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  1. Hi guys, Had a quick look on the apexi website and noticed the pfc is for the celica 2zz-ge, and there wasn't one for the corolla 2zz-ge. any ideas?
  2. Hi mate there is a powerflow dealer in Kingsbury, London done me a great deal on my new corolla had no problems yet. They do advertise in Banzai, there called A1, if your near give me a pm i'll come down with you and get an even better deal (hopefully)!! Peter
  3. There is an air conditioner sanitiser out there most toyota dealers should have some, it gets sprayed into the system and should eliminate all odours, i advise paying them a visit and enquiring.
  4. Damn right I am, will be arriving sunday morning, unless i get really bored on saturday and need some alcoholic rehab. Fab16v may be coming up but he is still on holiday at the mo so don't wanna say to much, he's got himself a new job!
  5. Whats your signature "mods so far.............. Too many I've forgotten????????
  6. you already have one.
  7. I have acquired some rear exhaust boxes for, MR2, Celica, and Rav4. These are for the new shape vehicles, and are genuine Toyota parts. Also for you Yaris T-sport owners I can get hold of the clear rear fog lamps. PM, me if you wanna talk some more!
  8. Its next sunday people, are we going or not, would be nice to see you all again.
  9. What have you done about the engine warning light coming on? Just had my exhaust fitted on my corolla removed one of the cats and fitted a smaller centre box with a 4 inch slash cut carbon fibre back box, but didnt tack out the first cat due to the oxygen sensors.
  10. Where are the pictures from this meet, always nice to have a reminder of the day?
  11. when you say a dry run did you drink all those cases and then drive to billing or what??????
  12. so how many trips back and fourth will that be then you better leave money for petrol
  13. I will most probably turn up on the sunday, hey if its allowed i might even gatecrash saturday night, i will be able to bring you some more beers ryan because i reckon you may finish the whole six pack that you can cram into the MR2. :D
  14. like to say thanx to both the TOC and the LOC guys who turned up it was a great first meet and i plan to make many many more.!!!!!
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