap profile 5-6 times and it dropped in like an OEM part first go! Safe (out of stock with this seller) Dimensions Size: Small-4.6L Style: Black Key Lock 23*17*17cm Quantity: 1 Price: £17.99 Strap B&Q
  5. H Craig, and sorry for late reply (Notifications prob) Got it off Ebay, there are loads of these particular one's This was the only type I could find to fit my install....You have to remove inner seat levers and this has to be mounted Dead centre between the stubs, which are Not dead centre to the chassis 'bump'.... it does foul them slightly.... But needs must.
  6. Ford Prefect

    Usb Port

    Guys, just got one of these off Ebay and it won't fit the switch hole without some cutting.....(Spare blank in the centre console) Back to the drawing board!
  7. Hello y'all...Had my '09 IQ for two weeks now and absolutely LOVE it! I am currently working on a secure, lockable 'cubby box'/armrest storage and going by the above posts/comments, I think you will be interested! One issue I first noticed early on was the lack of a door handle specifically in windy weather, so have ordered a 2nd hand switch panel from a later model... Second was how awkward the audio 'joystick' is to use.... Solved that one cheaply with a stick on foot from Wilko's. Am struggling with fitting my Viofo 119 dash cam and thinking of taking the power off the interior light but I have the low voltage cut off to hide too, is there space in front of the light behind the headlining Guys? Cheers!