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  1. Nothing, just a magnaflow 14823 muffler and eibach lowering springs (-30mm). The thing is that i posted this a while ago and won't be tuning the car anymore. I'm gonna sell the muffler i have on and replace it back with stock. It costs too much money for me and the exhaust noise is starting to drive me nuts.
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering if it's possible to install this 4-2-1 header "" on my Toyota. I couldn't find any other related headers and I've seen some custom-made headers even for Fiat Punto with a 1.2 8v engine. So I'm wondering if i can fit this on my 4zz engine even tho it's mean't for 1zz only. I was hoping if anyone had this problem aswell, while tuning up the 1.4 VVT-i engine. Also if there are any other 4-2-1 headers that could fit my engine, i'd love to check them out. Thanks in advance !