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  1. Nellie2

    Aygo Satnav

    If you have a mobile, can’t beat Waze, free just download it, ideal Sat Nav
  2. Here’s Mine its just had its very first service, all okay.
  3. Thanks Dark, will get loading a usb stick now!! Nice to listen to music l love, not just the radio!!
  4. Highjacking this tread!! Is it possible to load songs onto a uSB stick with music to play via the usb within the Aygo?? Sorry can’t help you with the key issue due to no iphone!!
  5. It’s so helpful to get so many different people views, via this forum. Thats just what l wanted, as its the first PCP car Ive ever owned and considering Im retired that says a lot of years!! Having all your views and experiences of such ‘deal’s, it is proving helpful. Thanks all 👍👍
  6. Great that they do send good offers. Purchased via Carwow dealership, many miles from me, wonder if they will contact me before contract runs out!!👍 Got ages yet, so will see as time gets near!
  7. Gosh you’ve worked on that car, it looks ACE, bet the eBay seller would be feeling sick if they seen it now, as sure its worth more than when your purchased it. Job well done, pat yourself on the back!!
  8. Must admit, apart from getting a good price for my car was a pcp with low depoist and 0% interest. 😃👍
  9. Thanks eygo, didnt realize that. Handy to know, as maybe a good bargaining discussion!,😃
  10. Yes, seems ideal to just stick to a pcp, provided l get another good deal. I’m way off that stage, as only started the first pcp in December!! Thats why l thought it an ideal question to put to people who have, or had a pcp, as saving ready to keep if l need too. The little Aygo would of only done around 8000 miles by the end of my three and a half year contract!! Thanking you all for your thoughts and findings of having a pcp.
  11. Thanks Zuh, Seems that retaining the car or any car on pcp is the way to go. Seriously thinking, that l shall forget saving to buy the car at the end of term!!! Not really looked at other small cars, but worth considering hybrid, again, soemthing l shall look at near the time.
  12. That really sounds tempting!!, to have all you want and more, even on a pre 2018 model is a great deal. Perhaps l dont need to save to pay off the lump ending sum ha!! Getting more and more tempted to carry on the pcp when it somes to an end or near the end!! Thanks Dark Matter
  13. Thanks both, its interesting to see what others think or do, its the first time Iv’e taken out a PCP, so was unsure what would be best, going by the majority. Looks like they will give you a good deal to renew a PCP eh?
  14. Just thought l would get owners thoughts regarding thier cars. I’m a long way off from thinking of keeping or renewing another contract, for my little Aygo, but thought it an ideal time to seek thoughts and views, from other owners. Is it worth changing and renewing a contract every three to four years or buying the car outright?? I am enjoying the Aygo auto and starting to save to buy outright at the end of the three and half year contract, but is that the right move? or is it more cost effective to keep taking out a new contract?? Mileage is and will be very low, as its just used for local trips, so l estimate that it will only do around two to three thousand per year. Thanks in advance for your views and personal recommendations
  15. So very pleased your journey was smooth, all within the legal limits ! Sure the weather was ideal for a UK holiday. Like you, I’m really pleased with my Aygo, so pleased thinking l will stick with it for a few years. Maybe see you and your car around the roads of dear Lincolnshire. Enjoy the sun, returning at the weekend!