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  1. coolwaters

    Tonneau Cover

    I am currently online window shopping for a bed cover for my 2008 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner Access Cab. What do you guys think of Access Tonneau Cover Toolbox bed cover? They are selling it for $471.75 and is also offered for free shipping. Is it a good buy?
  2. coolwaters

    Strange Rattling Noise From Dashboard

    The same thing happened to me. The sound was caused by fuel lines under my truck that were vibrating against the chassis.
  3. coolwaters

    Car paint scratched, Need help to fix!

    I agree. Have it done by a professional.
  4. coolwaters

    Big dent to attempt myself or to leave?

    Have it fixed by a professional.
  5. coolwaters

    Why you shouldn't use a car wash...

    This is why I wash my own car.
  6. coolwaters

    Which Glass Cleaner / Polish Do You Use?

    I currently use the Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner. Ordered it from Amazon.
  7. coolwaters

    Newbie from Vegas

    Hi guys! My name is Anthony. I recently bought a 2008 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner Access Cab.