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  1. paulie b

    Aygo Water Leaks Please Read

    I haven't read through this thread, so if this tip has been posted before then apologies. A quick fix I have done in the past to seal leaky door seals (not on the Aygo) is to get some self adhesive draft excluder - the stuff you put round doors at home. Run it along the outside of the car seal so that it contacts the door when closed. It stops leaks. You can get it from the pound shop in enough quantity to do the job.
  2. paulie b

    Corrosion on bugs, pug 107 on a 2007 plate

    Just an addition to the above. We used to offer rust protection treatments to cars. We'd treat the vehicle with 'Waxoyl' on the underside, take off the rear wheels and drill into the rear of the sills and spray in there too. Just shows have poor things were then. I can't remember doing it very often, but it was definitely something which customers thought necessary enough to pay for. We'd also underseal cars. that included spraying the underside and into all the arches. I used to do regular anti-corrosion maintenance on my cars. It had to be done. Nowadays no one ever gives it a second thought and that they don't really have to is a good thing.
  3. paulie b

    Corrosion on bugs, pug 107 on a 2007 plate

    Whatever your viewpoint, you have to admit that anti-corrosion procedures during the manufacturing process of all cars have come on leaps and bounds in the past few dacades. When I was in the trade I remember carrying out rust repairs to vehicles only three years old! Then it would not be uncommon for an eleven year old car to require 'major surgery' in the form of welding, replacement panels and re-spray.
  4. paulie b

    Memory Lane

    I remember the Chevette. I never owned one, but have driven a few. It says a lot about anti corrosion methods in those days that I had to make repairs to rusting arches etc on what was then a seven year old car. I could have gotten away with just spraying specific areas, but I did the whole thing because I had got the paint (BL colour) for cost from work. Also, yes. The vinyl seats! getting into the car sitting on those in summer whilst shirtless was an experience to be missed!
  5. paulie b

    Memory Lane

    Just to add to the above. When I got the Vauxhall, I took it upon myself to re-spray the thing in my dads garage. The vehicle itself was white with a black vinyl roof (so seventies!). I used to do evening/weekend jobs for people from there too and was always quite busy - anyone who remembers will know that cars used to rust prematurely in those days, so I had a queue of people asking me to carry out repairs and touch up. I got some white paint from work and set about prepping/removing rust patches/filling etc then gave the car a good few coats of paint. Afterwards I applied VX decals/metal badges to it to make it look like the sporty VX version. When it emerged from the garage all shiny and fresh, I had little hesitation in showing it off by cruising down the towns main street on each weekend evening!
  6. paulie b

    Memory Lane

    Just a bit of fun which I thought may stimulate interest amongst the members. I wonder what memories you have of the car(s) you owned or drove during your youth? For me at least - being in my mid fifties - there has been many changes. My first car was a 1973 Vauxhall Victor 1.8 saloon. It was owned by my father who passed it on to me. As a 17 year old it was some motor to get behind the wheel of. In terms of equipment/specs it had only four gears. Cars didn't have radios as standard in those days so I fitted one myself. It was a push button jobbie with two big buttons. One for ON/OFF the second for tuning. The buttons were so you could jump between pre-set stations. The windows were mandrolic, you wound them up and down by hand. If I remember correctly, the window washers were operated by a big button which you pressed to get water on the screen. This system was not electric, it was a manual pump set up. No rear window demister either. People used to buy them as after-market add ons. Before joining the emergency services I worked in the motor trade as a panel beater. As such I had lots of opportunities to drive various cars of the day. It was a BL main dealer so I was mostly restricted to that make. One car I sometimes worked on was the Austin Allegro Vanden Plas. It was an ordinary Allegro with a Rolls Royce type grill and interior refinements which included trays which folded out from the front seats to provide rear seat passengers with a place to put their champagne and cucumber sandwiches! Seeing as it was faux posh it may have even had five gears!
  7. paulie b

    Aygo headlamp upgrade.

    Whilst driving in the dark (unlit country lanes) and into oncoming traffic, I found that I was dazzled by a few vehicles showing very bright lights. At first I thought they were the usual inconsiderate loons who don't dip their headlights. However, as a result of this thread, I suspect they were were people using illegal lights. The solution I am seeking to my own problem must be legal as well as effective.
  8. paulie b

    Advisories - VHC on my Aygo

    I'm glad you've managed to get things sorted. I thought this thread may be of interest to some folks:
  9. paulie b

    Roof bars for Aygo 2017 - bicycle racks

    Just wondering. Are roof bars also available for the older generation Aygo? (Mine's a 12 plate).
  10. paulie b

    Advisories - VHC on my Aygo

    It may be as well to also remember that the 'none genuine' parts you are talking about will be a realistic, good quality alternative if the dealer is happy to fit them and warranty the work. A few phone calls around local garages will give you your answer about the pricing.
  11. paulie b

    Advisories - VHC on my Aygo

    Definitely replace the brake parts, and as soon as practicable. As for the pump, if it's leaking then it will cause the engine to overheat at some point. I also believe it may have also a negative effect on the belt and tensioner. I'd swap it out too. If you think the quotes for replacement are too high, you may be as well off shopping round. Ask your friends or family if they know of a good mechanic or small garage.
  12. paulie b

    Peace and Quiet

    Of course, I was only joking about the 89/85MPH. I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say we would never break the speed limits! Sandie. Lincolnshire is just made for the Aygo. All the twisty roads bring out the best of the handling characteristics.
  13. paulie b

    Peace and Quiet

    I did drive to and from my destination early doors (0420 there, 0300 back). It was a pleasure. This will be my normal routine from now on. Also it was the first time I had taken the aygo on a long run. Absolutely no issues, it was a pleasure to be in all the way there and back. On the motorways section I was easily sitting at 70 and reaching 80/85 MPH in parts. The engine still felt like it had more to give. Overall I continue to be impressed by my little aygo. I had originally planned on moving to another car in a couple or so years, but I just like the way the aygo handles that I will be keeping it for quite some time.
  14. paulie b

    road test report

  15. paulie b

    Should I be banned?

    I actually quite like the white line graphics. You'll probably not remember the show, but I wonder what a red aygo would look like with a 'Starsky & Hutch stripe!!!! PS. I know I'm probably biased, but I think the aygo is the better looking of the three stablemates!!!