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  1. I know this is an old thread - but I happened to buy winter tyres last year. I got the bargain of a lifetime, as I paid £50 on Ebay for four steel rims for my Yaris (I wanted a full size spare) for £50. I couldnt beleive my luck when I found they were fitted with 4 two-year old winter tyres that had only been used for one season! I don't notice much difference generally - but in snow, and slippery conditions, the difference is quite dramatic!! I could drive normally up a hill, where other cars were stuck and just spiining their wheels... I live in the south, so would I pay full-whack for a set of new rims and tyres?? Maybe not - but am very glad to have them when they are needed.
  2. Yes - great video!! Can't believe how much trouble this guy has gone to in producing this... Great fun!!
  3. I'm under the impression that the Yaris Hybrid has an exhaust heat-exchanger to help speed-up engine warming after a cold start. The later Prius certainly seems to have such a system. But I can't find any pictures of the underside of the Yaris, or diagrams of the exhaust system to confirm this. I have, however, found the following pictures of the American Prius C. I've only ever had one quick look under my Yaris, but I'm certain the exhaust looked quite different from the Prius C exhaus in the following pics: That has to be the heat-exchanger on the right, immediately after the Catalytic convertor. I didn't see anything like that on my car!! Is this something that is only fitted to cars in colder countries, perhaps?? I'd love to know...
  4. In case you think this is some sort of joke - I would refer you to Professor Kelly of Weber University who also provides a real wealth of information on how hybrids work...
  5. I've just discovered that my 2014 Yaris HSD is one of those fitted with a Turbo-Encabulator. This video does a great job of explaining how it works, better yet, at the end is a short description of how to test and fault-find the unit. Definitely worth a watch!!
  6. I found an interesting media presentation about the Prius C when it was launched in the US. Interesting to see the differences.. It appears to be about an inch lower, has a more extended roof-line, and a slightly lower drag coefficient. Here's the presentation itself:
  7. I just fitted a 55ah Mobility Battery to my Yaris Hybrid. Mobility Batteries are mass-produced, and so tend to be much cheaper than the original Toyota batteries. They are also heavier - ie contain a lot more lead and have a much higher capacity and ability to be drained a lot further without damage. I got the idea from this thread on Prius Chat: If I'd stuck with a 32 aH the fitting would be easier - but I preferred to go larger and the Lucas 55aH does fit into the space okay - I just need to either modify the clamping arrangement a little or make a new one I'm hoping to never have to change the battery again!
  8. A handy chart showing open-circuit voltages and state of charge for AGM batteries...
  9. LATER: Four months on, my 12v battery is definitely giving up the ghost. I've had intermittant problems with the warning lights for Brake, ABS and traction control staying on, or coming only shortly after start-up. It is happening a lot more now, and the 'cure' seems to be to give the battery a good over-night charge with an AGM charger. (My battery tester seems to show it has only 50% state of health when fully charged) Has anyone actually had a new aux battery from Toyota? Is it true they only charge £100, fitted?? The cheapest I've seen it elsewhere is £169.00 I'm sort of tempted to just get a £50 conventional, flooded battery size 54h - with a 5 year warranty.... Someone suggested that the aux battery should be covered by the car warranty - but surely such a battery is a 'consumable'?? (It's nearly 4 years old)
  10. I wonder what happens to the TPMS sensor if you use the gunk? I believe Toyota charge over £100 just for the sensor (you can get a third-party universal sensor for about £29) so it could be an expensive way to have a flat tyre!
  11. Nope - the car can do nothing without the 12v supply. However, I wonder if the 12v battery might recover a little once you take away the load.... It doesn't have to supply a huge current, like a conventional car battery, so you might just get lucky?
  12. It was all done a bit surreptitiously, I knew there was something up, but they just kept quiet hoping I didn't notice. I subsequently looked through the service record and found that a space-saver spare tyre etc had indeed been supplied to the previous owner. It also appears that two new headlight bulbs were fitted at the recent service. But when I checked all the bulbs I found the headlight bulbs in the car were both so old and blackened they could have failed at any time... Hmmnn... It's hard to believe a main dealer would be guilty of such dubious practices, but maybe one of the staff got himself a spare tyre and a set of new bulbs? Most puzzling of all was the fact that they never got back to me to explain what may or may not have happened. I'm a driving instructor (as they well knew) . Many of my customers are high net-worth business people and academics - people who could well decide they like my car so much they might want to buy one. Will I be pointing them toward my local Toyota Dealer...? btw Up until I signed on the dotted line, I would have told you what a great firm they were. Friendly and very helpful. I just seemed to become invisible the moment the deal was done...
  13. I recently bought the same car. In my case, there WAS a spare and tools in the car when I viewed it. But they had mysteriously disappeared when I got the car home a couple of days later...They then ignored all my emails and didn't return my calls. Thank you and goodbye Cambridge Toyota!
  14. I've just managed to get Techstream running and connecting to my car. But some menu choices don't seem to be showing up. Nowhere can I find the HV battery or a general 'Health Check' button. Is it me? or is it a problem with my cable/adapter?? I've also found the the Generic OBD check function is not able to connect to the ECU, and fails every time...
  15. I looked on eBay for a steel rim to use as a spare. I got very, very lucky - for £50 I bough FOUR rims which were fitted with winter tyres. Turned out the tyres were only 2 years old and had only been used for one winter (They looked like new!) So I now have four winter tyres on the car, with one of the original alloy rims in the boot as a spare!