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  1. I have had the same problem in the past. Left my RAV at the airport for 10 days and battery flat. RAC told be they are regularly dealing with the same problem at airports. I now disconnect the battery if I go away for any length of time. I also bought a solar panel which plugs into the diagnostic socket (under the dash on the offside) and plug it in if I am leaving the car for more than a few days. Obviously it needs to be parked outside, preferably where it gets some sun but it certainly does the business for me.
  2. Hi all. Got my local Toyota dealership to fit OEM parts and they discovered that the independent garage had removed the shims. That had to be at least a contributory factor! Thanks for all your input. Steve (squeal-free RAV owner)
  3. Thanks Mike for your info. As the front brakes are still squealing after changing to OEM, could it be that the Pagid discs also need to be replaced with OEM to resolve the problem? And thanks Parts-King... This is a lesson learned - 'Buy once, cry once".
  4. Thank for you replies. I will post again if I get any other info.
  5. I have just had replacement discs and pads fitted by to my 2004 RAV auto by an independent garage. Had bad squealing when slow braking in traffic so returned to garage. They checked and chamfered the pad edges and used copper grease. Problem was worse. Returned again but they said nothing wrong. I insisted they replace front pads with OEM. Still has 4 Pagid discs and Pagid pads on rear. Now only squeals when turning slowly whilst breaking, but still sounds like a bus stopping! Any suggestions would be welcomed.