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  1. Owner of a '19 Excel with SPR with collection next week and bundled AA upgrade on release in Oct 🙂
  2. Thank you for the clarification - I'm happy for an reasonable upgrade charge at a later date if I save few £1000 and a lump of depreciation 🙂
  3. So are you saying I cannot simply tell by looking at the head-unit which is compatible? I am currently considering a few used models between 19-20 plate
  4. Can anyone help me understand which RAV4 models will allow for the AA/AC upgrade in Oct - Is it the most recent facelift above Icon grade? Simply any above Icon grade that feature the slab style Infotainment unit? I'm working on assumption of 19/69/20 plates?
  5. Think for some company car people its the BIK tax benefits from a PHEV - it would of been for me if i was ordering one now.
  6. Had mine done also at my local servicing dealer - same as above inspected with no fault found just extra anti-chaff tape. I asked the dealer if they had any vehicles affected so far - which there were none.
  7. The total capacity seems to be about 4 litres.
  8. Made the BBC -
  9. My Prius is primarily a work vehicle and does on occasion involve going off road and along unmade tracks to access our sites this means that sometimes I am in rather wet and muddy places. I've managed since December last year but now winter is not far away I need to invest in some heavy duty mats. Would anyone have any suggestions? I'm mainly after front mats, and possible boot liner.
  10. I'm assuming you're referring to the traffic updates via bluetooth mobile data connection - see below
  11. Personally I have a small sized (good for the tight space on the centre console) 128GB USB Flash drive with various MP3 separated into directories, with sub directories for CD1/2 etc. This actually came straight from my previous Focus with a small update of various new songs. Bluetooth connectivity does work also from my Android phone - only thing I wish the car offered was Spotify integrated application but Bluetooth will have to do as I doubt Mr. T will change their standing on current models.
  12. As I'm also a Pete I can answer that 😉 On the centre storage box between the front seats there is button which is hidden in the lip at the front that you press inwards - the lid will then pull up and fold open towards the passenger seat.
  13. That's interesting I thought every new car for nearly 10 years notified of service due - I'll find out soon I suppose. Its a company car so I'll be contacting the transport department and seeing what they state 🙂
  14. I got my Gen 4 '67 in December last year and now am nearly at 9500 miles - Can anyone confirm the service interval? I'm assuming its 10,000 and the car will start warning me shortly.
  15. Is it a factory original battery? If its from 2006 as your sig details that's lasted quite well 🙂