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  1. Dankernow About 12,000 in a year and a half, Ii don't go far often at the moment. I do have to use the gears on the bigger hills, but there aren't too many on my regular routes 🙂 They look less odd now than when they came out - before those van-cars like the Kangoo and Berlingo existed. I do like the quirkiness of the look, not thrilled about the old-person's car image. Soooo cheap to run!
  2. Very very good point Madasafish. Also, I run a business from home so thankfully don't have to deal with a lot of traffic often; cuts down my exposure to those other idiots on the road.
  3. So happy with the Verso still. I'm always disappointed that no other Verso drivers wave when we pass! When I was a student I had a Reliant Robin and the camaraderie between drivers was fun. I put some top-end Falken tyres on; happy but then I'm a boringly sensible driver and don't push the car very often, so haven't noticed any difference.
  4. Still loving it... I need a new set of tyres, any recommendations for really good value but good performance? Recently friends have been raving about how they feel such a difference with quality tyres. I've usually gone with top of budget/bottom of mid-range (Hankook are my regular tyre place's OK price/quality point)- but this magnificent vehicle came with Bridgestones. I drive like the middle-aged woman I am :-) and rarely do motorways at the moment. But am willing to spend a little more than I usually do to see if it makes a difference.
  5. No maintenance? That's more or less what I did to my last 2 Hondas, elderly when I got them. Intending to be nicer to the Verso, it has a Main Dealer FSH up to now.
  6. Loving this car, BTW. It's now done a 600 mile round trip to the north Midlands from the South Coast, cruises at over 70 but sounds and feels like it's doing 50. Not a lot of acceleration but I just drive appropriately. Pleasure to drive. It also works really well as a load carrier and an ancient-parent carrier. I see a few out and about - at 50 I'm by far the youngest lady driver of a Verso I've seen ;-)
  7. The coolant I was wondering about, I mean the Main Dealer SHOULD have been checking and occasionally changing, but you never know; we are supposed to be having a hard winter so I was concerned about antifreeze. (is it OAT? I thought it was merely "low-silicate Ethylene Glycol-based" - similar but different? (Didn't know much about the precise coolant/antifreeze specifics until yesterday, though I knew there were different chemicals). THANKS for that list, just what I was after - I will definitely look at those. It would be a shame for one of those items to cause a problem on such an
  8. Quirky, odd but fun - Exactly, that's what I thought, although cars aren't an obsession of mine, why settle for a Ford Focus? Can't verify the mileage story (i.e. elderly couple) but when I get the new V5 I might google the first owner, see what age they might be. Yes I know the term Italian tune up ;-)
  9. Thanks FrostyBalls - A really useful thing to know and thankfully already part of my car-buying resources, I had a collection of about 6 of these MOT histories I printed to .pdf for different Versos, including the one I bought!
  10. I was looking for a small cheap-to-run car as a stop-gap, was looking at 1999-2005 Yarises and found the Verso. The low flat rear space is really useful to me (elderly mum with folding wheelchair, need to shift things to the tip often). My member's intro (it doesn't add much). The car I've bought is a 2000 1.3 petrol - less than 39,000 miles on the clock, clutch seems fine, no cam chain rattles, really good condition underneath and outside. I do wonder if it was garaged for the first few years of its life. FSH - a main dealer stamp every year of its life, whatever that
  11. I'm surprised how much they fetch for their age; I had been monitoring eBay, Autotrader, Gumtree, Parker's sales bit for a few weeks. This one is one of the older ones I've seen (2000) and one of the lowest mileage (a few short of 40K). Not saying what I paid but from my reading of the ad sites above I'm confident it was a fair price, not an utter bargain though.
  12. I bought a Yaris Verso yesterday - just when I had given up on a price/mileage/location that was feasible, one popped up locally to me. (I needed a car urgently, been driving my aged mother's aged Golf for a month, poor mum). Viewed in daylight and took it round the block at 30mph, cosmetics pretty good in and out and it sounded and felt in good nick to my untutored ear/feet. I was lucky enough to be able to drag both my brother (always done most of his own car maintenance, very good at picking up faults) and boyfriend (more motorbikes) out with torches and a mini inspection light in
  13. Thanks for the welcome! By the way, I didn't mean to imply I'd bought the one I'd seen locally - To be honest I just went to test drive it out of curiosity. They're not pretty, but they're a lot less 'orrible than the Berlingo/Doblo/Kangoo IMHO ;-) Just reading and learning at the moment, and seeing what they go for in various conditions - and what goes wrong with them.
  14. Hello I've just scrapped my 3rd Honda Civic (MOT-failure corrosion, coupled with high mileage and a gearbox/drive shaft bearing problem common in the model/year). I like my cheap motoring - buying, insurance and running costs. I'm not a "driver", it gets me from A to B. Last 3 years I've done about 6,000 miles per year. I've loved the Hondas and their reliability, so Japanese cars are front runners. I've been wondering about a small estate with a low, flat entry to the boot because I do a lot of tip runs and also it's an effort to get my mother's folding wheelchair up and o
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