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  1. thanks for letting anyone else that may come across this problem how to fix it. that's the thing about these forums. if you have a problem some may have had it before and posted the fix.
  2. all in all, I think its a good idea. made a few old folks jump a mile in car parks when they turn a round and see me rolling along. didn't want to use the horn as that would make them jump as much if not more. interested to know how they are going to retrofit them.
  3. sounds interesting (pun intended) http://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/new-law-to-tackle-electric-cars’-silent-menace-to-pedestrians/ar-AAwOWR1?ocid=ientp how much will Toyota charge for that?
  4. Auris Excel Hybrid 2015 (17 inch wheels) just got 495 out of my last tank. full to warming light ( not to brim, but pump trigger snap, so not a very good reference point) filled up with 38.38 litres mixed use and number of folks in car sadly remembered to take photo after I had reset the trip A counter average 60mpg. happy with it so far just wonder how much more MPG I can get when the warmer weather gets here. I made a reference to the wheel size as the 15 inch give better MPG?
  5. just a heads up on this. stopped by the parts department today after dropping the car off for MOT and service. they are asking £84 for the "cover deck trim". may think this one over a bit.
  6. Hi Gerg, I would also like to know the part number for the shallower trim piece for the boot slam in picture one. Also where in the UK did you purchase this? many thanks
  7. you have a hybrid (to save money on petrol?) you want to fit wind deflectors ( that will cost you petrol because of increased drag?) interesting
  8. I have 2015 auris excel hybrid, had it about three months now and I am really happy with it. apart from two things, one is the horn (being changed soon) and the other is the center console next to the hand brake. I have no need of extra cup holders or the silly little ash traycup thingy. So is there another type, in other models of the Auris? one with a rectangle flat bottomed compartment, that maybe has a hinged lid? any help would be welcome.
  9. Hi eygo. Thanks for the post, very helpful and just what I was looking for. Did you have to put in a relay or is it just swap over?
  10. Hi All. well anyone that sees this. just got my 2nd Toyota after a 10 year gap. Now have a second 2015 Auris hybrid exel, really like it so far, just need to figure out what all the buttons do? See you in the forums