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  1. My 2000 Rav 4 (136,000 miles and still going strong) has developed a drain on the battery even with everything off (about 0.55 mv. I checked the drain and found that, via the fuse (10 amp under the bonnet), that the circuit labelled Dome Light was drawing most of the current. Is the Dome light the interior light? I would welcome any suggestions as to what I can do next. Thanks for reading this.
  2. Brilliant guidance Thanks.
  3. My 2000Rav 4 (3door) has developed a fault on the power steering. It doesn't seem to work when the car is moving off but works fine within a few metres. Anybody with any ideas?
  4. Iestyn


    Just bought a beautiful Rav 4 W reg for my wife. Delighted with the car even though the mileage is 130000. It's had 2 campbelts-the last one at 86000 miles in 2010. My wife only does about 2000 miles a year. It's supposed to be a Non interference engine so apparently if the belt goes the engine won't be ruined. Is that so or do I put in a new belt?
  5. First post for me. Hope I use the correct etiquette! Just bought a beautiful Rav 4 for my wife ( and for me at times!). In excellent condition even though it is a 2000 model with 125,000 miles on the clock. New cambelt fixed at 85000. When is the next one due?
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