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  1. yeah i also see in the factory manual says that if the plunger is not released from the hook i can use the slipper to push on the plunger to release it, just i will turn the engine clockwise if this doesn't release the tensioner, i will do a little be anti clockwise and clockwise and for the anti clockwise turn i will use the crack pully notch with degrees markings on the timing chain cover there is three marks on the timing belt cover "0,|,10" i will align the notch between 0 and 10 and then turn it clockwise after all of that i will check for the timing by setting the crank pully notch at DT
  2. i have Toyota Avensis 2008 T25 (3ZZ-FE 1.6L),i'm planning to change timing chain tension because it's leaking and i know i can change only the o-ring but i will change the tensioner for prevent maintenance and i saw youtube video for the procedure and after the installation they crank the engine clockwise ONLY while i checked on the service manual says crank the engine counterclockwise like for few degrees at least 10 degree and then turn it over clockwise so i don't know what to do, do like the manual says or just crack it clockwise and it will release itself. please anyone replaced this
  3. Okay, i will check but it seems like no obvious leak right now as this hit happened for about two months ago, i guess if there a crack it'll be an obvious leak and i know the transmission looks that is leaking but that's an old leak from the inner cv boot
  4. I have Toyota Avensis 2008 while i'm driving, i hit something underneath the car which is high enough to hit it i found some scurf on the transmission as shown in the photo , i would like to know keep going and leave it alone or not Hint The car drives normally and there is no strange sound or anything and also this accident happened for about 2 months nearly and while i'm doing service i saw it
  5. okay i will check with this fourm and for about the oil brand here it's https://www.meguin.de/en/ if you would like it to check out, this company is liqui moly but different name like Toyota and Lexus
  6. Today i changed the gear oil while i'm filling my transmission i found something like very fine black particle or sediments swimming with the oil this stuff only shown when i'm trying to get last drop of oil from the bottle but when the bottle is full of oil and filling the transmission, the oil is crystal clear, i don't know, Is that normal? Hint: the bottle is black i don't know, Is that from the plastic of the bottle ? the date on the bottle is 3/19 i guess is not old Type of gear oil is: Meguin 75W-90 API GL4+
  7. Sorry for that, i mislead, in the another topic i thought i was replaying in this topic but i figured out that i made another topic sorry for that
  8. 3ZZ-FE: Engine Code C50: Transmission Code
  9. I need some help about MANNOL Extra Getriebeoel 8103 GL-4/GL-5 LS is safe for Toyota Avensis 2008 Manual Transmission This Fluid compatible with GL-4 and GL-5 LS which GL-5 LS additive is my concerning in this fluid, Is it safe ?
  10. The fluid in there is 80W-90 GL-5 (Mobilube HD) and the manual says it's normal for GL-5 or GL-4 Is there any problem with GL-5 ?
  11. i recently change manual transmission fluid on my Toyota Avensis 1.6 L 2008 but at the lube shop doesn't have 75W-90 stock so he give me 80W-90 instead of 75W-90 and he says that normal for putting 80W-90 in it at the time i changed the fluid was in summer days and i didn't feel anything strange but nowadays which is winter, when the car is cold, the shifts between gears special when downshifting it's like hard to shift but when the car reaches operating temperature everything being normal and shifts smoothly HINT about the condition of my transmission: There's no grinding or wining
  12. Hey, I have Toyota Corolla 2006 1.3L (2NZ-FE) engine the previous owner was using 5W-40 and the manual says 5W-30, Can i put 5W-30 ? or stick with 5W-40 HINT: the engine is in very good condition and doesn't burn oil the car has 226K KM on the clock
  13. I have Toyota Avensis 2008 with 1.6 VVT-i engine i do an oil change and i forget to fill the oil filter with oil, i put it dry only i do is put some oil on the oil filter gasket and then i fill the engine with oil and fired it up and the engine has a ticking sound and disappeared, this sound only appear after the oil change by the way the sound doesn't appear again, it only happened after i changed the oil and started up and just to confirm, i let it sat over night and i started up in the next day in the morning and the engine didn't make any noises, i'm just concerned about that sound th
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