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  1. Hello to one and all I have a Rav4 2.0 petrol 1999/2000 mark 1 and someone mentioned that I could run her on ethanol for the obvious lower running costs. Can anyone tell me if I can just fill her up and go or do I need a kit fitted and if so can anyone recommend a particular/specific kit? thank you.
  2. To Cyker Just to let you know all is well. Saturday the mechanic went through and double-checked all the connections on the wiring loom and looks like he found a small 'oversight' or something. Anyway the dash is all good and she fires up and sounds good. Still haven't run her yet as there is an abs light on and the horn doesn't work. The diagnostic connection under the bonnet is a type that doesn't fit his universal diagnostics so he was taking it to a specialist today. Getting there...maybe tomorrow... thanks again
  3. Cyker thank you - just re-read your post and had missed your words about the locks. Tha garage tells me nothing coming up on dash - if it were just the immobiliser issue alone then I believe the car would turn over but not fire up ? Is that right? So in that case there's a more fundamental issue of electricity to the car/dash to sort out then we can look at anything involving ECU and ignition/keys. Your words here are very much appreciated.
  4. Thank you again. It's the existing fob and key from the 'new' Rav4 which I can get the central locking to open/close and set the indicators off. From what you've just said I'm worried and reassured. Basically the garage needs to take the ignition barrel from the wreck and fit it to my new Rav with wreck's engine. Trouble is will then have to use the old key as well which fits that barrel but that key won't open the doors etc. Though fob does work to do that. Apparently nothing turns over whatsoever and nothing on dash.
  5. thanks Cyker. The garage isn't using the key which went with the engine and I'm sure they are 'coded' for the immobiliser. Yes I reckon he should be using this engine's key to talk to the ECU. Someone else (Toyota dealership today) mentioned three things must be compatible - the key the ECU and the immobiliser 'ring' as he called it. Not sure what that looks like but still have the old wreck almost intact without engine/gearbox. I have one remote fob which goes with the 'new' car and when I press the button it opens and locks the car like it should. I'm thinking the remote fob just operates the doors etc. but it surely also activates the alarm because when I forget to open the car with the fob and just the key the alarm would go off. Your last point is a good one - maybe no electricity getting to where it should though the fob test seemed to operate the central locking and indicators. Thank you again.
  6. Hello all members Right I will try to be brief ... Had a 99 black Toyota Rav4 manual that was written off but an errant truck driver whilst on holiday in France So far so good ... well not really. Managed to survive that. Car was written off and had only covered 53000 miles. So I bought another Rav 1999 a Giant model with 100k miles and drove back down to France and the idea was to swap the engine/gearbox from the wreck into this one. Garage has done it (not Toyota but appears competent enough) but nohting is even sparking up on the dashboard. Now... garage has swapped out the entire wiring loom from black Rav4 that was wrecked. he was worried about compatibility with the new one I'd bought because that came with air con but he told me he had found the blanked- out connections for that. So far so good. Now he hasn't changed either the 'old' ignition barrel or used the 'old' key. I suggested to the garage that the keys are coded and may be that. he didn't think that. Anyway the wiring loom on the black written off rav is slightly different to the one he took out when he removed the engine from my new one. Hopefully you are all following me - so the Rav4 that I bought now has engine and wiring loom from old written-off one. But no sign of life. Please can someone advise as the French mechanic is getting irate with me as if it's all my fault. Thank you and have a great weekend.